inspired by many many photos here and in tumblr


Spirited Away to Jiufen.

Jiufen (Pronounced Jo-fn) is a small town northeast of Taipei, formerly a gold-mining town during Japanese occupation. It’s become a popular tourist attraction due to its bustling “old street” market and unique cliffside architecture. The market stalls, winding streets and narrow alleyways directly inspired Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. While the market itself was crowded with tourists, the many residential sidestreets were very peaceful and picturesque. It’s quite the enchanting place!

Just a few of the many photos I took on a recent trip to northern Taiwan. I’ve been really enjoying street/travel photography lately - it’s a great way to explore, study lighting, people-watch, find the little details hidden in the world, and to practice composition on the fly. I’ll be posting more photosets from the trip here on my tumblr over the next two weeks!


A set of three photos for the @photosworthseeing PWS Retrospective event.

Although I’ve been active on Tumblr since March 2012, assisting Algy with his adventures at @adventuresofalgy, I didn’t start posting images without Algy until April 2014, and I didn’t really start posting photos regularly until October 2014, so there is only a short period to cover for this retrospective, and not many photos to choose from.

However, the top image (dawn sky, edited) was photographed in January 2013, although it wasn’t posted till February 2015, so it represents my earliest photography (without Algy) on Tumblr. The central seascape was photographed in July 2015, and heavily edited, and the fireworks image at the bottom was photographed in November 2015, and not edited at all. I’ve never got round to working with RAW as I’m very short of time, so even though my camera produces RAW images, all my photos are JPEG throughout. For screen display of the kind experienced by most Tumblr users, this seems to be quite adequate for my level of photography. I use Photoshop (still on CS5) to edit.

Looking through all my photos on Tumblr, I couldn’t say that I had any kind of style at all :) I post images that interest me, and they can be quite varied. There is one obvious consistent interest - light, shadow and contrast. Other images not shown here explore contrast in a different way, by restricting it. There is another consistent interest which is less obvious - visual symbolism. Many of my photos explore or use this in the choice or adaptation of a natural subject to suggest something about human life or the human condition.

As I’ve looked at hundreds of thousands of images on Tumblr since 2012, most of them photographs, I have been inspired by the work of many other photographers to alter the way I work with photos. I’ve become more interested in simplicity, and have changed the way I edit quite considerably. Although I’m a trained artist (animator, illustrator, filmmaker and editor), I’m strictly an amateur photographer, and photograph only for my own interest (except when the photos include Algy!). I guess there’s no doubt that my years at art school affect the way I approach photography, and I use it as a form of artistic expression and visual communication, so what I post varies with what I want to express or communicate at a particular time.

Has my photography evolved since I started posting it on Tumblr? I don’t think it has improved technically (probably never will LOL), but I am giving more thought to the photographic image, and I am aware of having been influenced by the work of many Tumblr photographers - which is great :) Thank you!

Love the life you live

I’m 40 years old, from Germany and my name is M.Thiem and I love to catch beautiful moments and beautiful things. Sometimes I grab them, and I would like to share them.

I have been many times in India, mostly without camera, but in the last years I changed the way I travel, so there is more time to get my camera out. Many photographs are from there, and 2-3 years old , but Tumblr and a very good friend of mine inspired me to get my camera out again, and take a proper look at my old work. 

I hope you take some pleasure from my photos like I enjoy the work I see here on Tumblr.

Thanks to all of you, and really I wish everyone of you that in any situation of life you see the light inside. 

May Love and Light follow you all the way!