Fashion Forward Friday with Linens & Things

With a week in Cape Cod behind me and a cottage filled of summer, an outdoor shower and amazing linensike these towels from, I have linens on the brain!

First I wake up and dress for breakfast in shorts and a J. Crew linen sweater. It’s a great way to stay covered up without getting hot. Then a wardrobe change for the beach to a bikini and linen beach cover up from Victoria’s Secret. Love the colors on this piece and it looks so comfy. Then after a day oceanside, it is time to get ready to go out. So I’ll put on this fantastic dress from Malene Birger. Linen can seem very traditional but this dress is so architectural and modern.  And finally I’ll bring along the orange linen scarf for a pop of color. 

That’s all for my lovely linen fantasy but I’m definitely going to have to research linen bed sheets to keep the dream alive.

Boatneck Linen Sweater,, $49.99
Striped Linen Cover Up,, $55.50
Malene Birger Ophia Linen Dress,, $248.00
Orange Striped Linen Scarf,, $12.00

Mykolas Linen Towels,, $120.00

Lion'esque Style Summer Friday by Stylist Quiana McCarthy


Inspired Moment With Tidwell Partners

Industry Insider

By Lhamo Kyi and Eliza Rodriguez for Lion’esque Media

Starting from the bottom up!

Brock Ganeles - the founder of Tidwell Partners along with Penn Forrester started building their relationship when they worked together on Wall St. at Merriam Capital.

The 411 on Brock- Former Head of Equities with a focus on micro and small cap

As one of his core tenants is BE PASSIONATE ABOUT WHAT YOU DO- Brock started off coaching basketball but realized that was not his dream that he was living, but his father’s. He believed in being passionate about what you do.  His was helping smaller early stage businesses to become a small firm. He teamed up with former Co-workers from Wall Street, Penn Forrester and Melissa Gonzalez

Tie In to Social Connecting- Melissa is also a founder of her own company, “Lionesque Media.” She worked with Brock at Credit Suisse Bank.  

The Tidwell Playbook, a guideline to developing a Focused Value Proposition

FOCUS- Do you have a clear vision and do you know your ideal client?

DEVELOP THE MISSION- Get an emotional investment by all employees.

EXECUTE- Maintain a CEO Checklist- “A Series of 5 Days”

MESSAGE- Does your vision create a powerful message?

WATCH THE SCORECARD- Watch Key Financial and Intangible Assets Track         Progress of the business vs. the model.

CAPITAL – How much do you need, when is the right time to raise?

These key elements help businesses to build a foundation of success.

A few of his ideas to have a clear vision of what you want to focus on:

Building a REALISIC Financial Model - a way to keep track of what you invested in your business and how you are going to profit off of it. 

Creating a Referral Network- is having a connection that becomes part of your success later on.  Leverage the Respect You Have Earned.

“You have to love what you do otherwise you’re stuck with something 
you’re unhappy with. When you find yourself in a career, you shouldn’t 
wake up dragging yourself out of bed for work.”

-Brock and Penn      

Beginning April 2011, Lion’esque Media will be selecting one company a month with promise to pitch their company to Tidwell Partners for a Small Business Card Review! 

Be Sure to Join the Lion’esque Designer Network for consideration!

Moda Monday's Keeping it Local with Corrente

When you buy a Corrente handbag you’re supporting a company that supports a community. You’re helping the world go round. Their philosophy is simple… handbags that are independently owned handbag label that prides itself on being small, genuine and conscientious.


Get the Full Scoop on the Corrente Collection Here


The Lion'esque Style 22 Days of Winter Wonderland Gifting Has Launched!
Kelly aka Uptown Luxuries For the Cool Intellectual 
  1. Cosmetic Pouch in Wine and Gold by ARZA
  2. Convertible Clutch w/ Chain - Matte Navy Python by Cecelia
  3. Tombstone Carry All by Heather Belle
  4. I’m Rich w/ Style Tank by KMB
  5. Metal Chain Stud Scarf by Sabina Les
External image
Quiana aka Versatile Romantic For the Sleek Sophisticate 
  1. Adjustable Coin Purse by ARZA
  2. Crown Fingerless Gloves by Deluxe Nature
  3. Nugget Wrap Necklace by KT Collection
  4. Sleeve Shrug & Leg Warmers by N:F:P
  5. Envelope Journal Clutch by Marla Cielo
External image
Melissa aka Lion'esque’s IT Girl For the Fashion Forward Guru
  1. Aquamarine 4 Stone Texture Bangle by Anuja Tolia
  2. Intensive Wrinkle Therapy Face by Australian Scent
  3. Fortuna Demi Camisole & Boy Shorts by CLO Intimo
  4. La Garconne Satchel by Corrente
  5. Funxu Ring by Daniela Millan
  6. Brown Snake Print Necklace by Daniela Zagnolli
  7. Cortina Women’s Tailored Jacket by Jensen Martin
External image
Aliana aka Urban Chic For the Jet-Setting Stand Out Woman
  1. Travel/Trial pack by Australian Scent
  2. Velvet Bow belt by Nona E Rose
  3. I’m Rich T-Shirt by KMB
  4. Turban by Volang
  5. Vintage Cut Large Satchel by Daniela Millan
External image
Inspired Buy.. 3:2:1

                                        3 Generations : 2 Brothers : 1 DNA


The launch of JensenMartin’s first collection features men’s and women’s outerwear with a concentration on smart, functional details, as well as men’s sweaters and scarves.

With Thermore Ecodown padding, detachable linings, multiple pockets and hidden tote bags, the outerwear is designed for the metropolitan professional looking for style and performance.

We are loving it and so are the headlines!


USE LION'ESQUE STYLE CODE 116-4U2 and save an additional 10% off any purchase!

JM brings a level of quality and style that has been developed through generations of Italian craftsmen-a true combination of modern technology and exceptional Italian quality at competitive price points. LOVING IT!!

Lion'esque Thanksgiving Threads with @REISS

One of my goals is to eventually have a large enough collection to wear a suit every day of the week if I wanted to. I’m nowhere close to it. But, once I start building that collection, Reiss will definitely be one of the first stores head to! 

External image
External image
Above is a picture of Matt Dallas at the recent Twillight premiere wearing a Reiss Corden suit, retailed at $395 pounds, along with their Bascom tie and Mayfair shirt.  UK based fashion brand Reiss is founded by David Reiss, originating from a store he inherited from his father. Reiss makes men and women’s clothing and you can spot celebrities in various pieces on and off the red carpet. You can always depend on Reiss to provide that class, simple, timeless custom suit; allowing you to look like a million bucks every day of the week! And ladies you will be a show stopper with a mix of glamour and sophistication. Also be sure to check out their blog, they have some cool style tips, information about tailoring, shoes to pair with suits, and accessorizing from head to toe. 
External image
External image

The Lion'esque Style Watch Deets:

Save 20% off women’s and men’s knitwear from Tuesday, November 22. Offer valid through Cyber Monday. 

Free shipping on all orders from Friday November 25 through Friday December 2 by @4THawkins #INSPIREDBUY

Inspired Buy.. The 7 Days of Winter at The Vessel

By Aliana Galan for @LionesqueStyle

Our modern businesswoman walked right off the runway and into this season’s collection at The Vessel by Lois Fall/Winter 2011 exhibit. The Vessel’s aesthetic focuses on a sophisticated tailored look, one with clean lines which is still comfortable and feminine.  

Business meets couture and I could see myself wearing all of these looks. My favorite piece was an ivory layered cashmere jacket with matching ivory Silk Lurex dress. It’s classic enough to wear during the day for meetings, the office, or interviews with the jacket giving enough drama and excitement to take it into the night.  Another look that caught my eye was a modern take on the classic suit transformed into a Silk Lurex jumpsuit.  A great evening business piece with sharp shoulders and low neckline, I could see the woman wearing this exuding a conservative confidence that is intriguing.

The Vessel by Lois gave me beautiful classic style with a modern twist. You can find more about the collection and the designer at


Photographed by Joanna Totolici