inspired cat man

Hello again! As some of you probably saw yesterday, I’m back online. Thanks for being patient with me!

Oh wow, you guys have been so sweet! I guess the next couple of days will be me posting the AWESOME arts you made in my absence.

After that, there are two courses of drawings to be posted. Appreciation arts (in which I draw a bunch of the awesome people I’ve met on here) or the original arts of the Dreamers. Leave a comment on which one you’d prefer?

So yeah, I spent some time offline to recollect myself, catch up on schoolwork, and do some game playing, cause gods know it’s been a while. But I got pulled into a modpack for Minecraft by some friends of mine, and now I’ve yanked my brother in as well, so I suspect that a lot of art in the future will be either rainbows, cats, or minecraft. Hopefully my bro will get some work done on the story too.

i love team owl/team cats _(´ч` 」∠)_ in casual clothes cuz i love casual clothes!!! 

tumblr really kills horizontal images wehh