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Show Me Your Awesome Enclosures

So I redid Huxley’s enclosure today (pictures soon), and I’m really proud of it. His former enclosure was mostly based on function while I learned his habits and stuff (since he was my first gecko and I’m mostly a snake person), now it’s dressed to the nines. AND I basically am on a rampage and want to re-do everyone’s enclosure. All the snakes and other lizards have decor since I knew more about them when I got them, but I’m kind of bored with everything, so I think a change would be nice.

Now, you might be asking “What does this have to do with me?”

Well, I need inspiration! I really love naturalistic looking habitats that stimulate them as much as possible.

SO! Show me your awesome habitats for these creatures:

- Bearded Dragons

- California Kingsnakes (I say California specifically because I want it to have a desert aesthetic. We also have a corn snake with a farm/underbrush type aesthetic, lots to climb, etc. I want this habitat to look more dry and airy.)

- Ball Pythons

- Burmese Pythons (I’m sure this is a long shot and I know this one is hard to do anyway, but Fitz is a year old now (and what a HUGE child he has become) and I want him to have more to do in his enclosure or at least more things to generate his interest.)

I’ll be turning submissions if you want to share them that way, otherwise, you can tag me @hopelessly-herpetological or just message me. ^^


‘Star Eyed Mercenary’ by yours truly/ art style inspired by @thelurk1 ___________________
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Cutie lizards with dumb shirts

Bees? [open]

#1 lizard [open]

Bun in the oven [open]

My eyes are over there [open]

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Send me an IM or an ask! I’ll send you a file of the lizard you want without the watermark


Been having too much fun with transitions lately… ☺️ Arm balance flow inspired by @coffeeandrainbows - flying lizard > astravakrasana > EPK II. Funny how transitions always look nicer when the video is sped up 😌 #keepingitreal

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