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Inspired by your Princess Leia post, how would the other Tertiary functions react in stressful situations? BTW, the new typing method is a huge improvement :)

Why thank you for inferring it sucked before. ;) I kid, I kid.

Under stress… the Tert:

Te: forget the indecision, let’s get shit done.

Ti: let’s analyze this like never before!

Fe: um, how does everyone feel about this? Let me know!

Fi: wait, how do I feel about this?!?!?

Ne: so this could go one of 30 different ways, and they might all be bad.

Ni: gotta find a single path to commit to… gotta find one answer…

Se: stop screwing around, are you in or out? I’m in! GRAB OPPORTUNITY.

Si: okay, where have I seen this before? How did it go last time?!

- ENFP Mod

just a little bit of love (is all you really need) | pjm

summary: jimin’s something of a legend at gymnastics, but suddenly you walk in and turn his whole world upside down. quite literally, might i add. 
pairing: jimin x female reader
word count: 4.5k
genre: fluff
warnings: none!
a/n: inspired by this post which, if you see my tags, is pretty much this entire fic laid out straight up. i power wrote this before a football game, so it’s unedited. also, flexible jimin?????

Jimin’s always kind of been flexible. He remembers playing in the park with his brother when he was three, jumping around and playing as three-year-olds do, when his brother taught him how to do somersaults in the grass. That summer, any time Jimin was presented with a flat surface in front of him longer than two meters, he’d do somersaults over and over and over, to the point where his neck would be sore and his head would be dizzy, and he loved it.

The following autumn was when his mother decided that enough was enough, and that if Jimin was going to be tumbling around the carpet in her house, she might as well get him into lessons where he can tumble elsewhere and get good at it. So she signed him up for toddler’s gymnastics at the local gymnastics center, and by the time he turned four that October, he was somersaulting like a pro.

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I know I already asked for a question, but maybe Stenbrough High School HCs? (Also, my It blog is @/eddskasprabk. Sorry I have to send asks from my main.)

 they are not into PDA at all. just thinking about stan gets bill’s head spinning, he doesn’t know how he would handle himself in publc. stan thinks PDA is digusting and can not fahtom how richie and eddie spend all 30 minutes of lunch kissing.

stan is a library assiant and sets aside books he thinks bill would be interested in or text books he remembers the boy mentioned before and he sticks post it notes inside of them w cute inspirational things like “good look on the test babe” or “don’t study too hard”

when the bell sounds to release the classes, bill RUNS to stanley’s class to walk him to the next lmao, also bill feels his boy should never have to be inconvenienced by the slightest thing, so he holds stan’s book and opens all the doors for him when he walks him. whenever he drops him off at class, he kisses stan on the forehead

bill is completely smitten and instead of paying attenion in class, he doodles stick figures of the two and writes love letters. he also like to flirt w him even tho they’re already dating lmao like he leans against the lockers and talks to him about his day and he watches him walk to class like he’s the best damn thing he’s ever seen

one day bill said they should run for homecoming and milk shot out of stanley’s nose

they’re both smart, good students and meet every wednesday to help each other w homework. it’s normally stan working for both of the boys and bill dazing off and playing w stanley’s hair and kissing his ear or something

bill picks up lost pencils and pens in the hall ways and saves them all until the end of the week and gives them to stanley (sort of like how a cat brings home a dead bird and thinks it’s helping lmao)

stanley loves to watch bill at baseball practice after school, he gets all giddy and thinks “yeah, that’s my boy! doing what he loves” but he would never admit to this

Fools in love

5+1 AU with ohmtoonz; or, 5 times Luke tried to tell Ohm he loved him, and the 1 time he did. Hope you all enjoy! :) 

Inspired by this post 

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Darkest Throne: The Passing Years

Art commissioned from @fleeting-sanity. Apologies for Old Man Arcann, and for what follows, but thank you so much.

Chapter inspired by @riderofthemaelstrom post here. I wrote most of it before remembering this post, and then it was too late. Used with permission.

I try not to tag people too often for the stories, but since I asked her not to put up the art: @menollywanderer, @aearyn, @sapphic-sith, though it may be a bit painful.

The final chapter of the Darkest Throne, the tale of Arcann if the Outlander chose to kill Senya, but he then chose to serve his sister. It is not a happy place, and touches on dark themes.

Summary: Arcann has succeeded in all of his goals save one. It is now time to complete that last task.

Part One: Escape
Previous: Dragons

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I could watch him forever…
Getting inventive here. First exercise uses a resistance band and a rolling track. His foot anchors the tension for the band and as one arm rolls out to extension his opposite knee comes up for a tuck…holy crap, how’s that for a challenge. Looks super fun, super difficult but super fun, you should try it. No shame if you fall (see previous post, he tried a balancing pushup and it didn’t end well), at your own risk of course.
Second exercise is something we’ve seen from Emily before, but slightly different. She used dumbbells, he’s uses bar and reaches them up and then out. Adds challenge. Major feels in the shoulders.
Major admiration for this dude. He’s so awesome.
You? Stay inspired, stay amazing! You got this!!

Goodbye everyone

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and before I close this tumblr for good, I will do one last drawing post. I feel bad for not updating in a while and honestly… I’ve lost the inspiration to draw Sheryl. I joined this comm with friends and made many new friends that I’m thankful to have stuck around me until now. I’m sorry for ending it this way but I want proper closure. I also want to thank the followers who had come along this whole time. Thank you for your support and for standing by me. I hope you all enjoy everyday doing all the small and big wonderful things that make you happy <3


that’s what people had in mind with the prompt “handcuffs” right? i’m sorry, it was funny in my head

(it’s right past midnight here but it’s still the 14th somewhere isn’t it? so i am not late)

How dan and Phil probably broke up #62
  • Phil: You've been bad and bad boys get punished
  • Phil: *ties Dan to the bed*
  • Dan: Ooo are we gonna have kinky se-
  • Phil: *plays hello internet on loop*



No one asked for it but you got it anyway! Inspired by this Tumblr post and my outrage upon realizing no one thought of making this before, here it is: Sanders Sides + Friends = S.A.N.D.E.R.S  S.I.D.E.S! I hope you enjoy this. (also i’d be really happy if you guys could pls tag @thatsthat24 @thejoanglebook and @tallykat3 )

- Daniela

hrt appreciation post here we go

(it’s long so prepare or scroll really fast if you wanna pass it)

me, 1993, wtf is a gender i wear diapers for god sakes 

late 90s, rockin some shades and some crazy sweaters even though i live in FL (still do that to this day)

time jump to… early 2000s, flexin and loving dogs (still doing that to this day wassup somethings never change)

oh wow here comes Middle School™ and the emo phase begins (sadly no pics during the emo phase)

oh shit what up 2008 scene phase yes that is a STAY BRUTAL™ sweater) 

then ya boy calmed down a bit and stopped giving a fuck about impressing ppl (idk why I thought being scene was impressive dont ask)

ya boy graduated HS and was free to do whatever to his hair so colors were everywhere but also was the time when his self worth was at his lowest and was dressing and looking how he thought people would want so he could get them to like him (ew right?) 

ya boy got his very first mohawk and rocked that shit for a few years

dis is some pics of the year he starts questioning his gender identity and after 6 months of research and “soul searching” decides to start HRT

yo boy is SIX MONTHS ON T !!! and starting to grow facial hair B)

YO BOY IS ONE (1) YR ON T AND JUST HAD TOP SURGERY! but also shaved his head a few months back and feels hella ugly lol 

fwd and we are now 1.5 years on T ! Hair is finally coming in and he’s look decent these days.

WHOOOA LONG HAIR WHO DIS!!! YA BOYS TWO (2) YEARS ON T !!! and 1 YR POST OP! Feeling amazing tbh

ooo shit we winding down now yall

ya boy is Two (2) years and 3 months on T and thankful every day that his blood work came back with the all clear to start T, thankful for his support group and friends/family that love and support him (shout out to my sister), thankful for how well he’s transitioned even though it was long and hard on the mental state a lot of the time, he pushed through and came out the other end smiling and happy in his skin. Thankful every day that he can afford to start on HRT, thankful every day for all the support he gets online from kind words to donations that helped afford top surgery + donations I got when he was filing for the name change as well. 

I’m posting this in hopes that it helps anyone who needs it. I’m a huge believer in doing things for yourself and making sure your happiness/comfort is always first before someone else’s. I hope it gives inspiration and motivation to those who are scared to transition in fear of what their families will think, in fear of how they will transition, fear of all the nerve wracking things that comes with HRT. Hoping that it shows you, that while HRT isn’t an over night fix, that takes time and a lot of hard days but in the end, you come out on top. It’s still a struggle some days but nothing compared to the days when I was pre-T. 

Feel free to message me if you have any questions about HRT with T and I’m happy to answer to the best of my ability!

My name is NIkk and I’m non binary! He/him pronouns =)

To-do list for Back To School.

Hey guys,I’m so sorry that I’ve been gone for that long but I wasn’t feeling myself lately (mentally and physically) so I decided to take a break,but now I’m back.So today’s post is about things you have to do in order to be ready for the upcoming school year.Let’s begin shall we👇🏻👇🏻??

• Buy your school supplies early: I know that this sounds so basic but having your stationary all ready and prepared and not waiting to buy them one week (or even day) before school starts will actually help you so much.It will inspire and motivate you for the next year making you think about school and all the things that you will need throughout the day.

• Organize your room,desk or generally your study corner: Okay so pay attention to this one cause it’s actually the key to everything (for me at least).In order to keep your mind focused on school,assignments and tests you must have a clean,quite and relaxing place to study.I know that this isn’t for all people but when it comes to children like me who can’t focus if there’s even a paper clip on the floor then it will be a life changing thing to do before school starts, BUT!! be careful and don’t overdo it, keep things that you will only need and don’t put stuff that are not useful cause it will most likely leave you without space to write.

• Pick your outfits days before: Look we’ve all been into this situation when you panic and freak out cause you have nothing to wear for a very special occasion, so picking your outfits early not only for the first week of school but for the whole year in general will help you so much I PROMISE.Because when you’re not in the mood to pick a cute outfit at 6:30am (Don’t worry I got you) it will come so handy if you just have it ready on your hooker waiting for you.Also this can may help you add a thing or two to your shopping list that you really need for back to school like umm a pair of basic skinny jeans or reaped mom jeans EVERYTHING you need will just come out way easier if you just sit down and think about it.

• Get crystal clear about this year’s goals: So in order to succeed anything in life you have to attract it,so if you just start thinking about the things that you would like to accomplish this year and be serious about them (like lose 3 pounds or read 5 books) you will actually make them happen a lot easier.

• Visualize your everyday routine: Here there isn’t much to explain.Its completely up to you.Imagine how your everyday life will be by the time school starts and try make it as productive and joyful as possible
(ex. Wake up around 6:00 am,make your bed,wash your face,eat breakfast,brush your teeth,mediate,read a little bit of your book and leave for school).