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AU time!! Imagine Bokuto going to the clothes store and he sees this really hot customer choosing T shirts. After debating whether he should go and talk he finally decides to just “go and get lucky”. He says hi and before he can hit on Akaashi he looks at the ‘setter dog’ T shirt and he’s like “no wait you can’t seriously be buying that” and he tries to convince Akaashi that no maybe /this/ T shirt is better.

Blog Mod catches something and freaks out

The chapter where the Reds have their date–chapter 8–

in the museum, there’s a piece with a couch and a lamp, and the description of it is,

“May I, said he” 

from e e cummings 

(Both Blossom and Brick dislike the piece lol)

Then before they get to the club, Brick reaches over to Blossom’s ribbon, and she holds back a little, asking like, what’re you gonna do! and Brick just goes

“May I?” 

(Blog Mod screams in the distance)

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ffs why people going mad about khloes ass 😂 ly tho

Not going mad about her ass, I just made a post about some celebs who try to inspire people while they obv got injections done and someone just mentioned her and that’s why somehow it’s about her ass. I have nothing against her but I just want girls to look up to someone who doesnt alter her results

napollya scenarios
  • kid au in which waytootallforhisagekid!illya has a crush on chubbykid!napoleon (inspired by fat cavill obv) (maybe one of them moves and then they meet again when they’re adults idk or they just stay kids forever)
  • red peril: the grumpiest stripper in town like really he doesn’t even try to hide that he’s doing it for the money :/ thank god you’re hot!!! cuz you can’t dance for shit!!!!!!!!!!! also who chose that outfit good thing you’re taking that off jfc
  • illya pestering napoleon cuz he’s shorter
  • napoleon wearing illya’s clothes. just because
  • kgb agent illya kuryakin retrieving some stolen documents when he hears someone coming so he quickly enters the nearest wardrobe to hide only to find art thief napoleon solo already hinding in said wardrobe cuz he saw a random blonde dude walking into the room while he was stealing some paiting or whatever (omg imagine the faces they would make at each other cuz they have to hide there together in silence for ahwile i just)
  • their version of the dancing/wrestling scene
  • enemies to fuck buddies maybe back again to enemies to friends to lovers……………as long lovers is the last thing some of those in some order idk
  • the fic version of this perfect fanart (maybe napoleon was cooking for illya or illya walked in when napoleon was cooking like that idk)
  • gaby is illya’s sister and she pays napoleon to date him cuz her brother is a pain aka THE 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU AU IVE BEEN WANTING FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please Don’t Take My Sunshine

So I was inspired to write a small fic based on this art by @bakapandy and this art by @hissorihaka! Hope you enjoy! (Beware of angst and fluffiness! ;P)

   Loud cheering floated over the water and reached Rin’s ears whenever he came up for air. The Samezuka swim team had decided to spend a day at the beach to celebrate the completion of the Nationals and give a sendoff to those who were graduating. Of course, the team couldn’t do anything without making it a competition, so Rin was currently taking part in a race to see who would be the fastest to reach the boat they had chartered, anchored about a quarter of a mile offshore. They would all be sore tomorrow, Rin knew, but he was having fun.

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Quick Ghost Pokemon Gijinka sketches for my group’s next group cosplay, with design help from @mushy-peachhh. Rushed, I know.  Did these in about 10-15 minutes each (cause I did them in class instead of working on finals shhh) I’ll expand on them when school’s over.

Aegislash for @timforthenguyen based off of Lich Kings. Also turned the shield into an Aegis breastplate (haha, see what I did there?)
Drifloon for @heroproof basedoff of a Maid? I don’t remember why… It’s cute tho. Very poofy.
Mismagius for @tvheadedgirlfriend obvs inspired by witches. (She made her own designs which are 100x better)
Mega Gengar is gonna need giant hands and prosthetic tongue, with a scarf inspired off Gym Leader Morty.(Normal gengar is just a tad too plain.)
Hoopa (first one was a joke) for @rainecko. Inspired by Nezha diety and obviously the Djinn.

 (I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything major, but rest assured! I have some projects in the works, school has just been kicking my ass this semester.)