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You always were
one of those dreams
that are richly colored
and extraordinarily vivid
the first second
after waking up;
but gone completely
once one tries
to remember a detail.
—  // you were slipping through my fingers

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @purpleneutrino!

You have become someone so very important to me, LJ. I know I can always go to you for anything and everything whether it’s to gush about our obsessions or wallow in depression. You never fail to make me smile, you’re encouraging, and so inspiring. Regardless of struggles, you never stop pushing and I know that you will get exactly where you want to be in life. You’re fiercely loyal, intelligent, strong, and so incredibly sweet and I can’t wait to meet you in person someday. Hopefully soon!

I offer you, on this most glorious of days, my cheesy amateur doodle and well wishes for many happy years to you and Mr. Pup and the saltsquad. What would we do without you?

Okay, I’m gonna go hide my burning face in a hole now lmfao I LOVE YOU

I’m concerned about a better world. I’m concerned about justice; I’m concerned about brotherhood; I’m concerned about truth. And when one is concerned about that, he can never advocate violence. For through violence you may murder a murderer, but you can’t murder murder. Through violence you may murder a liar, but you can’t establish truth. Through violence you may murder a hater, but you can’t murder hate through violence. Darkness cannot put out darkness; only light can do that.
—  Martin Luther King Jr.
Sweet Creature - Pink Series pt. 1

Hello lovelies! Here is part one of that angsty, slow burn, friends to lovers series I’m starting! The series will be called Pink and there will be 10 parts in total, each one inspired by/including one of the songs on Harry’s album.

Word Count: 5k

Enjoy! .xx -M

“So, you’re ready to get back into the game again, huh?” you ask around a mouthful of scone, crumbs tumbling from your lips as you speak.

“Yeah, I think I am. It’s been a long break, and I think I’m ready to really start writing again,” Harry smiles, the future career he’s planning seeming like more and more of a reality.

“Well, I for one, am excited. Always wanted to know what you’d do on your own.”

“You’ve heard some of my own songs,” he questions, sipping his tea.

“Well yeah, but like, none of those were written for your own personal album, H, they were more for fun. I wanna see you in your element,” you say.

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happy fanfic writer appreciation day ( a day late)

-because that’s just the kind of person i am. i’m sorry.

i’ve been writing fic for 10 years on and off. it’s coming up on my 1 year of having been into k-pop, and i’d like to thank and appreciate all of these fic writers who inspired me in one way or another to join and continue in the k-pop fanfic community. you are all amazing writers, as well as amazing people, and i’m so happy to have found your blogs. thank you for all of your hard work, and to those i am closer to, thank you for accepting me and being there for me. i love all of you <3

@ everyone, go read all of their things. it’s all amazing.

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two less lonely people (and it's gonna be fine)

heya! i know, i know- i sent you an ask, but omg i just couldn’t help myself and started writing like a maniac. i just really loved the concept of soulmates and the fact that it’s really angsty made my heart hurt like hell, so i thought i’d try to make a fluffier one.

i know this is really shitty but ya know

also !! i’m still really excited to see your take on the idea though, so please please please say your thoughts on the thing? thank you thank you thank you !!

this is partly inspired by “kita kita” which is a filipino movie which is so fucking good it had me shook


WARNINGS: swearing, blind reader


“This is not fair at all, skells.”

“oh come on, what’s the worst that can happen?”

“Statistically speaking, a lot of things.”

“oh ye of little faith; can’t you see you’re breaking my heart?”

You were this close to punching the living shit out of him. Granted, that would be a bit hard since you can’t see, but maybe you can rely on your hearing for that. You can still hear the rustling of his clothes, his light breathing, and the occasional sound of bone on bone, which sounded more like porcelain clinking together than actual bones, but you chalked it to the fact that he’s a magical skeleton, and not just a regular one.

He was waiting for your answer expectantly, and you refused to give him the satisfaction that your irritation would surely give. “I’m blind, numbskull. I can’t see shit.” You say anyways, because as annoying as he was, you were rather fond of him.

“speaking of which, you never told me why you’re blind. not that it matters, but you know you’re always welcome to tell me, ‘kay?” His voice is smooth and deep, so warm and comforting and familiar- no. You won’t think of him. Not now. You nod anyways. “I’ll tell you later, skells, now however, you’re going to tell me why we’re here at Grillby’s.”

He laughs, and the sound makes you smile and your soul hurt at the same time. He stops eventually and answers. “you said you’ve been here before right? i want to see what this timeline is like, and that includes the grillby’s of this timeline, yeah? who knows? what if i meet other me here as well? that’s gotta be something ya know.” He sounds excited, and your heart hurts, but it makes you smile even more. Perhaps, choosing to travel with the Doctor was the best decision you’ve ever made.

You were blind, hurting, heartbroken, and then you met him, offering the world and the stars and everything the universe had to offer. He even offered to help you get your eyesight back and you eagerly agreed, although it was taking some time since he was still making sure that it would be safe for you to use.

You’d met this Sans from another timeline, and he jumped at the chance of seeing the universe, and even other timelines, and you’d even been staying longer in his timeline rather than your own recently.

The Tale timeline, the Doctor said. Where everyone was nice and happy and you were sure your Sans would call it vanilla- crap, you really didn’t want to think about him. Ugh. Anyways, you were from what the Doctor called the Fell timeline, where everyone was an asshole.

“your hand, milady?” He asks, and you hold on to his, as he leads you into the bar.

You immediately figure out that it’s a relatively dead hour the moment you come in; there’s almost little to no noise, save for the clinking of glasses and hushed voices and the rustling of clothes. He leads you to the bar, and you just know that it’s Grillby because it’s warmer than it was before.

“(Y/N),” he greets. “It’s been a month since I last heard from you.” You can hear him setting down a glass and maybe cloth as he starts to give you his full attention. “However, your eyes…” He trails off. Grillby was always an observant monster, you think. He must have noticed your pupils didn’t react at all to his light, nor have they focused on anything since you came in. You laugh nervously. “About that…” You trail off. “Guess it’s time for me to spill the beans on that one, huh?”

Sans helps you into a seat, and you hear him take a seat beside you. You take a deep breath and start.

But where? Oh, you’ll just wing it then. “Um, my boyfriend for three years found his soulmate, and um, yeah. He cheated on me? Is it counted cheating still? Well anyways yeah, so I saw him with the girl and he didn’t even bother to apologize to me, and I walked out and passed out. Woke up blind, and there we go.” You finish, and you think that the crackling sounds from Grillby sound a bit angry, and you can feel Sans’s magic, which is usually warm and comforting, suddenly feel like static.

“w h o  d i d  t h a t ?” His voice was low and dangerous, completely different to how it usually sounded whenever he was with you.

“No, no!” You immediately say. “The whole blind thing, um, you can’t blame anyone else for that?” You say sheepishly, reaching out, and you felt his bony hands hold on to your outstretched one. “That’s um, a human thing apparently. Too much emotional stress? Yeah, that’s a thing.”

“(Y/N), you know that I consider you as a dear friend of mine, yes?” Grillby says suddenly. You nod. Where is he going with this? “I suppose you won’t mind if I dust him then?”

You choked, and you feel Sans’ grip on your hand tighten. “monster, then.” He says lowly. You shake your head. “No dusting will occur. No searching either.” You aim that last past at Sans. It would be very awkward if he found out it was him.

Suddenly there’s the sound of bells and laughter and the door creaked open. You’d turn around to look, but that would be pointless since you were, well, blind. But then you heard his voice, and you froze.


This was the very reason you didn’t want to go here. Of all fucking times, he just had to go here now with her.

The footsteps stopped. “you know, this is like a set up for a joke,” the Sans beside you said. “a skeleton and a girl walk into a bar, and say, hey, that’s me from a different timeline!”

There was the distant sound of laughter, and the girl, what was her name again? You didn’t know, but she answered anyways. “That’s actually pretty good. I’m Sam,” she said, and you can just imagine her stretching her hand out so Sans could shake it. He probably just did, considering as you hear footsteps moving away from you. You hear a whoopie cushion then she laughs again. “whoopie cushion in the hand trick,” Sans joked. “always a classic.”

“alright, alright, enough.” You could hear the Sans from your timeline, the Sans you had loved, the Sans that had once been yours. Your soul feels like it’s shattering. You press your hand into your chest; you can’t breathe at all.

There’s a sharp intake of breath from the trio standing a few steps away from you, and suddenly, someone is by your side, hand on the small of your back, keeping you stable. The scent of ketchup is around you and you relax. This is Sans, kind Sans, brilliant Sans, not him.

“you okay, sweetheart?”

You nod, but your chest still hurts though, and now that you think about it, his voice sounds pained as well.

You blink, and there’s the glimmer of light before you. One more blink, and there’s more light. You recognize the color as Grillby’s flames, and your eyelids flutter, and your eyes register even more colors. It’s blurred, but the fact that you can see again makes you laugh. A few more blinks, and you can see the world clearly again, and you turn to your left, and see Sans, a worried look on his face, then the look shifted to confusion, then joy as it sunk in. “you can see?” He said, his smile becoming more genuine and wider, if possible.

You drink him in, adoring the blue in his hoodie, how he looks completely and utterly different from the Sans of your past. His smile is kind, and he’s a bit shorter than you are, and his eyelights are white. White, you thought giddily. They look like actual stars. You smiled, and for the first time in a very long time, hope fluttered in your soul. Maybe, just this once everything will be fine. His teeth aren’t sharp, and he doesn’t have a gold tooth either, you noted. Everything different about him makes you feel butterflies in your stomach. For once, something finally went right, and you felt the pain of your past fade away, and you smile.

You could feel your soul aching, and it’s now that you realize that his other hand is pressed to his chest. “Shit, Sans, are you okay?” You asked. He nodded, eyes still on you. He nods but it’s him, the Sans behind you, who answers.

“he’s resonating with ya.”

You turned around, and immediately wish you didn’t. You really didn’t want to see him, fuck. But, the fact that the Sans beside you is looking at you like you’re the only thing in the whole world that mattered soothed your soul, and for some reason, seeing the Sans of your past doesn’t hurt anymore.

“What do you mean?” You asked, fully turning around to face him. The girl beside him looked at you with wide eyes, recognition flashing in them. She opens her mouth to say something, but decides against it and looked at the ground instead.

Sans- oh fuck it, you’ll just call him Red- is looking at you with what might’ve been regret in his eyes. His posture is awkward, and one hand is in his pocket and another is holding the girl’s hand. You expected yourself to be hurt, to be mad, but nothing came. You just felt like you were looking at an old friend. “What do you mean, Sans?” You repeat slowly.

His eyelights slowly reach your eyes, and you lean towards Sans (damn this is confusing) and his eyes flicker towards your now intertwined hands. “yer soulmates. that’s why.” He said gruffly, looking away. “so that’s why i resonated with ya before. ignored it though.”

You looked at him suddenly, suddenly feeling really, really pissed off. “You what?” You said lowly, your voice taking a dangerous tone.

Red starts to sweat, and Sans held your hand tighter. But you don’t want this anymore. You don’t want to deal with this anymore. You want to go back to the TARDIS, maybe cuddle with Sans or something, you just had to get away. You didn’t want this complicated love story, you just wanted to go home.

And home was the Tale universe.

Paradoxes be damned; you wanted to kiss this timeline goodbye, to forget all the bullshit you had to go through. Fuck this, fuck him, and fuck everything else.

Like a telepathic angel, the TARDIS suddenly materialized a few steps to your right, and you start to walk towards it before Red called out. “wait! (Y/N), i’m sorry.”

You turned around, nearly bumped into your Sans, and looked at him. “You’re an asshole.” You said flatly. “And an idiot.” You added, then looked at Sam. “Take care of him, yeah?” You said, nodding towards her. She nods back, and you stepped inside the TARDIS before poking your head out once more, where Sans and the girl are still staring. “This is the last time you’ll see me. Goodbye, old, boring timeline where everyone’s an asshole! Hello, Tale timeline!” You announced, winking at them both, and at Grillby who was probably in shock.

You closed the door and leaned against it, locking eyes with Sans, who was still smiling at you. “So, soulmates huh?” You teased, and he started blushing. Oh, you could definitely live with this.  Definitely.

You pull him into a hug, and look at the Doctor who was standing near the console, winking at you both. You rolled your eyes at him, and smile. For some time, you felt like everything was going wrong, and now, everything seemed right. You wondered how the universe seemed to have aligned everything so that you could meet him.

But it doesn’t matter now, not when there were two less lonely people in world right now, and everything was going to be fine.

@ariaisprobablynotonfire submitted this, and I’m so sorry.  I know it’s been ages, and I haven’t posted it, but I honestly just now read it.  

And I loved it.  <3  It was a nice twist on the soulmate imagine, and Readz being blind was an interesting touch.  So was the Doctor Who reference; I almost didn’t catch that.  I kept thinking the Doctor was Gaster lol.

But thanks so much for sending it my way!  <3

Happy Fanfiction Authors Appreciation Day!!

daajshshsbsb okay I never thought I’d be tagged in one of these because I don’t think my writing is the best but I’m so honored omg 😁💕

there are a lot of writer’s on here that I love and that inspire me and I’m sorry if I miss someone!

@singingmyreverie @donghyxns @httpsung @heochannies @hear-the-dokidoki @jenothankyou @biasedwriting @vixxscifiwritings @chronicfangirling @imagineproduce101 @101soulmates @asianpopscenarios @impossiblewriter@dest-writes@nctreacting@chipsandwaffles@seoul-scouts@sailorimagines@oppafeels@sirenscenarios@onepumpofsyrup@darling-vixx@your-dreams-your-wish@baekhyuns-abs@fandomagines@kpopmademyday@texts101

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Hello my dearest most wonderful friends! 

So, the absolute unthinkable happened. I reached 1k followers. 1k.. That’s a thousand people. A thousand and trust me when I say I have an incredibly hard time wrapping that around my head, because how that happened, I still don’t know. What I do know is how incredibly grateful I am for each and every single one of you. I truly do believe I have the kindest readers/friends on here. You all give me so much love and trust me when I say all that love is absolutely mutual! When I first started this blog, and I’m not kidding, I was hoping for, you know, maybe 10, max 20 people would read what I write and actually like it. But no, it turned out there was heck of a lot more who did and seriously, I cannot thank you enough for that. 

Thank you so incredibly much for all the love you give me and the fics I write. You inspire me and encourage me to keep writing! All the love and hugs to each and every single one of you!! 

Now I’ll stop ranting, because I promise you, I could write a novel on how thankful I am! You guys know the length of my fics! ;-). To round this all up, I’d love to give a shoutout to some of the people who I’m so incredibly grateful for to have here! I love you all! 

First and foremost, my munchkin @gondorgirl01 . This angel has been with me since I started this blog last year, and she was the person that encouraged me to believe that it was okay I wasn’t posting as I went through a hectic time, and damn if it didn’t mean the world to me at that time. She’s the kindest, funniest and most lovely person you could meet and I’m incredibly grateful to call her a friend! Thank you for being you, you amazing human being, Madeline! I love you so damn much! 

@flightofthefantasies this girl here has just become one of my faves in an instant. I can’t even explain how. But you know when the friendship alarm goes, it just goes and here we are. I remember ‘She’s kind, nice, amazing, just always there to give a good review and thoughts on the fics and It makes my heart so happy you have no idea! we might not talk much, but I swear you have a special place in my heeeart! Much love! <3 

@suchabigmesss who is my literal soulmate, there really isn’t much more I can say about this girl. Because words ain’t enough. She’s amazing, and she knows how much I love and adore her! 

@melconnor2007 this angel is a literal angel, okay. She’s been there for a long time, and I appreciate every single second! I literally live for the detailed comments and thoughts she leaves, and best of all the way she cares! We have so many things in common, especially when it comes to Bucky and marvel in general which also makes it so perfect to talk to her! Show her some loove! 

@sydariah It’s the same with this girl. The genuine care and kindness she has makes me so happy, and just hearing from her and how she is or when she asks how I’m doing makes me feel so happy and content! So please show her all the love in the world, she deserves it! 

@retroasgardian this sweetheart literally gave me life along with @fuckmewintertucker when it came to reviews/comments on Say It. I found myself patiently waiting till the two of them had read each chapter because they both had the sweetest, most freak out reactions and I loooooved every second. The fact that they took their time to write such detailed reviews with gif reactions to them, I swear. Made my tiny heart flow with love, and I love both of you so much. P.s sorry for breaking your hearts with Say It, really not *evil laughter*  You won’t regret following them, I swear, they’re both the sweetest angels ever. 

@rda1989 is just as sweet, kind and an overall amazing person who always takes her time to tell me just how she feels about my fics and whatnot. We haven’t spoken much yet, but from what we have, I swear I know I already adore you and love the fact that you like to talk to me about what you love most about the fics and engage in conversation! much love to you! 

I could go on forever with talking about how amazing and sweet you all are but this post would never end if I did. haha. Lastly a huge shoutout to all of these angels, that I genuinely think are some of the kindest people I’ve come across on tumblr. Some I’ve spoken to personally and I adore you all, and some I just really admire as people and as amazing writers! Marvel fandom or not! these are all the people I remember at the top of my head, I’m sorry if I forgot someone! <3 

@fandom-writes @crownofmanga @marvelgoateecollection @sexyashmike @s-implyperfect @explicitfandoms @miss-patriciah-maximoff  @the-witching-hours12-3 @seargantbcky @toofulloflove @awinterloveuniverse @loveyourselfcreateyourself @whyisbuckyso @canumoveyourseatup-no @widowsfics @winterssmiles  @jarnesbrnes @pickledmoon @callmebucky-doll @scarlettsoldier @sgtjamesbuchananbarnes107th @badassbaker @cassandras-musings @sebstanwassup @dadbuck @lauxeyson @moody-fangirl @delicatecapnerd @buckyywiththegoodhair @magnolia-wanders @lunaaaaax384 @such-fun @dust2dust34 @after-avenging-hours @marvel-trash07 

Not only that, I wish I could tag each and everyone who decided I was cool enough to deserve a follow from them! I want you to know that I adore each and everyone of you, and just because you aren’t on this list as a tag, does not mean I don’t like or appreciate you. Because I do, with allll my heart. Also a huuuge love to all the beautiful anons who take their time to write me, you make me smiiiile. 

Wait, also a thank you to Tumblr, this website is hell at times, but damn if it hasn’t helped me meet the best people ever, and allowed me to share my writing online! I get too sappy when it comes to these things, but I can’t help it, okay? I’m an emotional person and I wish I could describe how much you all mean to me. I love you. 

Big loves and hugs, Salina xo

aprilneverdies  asked:

Would you ever consider drawing young Snape? Your style is so calming. I can't explain it properly, but looking at your art feels like closing your eyes for the first time when you're super tired. I understand completely if you don't want to(he's such a contrivertional character, but he was always my favorite) or if you don't take request. Anyway, just wanted to say I love your drawings and art style and I'm so happy you're in the fandom! Have a nice day ♡

I don’t know, maybe :) I’m not sure what will be my inspiration next, so I can’t promise Snape so soon.

That was such a beautiful description about my drawings… Thank you! I’m glad it gives a calm sensation despite of not having colors. <3

Hey y'all, my name is Mary and I’m in grade 11. I created this studyblr blog to keep myself motivated and inspired. My goal is to study medicine at my fave university, and to achieve this I have to give 110% in the next two school years. I am following the studyblr and studygram community since the beginning of 2017 and I love the kindness and aesthetic of every account.

about me:

· I am 16 years old and live in Germany

· my personality is INFJ if some of you are interested in this kind of topic

· my hobbies are bullet journaling, reading, sketching and listening to music

· I am a fan of Kpop - if you like kpop then we’re going to be friends - :D

· I speak fluent german, russian and english

· because I live in Germany and the school system is different from America, I had to choose two subjects (sport and english) which are going to be rated more strongly than the other subjects I have

subjects/ classes:

· Sport
· English
· German
· Spanish
· Economics
· Geography
· Math
· Biology
· Philosophy
· Art

Studyblrs that I follow / I love / inspire me:

@jhonstudies @boystudy @ohlookimstudying @thecoffeedesk @ihopeikeepthisup @our-study-club @peachybumblebeestudies @procrastilate @nahstudies @studyingforscience @studyingboba @productivebean @prostudy @studink @shepherdstudies @wendystudies @elisestudies @academiix

anonymous asked:

I don't believe you will reply to this but I want to tell you that I fuckin love you. You have such a big impact on my life, the way I think. So much have changed since I found your blog and yt chanel. You are my inspiration. I'm so glad I found you. I need that kind of postivity in my life. I can't thank you enough my sunshine!

THANK YOU. I love you too, you beautiful human. 

Ending Dan's live show together | 22.08.17
  • Someone in chat: Dan and Phil, you guys are nerds, but that's okay because I am too. Thanks for the laughs and inspiration.
  • Dan: That's it, I'm quitting while I'm ahead.
  • Phil: Aww, that was wholesome.
  • Dan: That's the most wholesome end ever. So yeah, this was fun.
  • Phil: I'm going to get serious again. *buttons up top button*
  • Dan: I hope you enjoyed this little behind the scenes tour of the gaming channel room.
  • Phil: All the secrets are made...
  • Dan: We're going to get back to finishing some gaming. Make sure you're subscribed to DanAndPhilGAMES for that easy banterous content. Enjoy.
  • Phil: DanandPhilGAMES, it's the best channel.
  • Dan: Spon. Don't check out AmazingPhil.
  • *Phil pulls sad face and moves off-screen*
  • Dan: I'm kidding! Check out AmazingPhil.
  • *Phil pretend cries and then smiles widely instead*
  • Dan: Credit to him for the video idea. If you haven't checked out me talking about how white I am, watch the video on danisnotonfire. Subscribe to this channel if you came from Twitter in case I randomly do this again.
  • Phil: Stroke a dog tomorrow.
  • Dan: 'Cause there were some fun filters. I might go crazy for those.
  • Phil: I liked those. I want to try those filters myself.
  • Dan: We're going up North, so we're going to be away for a few days.
  • Phil: Up North!
  • Dan: And then we'll see you probably live in some form, next week.
  • Phil: See you on the other side.
  • Dan: Maybe some gaming, maybe back on YouNow, who knows? But anyway for now, thanks for joining.
  • Phil: Yeah, I've had fun.
  • Dan: Thank you, Phil, for joining. For blessing us with your presence.
  • Phil: This was spontaneous.
  • Dan: This was so spontaneous.
  • Phil: Can I switch them off with this? *holds up TV remote*
  • Dan: Phil is going to switch you off.
  • Phil: Here we go.
  • Dan: Goodbye, everybody.
  • Phil: Bye! Pow!

anonymous asked:

Hi! I just wanted to say that I love everything that goes on here. This is one of my favorite place on tumblr to come when I'm having a bad day because it makes me laugh and this is where I got into the aus and stuff so in other words thank you for everything, because of you and some other people I am now the creator of an au that is not well known and isn't really officially official yet but I was inspired by you so, thanks again. Sorry if this is really long. I have issues with that.

Originally posted by prettylittletheories-a

Oh my gosh hun, I just hecking wake up and see this beautiful message!?!? Thank you so much I love you!! I don’t know how to respond aa

ps: I would love to hear about this au of yours plz lemmie know if you want

Best of Wives and Best of Women - Barba

Originally posted by minidodds

Title: Best of Wives and Best of Women
Summary: Many men get married, but only a few men are lucky to have the best and loving wives who also understand that even the strongest need reminders.
Rating: PG - 13
Word Count: 500
Warnings: mention of molestation case, castration, slight cursing
Tag: @yourtropegirl
A/N: This is the first in a series i’m going to make about my favorite men and how their wives inspire them to never give up. Yes this is from the minute song from Hamilton the musical 

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