inspired dancing


This ballerina’s mesmerizing dance video is going viral for a great reason

The ballerina in question, 15-year-old Lizzy Howell, has inspired people to dance after the mesmerizing clip of her fouetté took the internet by storm over the weekend. While Howell is grateful that she’s become a source of inspiration for so many, she has conflicting feelings about being called a “plus-sized dancer.” “I do not like when people say, ‘Oh my gosh I can’t believe she’s better than me!’ she told Daily Mail. "That implies that plus-sized people can’t dance.”

Bee themed Asks🐝
  • Honeybee: What is one thing that you hope happens in 2017?
  • Drone: What is your favourite kind of bee?
  • Worker: Where do you love to travel?
  • Queen: What is one of your goals?
  • Hive: What is one thing that you love about bees?
  • Honey: What is your favourite food to eat that bees have somehow contributed to?
  • Bumble: What is something that has inspired you?
  • Flower: What is your favourite season and why?
  • Pollination: What has been your daily act of kindness for today?
  • Dance: What is your favourite kind of music?
  • Beekeeper: Why do you have your blog?
  • Apis: What is your favourite thing to learn about?
  • Brood: Do you eat honey, yes or no? Why or why not?
  • Garden: What do you collect?
  • Cells: Do bees scare you?
  • Stinger: Describe your day in 10 words.
  • Stripes: How have you inspired someone?

and finally I’m back with some other Inkborne AU sketches:

*basically the first is how Henry and Bendy meet Father Gascoigne,
Bendy tried a run for it, but get caught by the crazed father’s axe, at his pained yells Henry (who was looking desperately for the little scamp) finally found him, only to face his now ex-partner, who was “blessed” by Alice Angel with her holy sight but instead he had lost his mind -the ink tears are the same as hers-
(I’ll add more about Alice, along with Boris)

*the second one is finally how Bendy turn into his demonic true form, inspired by this part
also, Bendy’s shrieks and hisses, I can so damn much imagine him hissing and growling like that, watch the whole video to get the idea, maybe I’ll take some of those movesets for him