inspired to make graphic for my otp

vanilla-exe  asked:

i just wanted to say you've always been a huuuuge inspiration to me ///w///! and not only did you make me ship Jukou since a long time ago(which is now my OTP of OTPs) but i've been following you forever and i just love you and appreciate the effort you put into your graphics <333 so thank you! n////n

I…*tears up*
ughhh…you know, that means like A LOT to me, vanilla-san!
Thank you soooo much for still following me, and mostly, thank you for your gentle, supportive words… Really!
And omg, I’m just sooo happy that you ship Jukou, that makes me incredibly happy! like insanely happy, lol;3
Jukou shippers have been through hell with this ship, and we’re not many, we’re not popular but I’m so glad that there are still Jukou fans who keep fighting for the ship! JUKOU FOREVER!
So thank youuuu very, very much my dear for making Jukou your OTP and never giving up ;3 


and high up above or down below
                    when you’re too in love to let it go