inspired by lizlemon's skin post

I’m going to tell you something it took me entirely too long to figure out:

Expensive shampoos are a waste.

Obviously my opinion, but having bought plenty of them, those are my findings.

My hair looks the same, dare I say better, using the blue Herbal Essences from Costco (!) than it does when pampered with Bumble & Bumble. 

I think it varies more with styling products - from what I hear, Morrocanoil is worth the money, and from what I know, Sebastian Potion 9 is worth the money. At least they stay on your hair instead of getting washed down the drain??

Unless you have expensive color or hair so dry it snaps off…the drugstore is your friend. Pantene is amazing. 

This is not to say I’m loyal to any brand, or that I’ll stop trying things for the fun of it, but there is no shame in $4.99 shampoo. None. 

((not my bathroom, but it easily could have been once upon a time))