inspired by black and killing it

Can we talk about Russel Hobbs?

Russel is a cartoon character, but he’s so important.

This is a man who watched his friends die.
A man who lost his best friend and soul mate.

He’s been plagued with spirits invading his mind and soul, turning him vulnerable and depressed.

He suffers from extreme paranoia and is struck with so much fear and misery.

Russel was kidnapped by Murdoc, and thrown into even more chaos than before.

He has seen the grim reaper. He was almost killed. He was trapped in a glass cage and treated like a monster.

He’s troubled by the memory of his best friend, and is constantly afraid and not all that sure of where his head is at.

He has tried to kill himself.

Russel has been through genuine hell.
He’s so tired.

He’s such a tragic character with a heartbreaking and terrifying backstory.

And yet, he’s such an inspiring character as well.

Russel is a fat black man. But he’s not always tough, or loud, or masculine, or whatever stereotype some people throw around.

He’s insecure. He’s not mentally stable. He’s caring and honest and scared and funny and strange and gentle and he doesn’t back down and he’s tired and vulnerable and brave and polite and intelligent and kind.

He loves animals, especially cats.
He doesn’t take Murdoc’s shit and he protects 2D.
He loves taxidermy, and music, and fashion. He cares so much for the ones close to him, especially Noodle.

Russel has been through so much, but he’s still trying.
Trying and trying and trying to make a difference in the world.

He’s been struggling since he was young, and he’s still struggling today.

He’s 42 years old. He’s a good man that has had a shit life, but still continues to be a good man, and still hasn’t let life destroy him.

He’s inspiring and loveable and interesting.

He’s important.

He deserves to be happy, and he deserves to be appreciated.

He’s genuinely amazing.



Sophia Lillis

- rollerskates, plays the piano, loves to draw even though she thinks she isn’t good at it

- attended the women’s march, says she likes to be politically active (an inspiration)

- Amazing photographer, she INVENTED the colours black and white

- Read some of the book before her fricking AUDITION, like some of those kids stilll haven’t read the book and she read relevant parts just to audition, incredible.

- She won comic con with that clown dress (the guys were so lame, they need to step it up)

- Laughs at at deaths in horror films, laughed when she saw Pennywise for the first time? That girl is UNFAZED and has probably killed a man

- speaking of laughter, i heard her laugh in a video once… it was so beautiful, i didn’t recover for days

- her Instagram icon has been the Stay Puft marshmallow man for at least six months? will it ever change? probably not 

- she once did a livestream in which she and her friends found a lost dog and cuddled it for 20 minutes before ringing its owner, it was beautiful

- the iconic sophia lillis Awkward Smile ™  

- same birthday as Latrice Royale, which may be meaningless but also may be another sign that she, just like Latrice, is a goddamn treasure?

- underappreciated brotp with Wyatt

- I know this isn’t important but she’s really pretty 

- her smile is like the sun, I cry everytime

- She’s an angel who none of us deserve


“Seven long years I served for thee,
The glassy hill I clomb for thee,
Thy bloody clothes I wrang for thee;
And wilt thou not waken and turn to me?”

He heard, and turned to her.



“Lemonade” & “4:44″

So I listened to Beyonce’s Lemonade and Jay-Z’s 4:44 together (one Lemonade track and then one 4:44 track, in that pattern to the end–I mean, I took out “Daddy Lessons” because—I’m sorry, but I just can’t take any semblance of country twang, even if it’s by Bey) and it was…an interesting and surprisingly emotional experience to see how both experienced and perceived their marital and relationship struggles and more, such as empowering black people and speaking on this country’s current political climate. A very personal and political contrivance for both of them and I love it. And they both stand alone pretty well too. Lemonade is still full of bops and soul and honesty and rawness and remains Beyonce’s magnum opus! And 4:44 is fresh, feels like a renewal and a recognition of past wrongdoings with that old smooth and classic Jay-Z flow and I was surprised how much I actually liked it…now…

I do find it a bit problematic how 95% of you guys are taking a black man’s open vulnerability, honesty (as dirty and ugly as it is) and his baring of skeletons in which he admits all of his wrongs and tries to be capable of forgiveness, and turning it into a sideshow drama that you can pour all our of projected feelings of rage and disappointment into. I know we live in a culture that loves to feed off other people’s drama, particularly the drama of celebrities, but this is artistic expression that deserves more nuance than just the reactionary sentiments we’ve seen thus far. And don’t get me wrong, Jay is a real piece of shit for what he did and not just because Beyonce is Beyonce and is such an icon…any man who does this to their partner is trash on sight–and yet…the strength it takes to take all that pain and turn it into something people can experience and maybe learn from, heal from…that takes courage and some genuine soul searching. I mean, he doesn’t have to deal with it in the same way Bey had to at all–and his confessions are minimal when weighed against the feelings Beyonce expressed in Lemonade, but they are a indelible and invaluable piece of this artistic flourish showcasing black pain and black renewal and black forgiveness in all of it’s complexities–and that shit ain’t easy and it’s ugly and real cute to disparage from afar, but there is so much more to it than a state of rage and fury.

And sure, big celebrities such as Jay-Z and Beyonce have all the resources to do so, but you can’t deny their talent and I’m proud of them both…Beyonce particularly, finding a way to turn her pain and anger into beautiful art specifically to validate the complex feelings that come with someone you love betraying your trust, especially as it pertains to black women.

In this way I like to think of Lemonade and 4:44 as a compilation piece of a relationship gone through turmoil and trying to find peace again. And I honestly don’t like how so many fans (either from the Hive or of Hov) are turning their soul-baring art into just another gossip travesty to gawk and whisper about, with all the lame memes and weird reactionary posts damning Jay-Z to hell and conspiring about Bey’s pregnancy. Like, get outta here with that…

That said, this world already makes it hard for men, particularly black men, to express their vulnerabilities, insecurities, and demons without ridicule or dismissal–expression that could in the future open up more healthy communication in loving relationships which could directly avoid things like infidelity and ego overriding one’s love for their significant other and their family. 

And then there is the material that is bigger than them and their celebrity couple status, which already has so much relevance in current pop culture: The black uplift in both albums–the importance put on legacy, forgiveness, and excellence within the black family, the personal and political introspection of how America and the world in general interacts with black bodies whether or not they are wealthy and famous or living in the “ghetto” doing their best to get by with whatever means they have, be it legal or illegal. That is what I think I take most from this–they take their specific position and perspective and circumstance, wrongs and nuanced feelings and make it universal for black people—and I don’t like the fact that we reduce all of that down to the juicy gossip of “Oh shit, how is that dusty nigga Jay gonna take his ass out and cheat on Bey?!” Which is not to downplay their personal pain and struggle and not only a reconciliation–but a rare healthy black reconciliation–but I think we ought to observe the nuance of their situation and expand on that to a bigger, more imperative narrative, as them as artists, them as black artists telling their truth, and encouraging other black people to do the same. 

“Kill Jay Z” is a great song about knocking down that toxic male ego to get to the vulnerability necessary to rectify past wrongs and prevent future missteps. “The Story of OJ” is…well, it speaks for itself. And like much of Jay’s new album, I think it is critiquing a lot about black male insecurities and how we try to overcompensate with all the money and ego and women and status symbols and how a lot of that is a result of how America disparages black male bodies which is not a forgiving excuse to do that things a lot of black men do but still an interesting expression of these issues and how it ends up having a deleterious effect on black women…how it all trickles down and attempts to ruin the black family. So the renewal and reconstruction of trust and love is something I do like to see in the black community, and for Beyonce and Jay-Z to be such big icons and to highlight that, I think it is a positive thing–and their artistic expression through music expresses so much more than the usual cynical crap that is meant to keep black men and women in a single simplistic state of mind. It’s time to move beyond that…it’s time to think and be better, and use that rage and confusion and hurt to fortify something that will be lasting and encourage and inspire others. And that is what Beyonce’s Lemonade and Jay-Z’s 4:44 do for me.

Injected with honey
and doped up with
powdered sugar,
you’re so lovely
but I know you’re going to kill me.
—  your skin is
as soft as
pastel petals
but you got
ice running
through your veins
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“THE RAINBOW IS ENUF.” -Ntozake Shange


Angel With Orders

What if Castiel bringing Dean back from the dead wasn’t the first time he met the Winchester siblings? 

Characters: Castiel x Winchester sister!reader + Sam and Dean (all kids), Lucifer and John (mentioned)

Words: About 1400

A/N: Usually, I’m really picky about things being canon, and I spend like hours researching to make sure, which sometimes actually kills my inspiration. While this time, I didn’t really have the time, and I just wanted to write, so if some things don’t really make sense with the storyline of the show, I’m sorry. 

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Just because Kira from Orphan Black is soooo cute.

Your name: submit What is this?

Castiel stands outside of the motel, hidden amongst the trees of the forest surrounding the small town. The wind blows through the crowns of the trees, making the branches slightly bend in its force. It’s in the middle of the night and the only light sources are the moon and the stars above, and the dimmed light of a lamp placed on the windowsill inside one of the motel rooms.

That’s the one. That room.

The angel of the Lord is here on orders. He’s been told that he needs to kill a girl.

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anonymous asked:

Imagine if Logan was an andoird made by Doctor Joan and Patton was an android made by Doctor Thomas and then they put them in a room alone together as an experiment

I got this forever ago. I finally got inspiration for it. I apologize to whoever this anon was for how long it took me to get to this and the fickleness of my artistic mind.

No warnings I can think of. As usual, let me know if I should add some.

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