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there are parallel universes where this didn’t happen.
where i was with you, and you were with me.
and whatever universe that is, that’s the one where my heart lives in. (insp.)

Sugar, We're Goin Down//Damon Salvatore

(A/N): Attempting to regain the attention of their boyfriend back, (Y/N) takes advantage of his jealous tendencies.

Warnings: None :)


You and Damon couldn’t be anymore alike, maybe that’s why you fell so hard for him. Both hotheaded and headstrong, never liking to admit when you’ve made a mistake. That made it easy for a pointless dispute to appear nearly everyday, but that never really hurt your relationship, well, until now. Lately, Damon had been cold towards you, making you feel unwanted and alone.

That’s why you were sitting in the centre of Mystic Grill with an intoxicated Tyler Lockwood clinging to your side. Usually, you were repulsed by his egotistical attitude, yet now you were having a blast flirting with him. All the while, your boyfriend sat across the restaurant, failing horribly to stay unnoticed.

“Y’know, you’re the most beautiful girl in Mystic Falls…” he slurs, twirling a strand of your hair around his finger. You scoffed slightly as a fake smile pulled at your lips. There were plenty of beauties in town, which made you doubt his compromised judgement. The burning glare in your temple encouraged your uncharacteristically girlish giggles.

“You’re one of the most handsome guys in Mystic Falls,” you compliment, pushing his chest playfully whilst internally rolling your eyes at how pathetic you were sounding. He hiccups in response with a lazy smile as he takes another sip of his drink. Tyler sets his bottle to the hard counter top, leaning in close to your ear.

“Wanna get outta here?” he suggests; his lips brushing past your collarbone, making you wince in disgust. You wanted Damon to do something, anything. You desired for him to fight for you, to show how much he cared for you. But no matter your wants, you could never cheat on him like that, especially not to make a petty point.

“I really better not,” you decline, backing away, “But thanks for the great time, Tyler.” He pouts as you rise from the stool, making you feel bad for using him like this. You give him a gentle peck on the cheek, causing a smile to tug at his lips.

You dart out of the grill, feeling a familiar presence follow your lead. Not even bothering to look over your shoulder, you saunter to the car.

“Ready to go?” Damon asks emotionlessly, opening the passenger door for you.

“Ready,” you respond calmly, stepping into the spotless vehicle. Sighing, you watch as he slowly strides to the other side of the car. Maybe there wasn’t anything to fight for anymore. Had the spark diminished when you weren’t looking? Maybe he was finally getting bored with you, or were you just a hassle to deal with?

These thoughts made your chest tighten painfully as you stared out the dew covered window. The gentle blow of warm air caresses your face while you try to figure out the words to say, but every time you open your mouth you trip over your tongue.  Watching the raindrops race down the window, you don’t even realise that you’ve already reached your destination.

You slowly shuffle into the house, still trying to write a script for yourself in your mind. But even with all of the words in your vocabulary, you couldn’t find the right words. As soon as the door clicked behind you, you were pressed against the wall, causing you to gasp from the sudden impact.

“Tyler Lockwood, really? Why would you waste your breath on that tool?” he growls, gripping at your wrists tightly. His icy eyes glared into yours as you snarled towards him.

“You never listen. It’s like you don’t even care anymore. I just wanted you to pay attention for once!” you seeth, fighting against his death grip. His fingers loosen slightly around your wrists as he looks into your eyes.

“Attention?! You’re the only thing in this world that I truly care about, (Y/N). How is that not enough attention for you?” he questions, furrowing his eyebrows together. Your glare softens as your heart melts. Damon’s eyes flicker to your lips as he leans in closer

Your stomach flips as his lips connected with yours. Damon’s hands release your wrists, grabbing at your waist instead while your newly freed hands tangle in his soft locks. The intense, yet gentle nature of this kiss made delightful shivers run up your spine. Your fingers grasped at the collar of his leather jacket as your eyes closed in pure bliss.

“Is that enough attention for you?” he mumbles against your neck, trailing kisses along your jawline.

“Hm,” you sigh, entranced by his sweet touch. “No,” You chuckle, biting your bottom lip. He pulled away from you, flashing you a rare smile before connecting your lips again.


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Let’s talk about TO’s increasingly Racist Narrative with the Mikaelsons and Marcel Gerard.

Disclaimer: This is VERY long. I’m putting most of it under the cut because of length. I thought about cutting it short but this is a topic that’s very important to me so I decided to not cut words.

So after Friday’s episode many viewers, especially black viewers were left with a very real feeling of discomfort following Elijah’s speech to Marcel. Because of that discomfort many of us have expressed how the narrative, and Elijah, has skewed into racism, an accusation that makes some viewers feel uncomfortable.

Here’s the truth though, in a way it should make some people uncomfortable. If you didn’t feel uneasy about the idea of racism in a narrative that you like then I would have to question some things about you. With that said, I’ve seen a lot more efforts to shut down discourse about the accusation or explain away the behavior many people find problematic than I’ve seen to actually understand it and why we might feel that way. That’s a problem, it’s a big problem when this discussion is something that’s actually very necessary for this show, and many TV shows. When writers take on the task of crafting a narrative that includes minority characters, there is a certain level of awareness and delicacy that many are going to expect then to have when it comes to these characters. When they offend their audience and mishandle the characters they have been entrusted with then they deserve to be taken to task for that. It doesn’t matter if the offense was intentional or unintentional. This is especially the case when you have a writing staff who pats themselves on the back for trying to be aware of social and racial issues that are currently at play in our society.

I personally don’t think that writers are obligated to treat every black character or every character from a marginalized group like a delicate flower that can’t be harmed in any way shape or form. That’s not what I’m talking about here. What I’m talking about is when you take characters from marginalized groups and carelessly handle them in a way that ends up pushing a racist narrative.To give an example, killing a black character doesn’t automatically make a narrative racist but pushing an idea where a black character is consistently targeted by white characters, denied humanity and is treated as disposable flesh then that is indeed a racist narrative. That kind of dynamic has historically been an issue in this world and it is still an issue. We can discuss whether the racism that seeps into our fiction a little too often is intentional, and I don’t personally believe it always is, but we have to acknowledge that it’s actually there first.

That’s why we need to talk about The Originals and Marcel.

What they did to Marcel in Friday’s episode, what they had Elijah say to him, and the narrative that built up to that moment was racist.

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We have been shunned in our time. The world turns away in horror. Why? Because we’re different. Ugly. Exceptional.

We’re the lonely Night Creatures, are we not?

Penny Dreadful Quote - Dr Alexander Sweet / Dracula