inspired by life quotes

More than anything I want to fall asleep. It’s in my dreams that she comes back to me. We escape back into our perfect life together. We indulge in endless pleasures of the body, mind, and soul. I want to fall asleep but I can’t, because the sooner I give myself over to sleep, the sooner I will wake, come back to reality, and lose her all over again.
—  His Tortured Heart

you are the world in a person; so full of life. you are filled to the brim with flowers, trees that sway in the wind, storms, oceans that never stop kissing the shore, sunsets, and tiny humans that make you fall in love with being alive again. you are all of these things and more. you are the world to yourself, and to so many other people because you bring life and love and decorate people’s souls with twinkle lights. people need you here to thrive.