inspired scenes

They knew they should turn away. They should absolutely turn away - some rabid jealousy, some savage thing, some desperation, rooted their feet to the ground. 

The one they loved glanced over. 

Their eyes met. Deliberate, air crackling, breath stealing.  Then the one they loved leaned in to kiss someone else, making a goddamn spectacle of it. Each pause another glance, each caress of a thumb a sick taunt and some promise all at once. You’re imagining it’s you, aren’t you? Look at what I can do. 

Everything else in the room had ceased to matter.

Let’s take a moment to recognize the brilliant symbolism of Draco seeing Harry in the fractured mirror during the bathroom scene in HBP. When Moaning Myrtle mentioned a boy crying in her bathroom, Harry couldn’t even imagine it was Malfoy because he didn’t think the Slytherin had a heart. From the handshake rejection in the very beginning, Harry brushed Draco aside as a cartoonish villain or petty rival, but this scene illustrated a shift in their relationship. Harry realized Draco’s humanity for the first time, and it was by looking in a fucking mirror. They’re both broken in their own ways, but in the end, they’re a reflection of each other.

  • Virgo: Why is it, when something disastrous and drunk happens, it is always you three?
  • Sagittarius: [covered in glitter and wearing sunglasses indoors]
  • Leo: [sporting a hickey the size of planet earth on his neck]
  • Aries: [with a split lip and a shiner]
  • Virgo: Just sit down, I'm making you breakfast.

I think I overdid this

Oh my god what I have done


Hopes & Dreams

Please zoom in! This is the self indulgent piece I spent the last few days agonizing over! I am so, so happy with how this turned out, it’s the most color-complex piece I’ve ever pulled off ♥

Some things about Lian
✿ He speaks in a deliberate, measured voice; he has a stutter when taken off guard
✿ Will pick every piece of elfroot in the Hinterlands
✿ Really likes soft kisses

Imagine your OTP

Person A: I thought we could y'know, take the next step *wiggles eyebrows*

Person B: You mean…the sex step.

Person A: What, no! *blushes and giggles* I meant giving you my Netflix password

“Go on,” the antagonist rasped. Their eyes were intent upon the protagonist’s, their lips startlingly red with blood. Breath panting. “Finish it.”

The protagonist’s hand wavered, head spinning, adrenaline coursing nauseously through their body. 

Some distance away, their allies were starting to approach. 

The antagonist’s expression softened. “Finish it.” They reached up a hand to steady the protagonist on their weapon. “You’ll be a hero, everyone will love you, the world will be yours for the taking. You’ve come so far and grown so much, you’ve fought so hard. You can do it. It’s alright.”

“You want to die?”

“Don’t ask me that. I’d rather it be by your hand than theirs.”

“Fix it.” 

“I can’t.”

The protagonist dropped to their knees, a sick feeling curdling in the pit of their belly. “Please - see, I’m begging and everything - fix it.” They swallowed hard. “Please.” Their voice voice cracked. 

“I can’t,” the antagonist said. They tugged one hand through their hair, jerked the other in a gesture for the protagonist to get up. “I’m not saying it to spite you, I literally can’t. This is beyond my power. I’m sorry.”

The protagonist stared at them in numb disbelief.