inspired by black and killing it

Melding melodrama with screwball farce, this Academy Award–nominated black comedy was Pedro Almodóvar’s international breakthrough and secured his place at the vanguard of modern Spanish cinema. Continuing the auteur’s exploration of the female psyche, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown tells the story of Pepa—played by the director’s frequent collaborator Carmen Maura—who resolves to kill herself with a batch of sleeping-pill-laced gazpacho after her lover leaves her. Fortunately, she is interrupted by a deliciously chaotic series of events. The filmmaker channeled Hollywood inspiration into his own unique vision, arriving at the irreverent humor and vibrant visual sense that define his work today. With an exceptional ensemble cast that also includes Antonio Banderas and Rossy de Palma, this film shows an artist in total control of his craft.

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“THE RAINBOW IS ENUF.” -Ntozake Shange



maybe he doesn't hit you...

maybe he doesn’t hit you but he reminds you every day how worthless you are until you start to believe it yourself
maybe he doesn’t hit you but he controls what you wear,who you talk to and what you do daily
maybe he doesn’t hit you but every time you threaten to leave him he threatens to kill himself so you’ll stay
maybe he doesn’t hit you but he’ll make you feel guilty for the things he’s done
maybe he doesn’t hit you but you feel as if you have to have sex with him so he will show you affection
maybe he doesn’t hit you but he doesn’t like it when you overdress or wear too much makeup because he’s positive you’re going out to impress guys
maybe he doesn’t hit you but being with him makes your friendships suffer
Maybe he doesn’t hit you but you can’t go anywhere without him knowing precise details.

Maybe he doesn’t hit you..but maybe he destroys you mentally.

Hot and Bothered (Young!Sirius Black x Reader drabble)

Imagine/Request: Imagine Sirius getting all hot and bothered by you putting your hair up

Fandom: Harry potter (Marauders Era)

Pairing: Young!Sirius black x Reader

Warning: Smutty? I don’t even know I’m sorry if anyone gets offended 

A/N: just a wee drabble for my wee darlings, it’s my first sexually forward? drabble I dunno what to call it… meh I’m so awkward kill me

This was inspired by ‘Muggle games’ by @neville-longbutton-and-imagines

(which i loved )

and a story my best friend was telling me a while ago about her boyfriend getting turned on everything she puts her hair up… if you get my drift… I should probably stop worrying about offending people cause in RL I don’t give a fuck 

Do you guys wanna see more smut let me know by dropping me an ask :)

I hope you guys enjoy! ~Rae :)



You didn’t think of yourself as a competitive person, you were never bothered when you lost a game. Who knew it would be a simple muggle game to bring it out of you  

But you wanted nothing more than to wipe that stupid smug smile off of Sirius Blacks face. Tonight the was the weekly night that the pair of yous got together with James and Lily a sort of 'double date night’.  

It was a simple muggle game that you were all playing, twister lily said it was called and it was boys vs girls. You had begun to play half-heartedly but the more times Sirius and James won the more it began to piss you off  

“enough!” You shouted as they won yet another round you looked at Lily and held out your hand for the hair bobble on her wrist. Your eyes narrowed and locked with Sirius’s. His shit eating grin still plastered across his face, you furrowed your eyebrows and flung your hair up in the best messy half bun half ponytail you would manage  

“ooh she means business, Pads" James mocked nudging Sirius in the ribs with his shoulder "my ten galleons back, they actually win for once"  

"another round Black?” You tease arching your eyebrow 

Sirius had suddenly gotten very quiet, the famous smirk on his melting away. His brows were now furrowed and his cheeks a slight tinge of pink. Was Sirius Black Blushing?! 

“I..I. Um.. I’m gonna pass” he said his attempt to act cool failing dreadfully  

“oh come on now pads, you can’t chicken out not” lily laughed  

Your eyes followed the full length of your boyfriend until they landed on your boyfriend’s trousers. His bulge had gotten considerably larger and his trousers were slightly beginning to tent. When you realised why you also turned slightly pink  

“Nah, actually I think I’m done with this game now,” I said trying to cover for him feeling slightly guilty  

“what! Oh, come one it’s just starting to get interesting….” James started before trailing off also realizing about Sirius predicament  

“oh” Both Lily and James said in unison  

“she only does that when …..” Sirius said through gritted teeth, gesturing slightly. 

You all sat down and began to try and move on from the situation 

“Sorry, pads” you whispered over to him" I’ll make up to you" winking at him as he blushed a little again, making Sirius blush was now your new favourite thing


DISHONORED ALPHABET CHALLENGE  ⇨ B is from Brigmore Witches, B is Black Magic

↳ “The Brigmore Witches are a coven located in the city of Dunwall, taking up residence in the abandoned Brigmore Manor. While little is known about them, they are said to be powerful black magic practitioners who have at least some involvement with the Outsider.They are hostile toward the Whalers, with their leader, Delilah Copperspoon, directing Overseers to attack their base and attempting to have Daud killed, and they are the main antagonists of Dishonored’s final DLC, The Brigmore Witches.”


My views on the Obama presidency frustrate me and make me angry to no end.

I love Obama, the idea. Because the idea of Obama is freedom, Black love, Black self-respect, Black empowerment, a symbol for the disenfranchised but especially POC, and Obama the idea is what America truly is & what we inspire to be, a beacon of human rights as it should be after all the death and despair it has wrecked on the human race.

Obama, the president I dislike. He is America at its core personified. He has created a beautiful PR guise as a president for the people. But he has failed to stand with the people, he has succeeded in overstepping his powers, he has killed innocents & is a war criminal & murderer, he has failed the Black community, the Latinx community, and has done nothing more but promote empty rhetoric.

All he said in his speech? Most was simply a well worded ruse, but he did not use accuracy. He was just another product of a now corrupt and uncaring Democratic Party. The only thing I liked about him as president was him being a Chicagoan & Chicago sports fan & him being inclusive when he spoke(which did not mirror his actions), and finally that he did TRY to tackle healthcare.

All in all, history will infinitely remember him well from a white liberal standpoint. But the truth will haunt him, but I do believe that he’ll be great now that his presidency is over. He has an unprecedented amount of pressure on him. He was left with a tough place to work as president, I refuse to allow myself to ignore that huge aspect of it all.

I’m more hopeful for him going forward than I am about the future of American politics. I believe the days of great presidents is not yet over.

Obama has been, in the end of the day, a beautiful symbol of hope. Bless him for all the good he did do.

Ahsoka Tano,

  1. Held her own against General Grievous, someone who ate more experienced Jedi than her for breakfast, TWICE.
  2. Also fought toe-to-toe with Asajj Ventress, the apprentice of Count Dooku himself, who even a Jedi master like Luminara Unduli struggled to fight alone.
  3. Resisted the Blue Shadow Virus, which is essentially the Black Plague in space, for a whole day.
  4. Helped destroy a massive Seperatist droid factory, and survived in the rubble long enough to call for help.
  5. Got her stolen lightsaber back before her master even realized it was ever gone.
  6. Saved Duchess Satine Kryze from her own traitorous Prime Minister.
  7. Took down Aurra Sing, one of the deadliest bounty hunters of her time, twice.
  8. Survived the Citadel, a prison infamous for being nearly impossible to escape, and killed the warden.
  9. Escaped a group of Trandoshians that attempted to hunt her for sport and killed their leader, while inspiring her fellow prisoners to believe in themselves and fight back.
  10. Was one of only two people to not get captured during the battle of Mon Cala.
  11. Helped take down the Zygerrian slave empire.
  12. Escaped the clutches of a Mandalorian terrorist group and in the process of doing so, fought toe-to-toe with their leader, decapitated four of them at once, and stabbed one of them i the gut with a makeshift spear, all while dragging her useless idiot of a love interest around.
  13. Stood up to three deadly criminals to protect her unconscious master.
  14. Helped a group of insurgents overthrow a corrupt king and take their planet back.
  15. Protected six younglings from pirates, and later from Grievous.
  16. Avoided capture after being framed for murder for what appears to have been a whole night.
  17. Stopped Darth Sidious, THE most powerful sith lord of ALL TIME, from getting into a holocron vault.
  18. Fought Darth Maul, someone who killed a jedi master, twice.
  19. Was a major figure in the growing Rebel Alliance.
  20. Took down two sith inquisitors without breaking a sweat.
  21. And last but certainly not least, fought toe-to-toe with Darth Vader, the jedi killer, the chosen one himslef, in a collapsing sith temple, and lived.


When You Know, You Know

Prompt: The one where Lin realizes his feelings for you.

Pairing: Lin x reader

A/N: Inspired by Lin who mistook shaving cream for toothpaste this morning and the black and white pictures from the Chicago magazine that KILLED ME. I wrote this in twenty minutes. LMM is my fucking muse. Good-freaking-bye, I need to do homework!!!!

A sleepy and overworked Lin came home from a long day of interviews that constantly asked him to freestyle and running away from fans who just couldn’t understand that yelling at him made him want to stay inside the theater.

He has barely enough energy to take off his shoes. The lights are out in his apartment and his nose leads him to a saran wrapped Piñón laying on his kitchen table. He nearly cries in relief. He always gets so hungry after the play and sometimes - no -  most of the time, he sleeps on an empty stomach. He stares at the sticky note on top of the dish, getting emotional over your sloppy handwriting that read: Heat for two minutes and enjoy! :)

He gets even more emotional when he realizes that you must have gone over to his parent’s house because there was no way in hell that you cooked it. You couldn’t even boil water without burning the pot. You must’ve stopped by his apartment to drop off the food.

Lin gingerly lifts the sticky note and puts it his pocket. Ever since the two of you started dating, he would save all of the little notes and letters you’d leave him. He heats the Piñón as you instructed and finishes the meal within minutes.

He tosses the paper plate away, feeling slightly better, but now his thoughts were filled with you. He barely had time to talk to you today, and the realization of that fact caused a feeling of sadness settle over him. You were always so understanding with his job. He knew it was tough. There were so many times during the course of his writing process for Hamilton that he would disappear for days. He was so caught up with the story and music that he was surprised you didn’t dump him years ago. Even more, it was you that would always pull him back to reality. You would take him out to new restaurants, bring him to family parties, or go to sports events even though you didn’t understand a damn thing about it. You made sure that he stayed sane and happy with all the madness that Hamilton has brought. You were a lifesaver.

Tonight was a prime example.

He calls you, nevermind that it was past midnight, past your bedtime.

The phone rings once and your panicked voice greets him.

“Lin? What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

“No, I’m fine. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to worry you. But I have to tell you something and I couldn’t wait until tomorrow.”

He hears shuffling, and he imagines you sitting up on your full-sized bed, eyebrows knit together in worry.

“…Oh god, what is it?” was your hushed reply. He could hear it in your voice that you were expecting the worst.

“I love you.”

He blurts out the three words that he’s never said to any girl before. He knew true love existed, his parents a living proof of it, but tonight was the first time in his life that he believed in it. His family would always tell him that when he was in love, he’d know it. He didn’t understand at the time, but now…

Now he did.

Tonight was the first time he’s felt such a powerful feeling of love towards anyone except his family or himself. He was utterly and helplessly in love with you.

Lin checks his phone, wondering if you hung up. Nope, still there.

“Y/N?” he whispers, “I just told you that I love you.”

He hears you sniffling, causing a jolt of uncertainty to strike him.

Did you not feel the same way? Was he a fool for thinking that you did too?

“Lin, I love you too. I love you so much and I’m so scared. I’ve never felt this way before,” you sob.

He hears shuffling as you speak, and he was about to ask what was happening when you interrupt him.

“I’m coming over. I can’t stand to not see you anymore.”

Lin’s heart warms.

“I’ll be waiting. Lord knows I’ve been waiting for you all my life.”

Regardless of What Melissa Hutcherson said:

Clementine is black.

The artists that designed her as well as the writers and creators all stated that she is black, and add that with the fact that the story gives no signs as to her being asian and the fact that her parents are black, I’m going with what we have been given so far.

This isn’t the first time her being black and asian has been addressed. The art director Derek Sakai who is asian stated that he took inspiration from his daughter when designing her, but that she is black.

Voice actors say things all the time that do not correlate with what’s canon, like when Dave Fennoy said Lee killed his wife as well as the senator (when that makes no sense in canon). In this case the people who created the character have more of a say.

She is black, and we should all be able to accept that and move on.

hello, colors (soulmate au)

Prompt: a universe where when you meet your soulmate your world turns from black and white to color. isaac meets his soulmate but she doesn’t see the same color he does. (this is from a soulmate au post, i can’t find it but if someone can link it to me i will add it here so all credits to the creator of that post.)

A/N: hello hello! so there will probably be a second part to this or maybe i’ll make it a series, idk! let me know and please send in more requests, the ones i have aren’t inspiring me, im sorry! ALSO, i would kill to make friends soooooo please send me an ask just talk to me lmao. i wont only write for teen wolf too, send me an ask if you want an imagine done and boom, i’ll try my best. (((SEND ME MORE PROMPTS)))

Not my gif! Credit where it is due!

Originally posted by caluasmi-please

Grey. You’d get used to seeing it too if it’s all you could see. At least that’s what people were taught since they were young. Life would be grey until you met your soulmate. Some people saw color since they were young and others had to wait to meet the future love of their life in their sixties to experience what most people long for. However, most people, including Isaac Lahey, met their soulmate within their teenage years.

You never know when your soulmate will walk into your life and neither did Isaac. Since he was young he was taught by his dad that he was nothing, not worthy of love so when he bumped into Y/N on the first day of freshman year and his whole world turned to color, he had no clue what to do. The beautiful girl he just bumped into, however didn’t see the same color he did, nothing changed for her.

He was in shock and he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know her name or what classes she was in so he did what any normal teenage boy with low self esteem would do. He stared from a distance recognizing every single part of her body. Where she would breakout, what she would do when she was nervous and of course, the laugh. “God,” thought Isaac “that laugh could drive me crazy” or maybe it was her smile.

It took him a little less than a year and a bite from a werewolf for him to gather up the courage and talk to her. Flirting came easier after the bite but not with her. He could feel his throat closing up whenever she approached and suddenly it was like he was human again, in a good way nonetheless. She made the blood in him come alive and he couldn’t tell which part was worse, the pining after a beautiful girl who didn’t see the same colors as him or the way she didn’t feel loved despite his endless loving for her.

He felt things beginning to change one night when him and Y/N were studying together in her room. She pressed the eraser of her pencil to the side of her cheek, sweeping up some of the makeup on her face in the process as she sighed in frustration.

“I don’t get this at all. Health is so dumb, all this soulmate crap means nothing.” She complained looking up at Isaac at the desk across from her bed.

“I don’t think so, I think the soulmate thing is kind of beautiful.” He smiled to himself, bringing his eyes up to hers but upon seeing her intense glare he quickly looked down and turned the chair around. “I don’t know.” He quietly said shaking his head.

Y/N got up and sat at the edge of the bed spinning the chair around. “Isaac, please don’t tell me you’re buying this shit. I’ve seen grey my whole life and I have a feeling that’s not going to change.” She stated, tone sounding more sad than she intended.

His eyes shot up at her confession, he had always thought she didn’t see it too but something inside him had hoped she just ignored it. “I see in color,” He trailed off, averting his eyes to the furry pink carpet on the ground. “My soulmate doesn’t though. So in a way I guess you’re right. It’s stupid.”

Y/N looked sadly at her best friend but her eyes went wide as she remembered something she read earlier. She shot up from her spot on the bed reaching for her health textbook flipping through the pages.

“Wait, I read something about that earlier.” She bit her lip as she flipped through the pages. Isaac stood and moved to the opposite side of the bed as he studied her.

“Here,” she said turning the page around to Isaac and sliding it across the bed.

Isaac began to read aloud. “In some rare cases both soulmates will not see color. That is due to a tough soul, a soul who is too stubborn to believe in love or believe they can feel love. It is the job of the soulmate who sees color to make sure the other begins to feel worthy of love, and as a result, seeing color.” Isaac sighed. “Shouldn’t it be the other way around?” he thought.

So Isaac tried his best to show his best friend, his soulmate, that she was loved. That she put the color into his world, made everything brighter and boy was that a challenge.

Detective Comics & The Reconstruction Of Batman

I’ve been going back and rereading the Detective Comics Rebirth issues that have been released so far, and a few things have stuck out at me. So far, the first two arcs of Tec (The Colony & The Victim Syndicate) have been deconstructing Batman by showing the negative effects of his heroism. Showing Bruce Wayne exactly what he’s caused by putting on the cape and cowl.

The Colony only existed because of Batman. Jacob Kane based them off of Batman’s appearance, techniques, gadgets, etc. Without Batman, they would have been nothing more than just another military black ops project. 

Because Batman exists, Tim Drake became Red Robin. Because The Colony exists, Tim Drake was killed. That’s exactly what the first arc of Tec Rebirth showed us, and what it showed Batman. And with The Victim Syndicate, the negative consequences of Bruce’s actions have only become more apparent.

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