inspired by the avengers set

The headcanon regarding Pilates, or should I call it posture, whatever

A set photo from avengers 2 inspired me, someone say Tony’s posture looks like he is doing yoga, but I think that shouldn’t count as one…?

But does RDJ actually do yoga? (I think I’ve seen it from an interview before)

Anyway, I come up with this short comic, please ignore any mistakes QvQ

PS: In the end, thanks 唯唯2075 :);)
Exposed [Clint x Natasha, Explicit]

Author: chezamanda
Rating: Explicit/NC-17
Pairing: Clint x Natasha
Summary: Natasha could think of worse gigs than having to attend an exclusive London adult party as Clint’s date.
Notes/Disclaimer: Written for Jo who requested Clint x Natasha grinding for this fic request meme. As usual, no harm intended and if I made money off of this, I could probably pay off some of my student loans.

Special thanks to that sex party episode of Secret Diary of a Call Girl for helping inspire the setting.