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I mean I guess you could headcanon collegestuck Rose as color-coding her notes and keeping an impeccable notebook that she graciously loans out to her classmates and intimidating everyone with her competence and brilliance but like… have you seen her bedroom. Have you seen how she reacted to her quest.

I’d bet my nonexistent collection of wizard statues that by the end of her first year in college, Rose is one of those people who participates in class discussion constantly and is always willing to debate the readings, but turns in sloppy papers riddled with typos and lacking a coherent structure. She’s the student who has an A+ in participation and an average of 60% on most of the written assignments, mostly from points off due to lateness. If you stopped her and asked her about the prompt for one of her assigned papers, she could give you a verbal treatise about her position on it complete with paragraphs and footnotes, but an hour before it’s due she’s writing fanfiction and getting into arguments on the internet and reblogging aesthetic posts. 

Her classmates think she’s the most intimidatingly smart person in the course. Her friends know she’s a hot mess. Her teachers tell her she has a lot of potential but they don’t think she’s applying herself. They’re all right. 

WKM inspired me to get back into video editing again, and I’ve recently been listening to a lot of Ruelle’s songs.  This one in particular struck me as fitting for WKM.  Unfortunately this is all I have so far.  If I work up the motivation again, I’ll hopefully continue this in the future.

Apologies for the crappy editing.  It’s been awhile since I last worked with WMM and it’s all I have atm.

Tarot Readings & Purpose

Tarot Readings and Purpose; My experiences

Tarot Readings are used to get a deeper understanding of a specific situation or current life phase/cycle. It shows where you are, where you’ve come from and where you have the potential of going. The Tarot shines light onto issues we may not view all that important in our waking life but sometimes it’s those very issues we ignore that keeps us prisoner to repeated cycles.

One of my favorite things about the Tarot is that it doesn’t sugar coat. It’s very blunt and straight to the heart of the issue. Even though it gets to the point ever so sharply, it never leaves you high and dry without providing some advice as to how to begin the healing process in a situation.

The Tarot has never lied in any of my readings for either myself, my partner or those that have been sent towards my way. I have found that if a Tarot reading doesn’t immediately connect, it’s because it’s bringing to light an issue(s) you may not realize is present. Instead of getting angry at the Tarot or the translator, meditate on the reading, the cards revealed, the images and words that are shown to get a better understanding of why they were revealed. I’ve had to do this for my own personal readings many times over the years.

It also should be known you can’t control the Tarot. Yes you can present it with a question and depending on the spread chosen it will reveal different levels or tidbits to the inquiry but you can’t approach the Tarot being in need, the Tarot/diviner picking up on this energy and expecting to have some “My life is perfect/I have nothing to work on nor do I need to grow” response. Life is a forever learning and growing experience no matter what path you are on.

Now just because these particular concerns or issues are revealed through the Tarot as a “Hey, we gotta work on this together” from the Divine doesn’t mean you are a bad individual, it just means that these particular issues and concerns could be hindering you from accessing your full potential/highest self or leading you off course from where you should be currently in your life.

The Tarot is an advice terminal customized to hit the heart of a situation. The advice produced from this doesn’t have to be followed but why waste time consulting a divination tool such as this if you weren’t planning to use the spiritually guided assistance? None of us are perfect, we all have our demons to fight to keep working towards becoming best us we can be. However, no one can force you to want to change your life for the better, that’s a decision you have to want within yourself. You have free will and are the master of your own reality. Your perceptions alter what you see, feel and how you interact with those around you. Trust me, I understand that it’s hard to look at one’s reflection sometimes. We don’t want to believe we have faults, scars and bruises. But revealing those and accepting the lessons those battle scars have taught us allows us to move on to cultivate better energy, a stronger foundation and a more positive future.

So the next time you consult the Tarot (for self, family, friends or clients) and a “not so cheery” spread reveals itself, understand that it is the Spirit/Universe reaching out to provide you with a parental hand. The Spirit can see far beyond what we can see and where we have blind spots,  the Universe’s job is to shed light on those areas to help us successfully traverse life.

Much Love,

❤La Bruja Universal❤


Some more of Wizard McGucket! It’s still an in progress thing, so some aspects may be changed later.

I tried to colour them in but it was really frustrating- anyway-

His getup is inspired by a seer god tier outfit. Rather than the brown one his older self has, his is red to match the Society of The Blind Eye. I threw in a dark cloak or two to give it the wizard look, one of which has the triangular portal symbol on the back. 

The strange etchings on the sleeves are those symbols (sigils?) seen around the machine he helped build:

They’re stationary, but could work as runes or so. Perhaps the symbols could be combined in different ways to execute different spells, like what Bill might’ve done here

External image

Bill’s symbols are a lot different from the portal. It would be interesting if these two confronted each other, their magic would clash or so!

The staff is…something. It’s what cursed him in the first place rather than the Fluvius Cantatis stream in the Monsterfalls AU (sort of like Gideon who sought actual vampires, though Fiddleford hadn’t known enough about the staff beforehand).

It sort of has a mind of its own sometimes. It binded itself to Fiddleford the moment he touched it and when his intentions were sensed. Fiddleford is given most of its powers in exchange for chipping away at the man’s mind.

The eye/orb part on top isn’t really tangible, nor is it the main source of its power. It’s more deceptive that way and tough to destroy, which is why you shouldn’t go looking for it, ya nerd. Fiddleford is also capable of making it temporarily disappear when he isn’t using the staff.

If it were more of a creature/being and less of a staff, I think it’d be a great character foil to Bill. Or maybe it’s something to prevent Bill from getting too powerful. 

The magic is part of what it does. The primary ability is making people forget. Fiddleford can’t remember his past, or if there was a contract with this semi-sentient object in the first place. Anyone who sought the staff weren’t willing to risk their memories and ambitions for that power, and if there were people who wielded it, well, they’re forgotten. Even the entry in the Journal, if there ever were one, happened to be conveniently ripped out or erased at some point.

The weakness, ironically, is its own magic. The user is the only one who can destroy it. The staff is also useless on its own, it needs a vessel/user to manipulate interact and channel its power to.

I think I went off a ridiculous tangent there- 

nuttersincorporated feel free to add and make changes to this ;u;“

Fear VS. Conviction

If my many trials and tribulations in life have taught me anything, its that spiritual paths should only be followed if it has been proven true to one’s life.

What this means is that you shouldn’t have any belief patterns whether emotional, psychological or spiritual that limit your potential to be the most successful version of yourself.

In order to get to this point in your life, you may have to separate yourself from everything that defined you and your life up to this point. This is so you can get a better understanding of whether or not your beliefs are “Going through the motions” or actual life “Epiphanies” that expanded your worldview and consciousness.

Your path should allow you to advance without fear. Focus on the here and now to build a better future for yourself. It should give you the room to recollect on the past experiences to solidify your current and future foundation.

Death although a natural part of the cycle of life and life there after shouldn’t be the primary concern on your day to day adventures. Focusing on this causes you to miss out on opportunities that you can take advantage of in the here and now. Your focus should be on building a legacy that changed the world for the better in whatever size you get to do that in.

If your life’s intentions is to live true and authentic, a life that desires to see success in not just yourself but those around you then life’s blessings will follow suite. Either in this life or the next.

An authentic life true to yourself and your divine purpose will allow you to see that not everyone is meant to walk down the same path as you. Although there may be many intersections of learning, wisdom sharing and growing, the end understanding is that all individuals have their own individual paths that should be respected and treated as sacred as you do your own.

Think of it in this sense:

You may love the color blue and blue may look amazing on you. Blue, although an amazing hue in the color spectrum may not look so great on your friend. Instead of forcing your friend to love the color blue and wear it because its a hue that you like, understand that there are other hues in the spectrum that may suite your friend better. Spiritually conscious individual helps their friend find their hue, not limit them to something that’s comfortable to YOUR understanding.

There was nothing but the Search. No roots, no name, no home. This did not bother her duly. It was natural for a Guardian to Search, and it was natural for a Wind dragon to roam. 

She did see many things that were worth protecting, of course. Ruins in the Light Flight’s territory with mysterious and awe-inspiring engravings. Water Flight seers who could glean things far in the past or future. A modest, fragile sapling that had pushed its way through the cracked earth of Dragonhome. An ancient, massive tree in the far corner of the Tangled Wood. All valuable and wondrous things, in their own right, but not hers. Not her Ward.

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