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!Trash Mammals Unite!

@therealjacksepticeye This is amazing!!!! Congratulations on this great achievement! I feel so blessed to be a part of this community. It is so nice and full of such wonderful, genuine, creative and determined people. And with such a wonderful example as Sean I’m not surprised. Thank you for everything and here is to continued growth and most of all happiness and inspiration!

By the way here LOL this is a little animation and pic I drew to celebrate 15 Million. Totally LOVE animating in this art style! Night in the Woods is one of my favorite series of yours (along with almost every other story-based game you play) and watching you play all these wonderful games continues to inspire me to try and make a game of my own someday. Who knows…


This is sorta lame and cheesy, but it’s basically just a fluffy Imagine about Tom being a cute boyfriend and taking care of his drunk girlfriend💗
Author’s Note: This is a oneshot inspired by sorta me? My mom had a party and made a ton of mixed drinks, and because I’m a dumb baby that never drinks, I forgot that vodka literally punches you in a face when you drink too much of it? Anyways, I got drunk and ended up crying to one of my cousins for about 40 minutes about all the reasons why I love Tom? Apparently, I’m even more cheesy and sentimental drunk than I am sober, who knew lol?

She giggled to herself, ankles knocking into each other as she braced herself on the door of her apartment. She was absolutely, completely, and undeniably smashed. Truly, she couldn’t even remember how she’d gotten this way, but then again, she could barely recall her uber ride home.
Her hands kept shaking and she couldn’t find the correct key to fit itself into the doorknob. At this rate, she’d be out all night.
Tom paused the film he was watching and glanced back towards the front door. He was pretty sure that he could hear someone out there, but it was probably just their neighbor’s being noisy. Allowing the film to regain his full attention, he did his best to ignore the strange sounds outside, until he heard something that replicated her giggle.
His eyebrows knitted together in confusion. She was supposed to be at a sleepover with her best friends, not coming home at one in the morning? Tom got up and made his way over to the window by the door. Peeking out, he saw that the giggle outside indeed belonged to her, and she appeared to be struggling hugely with the task of opening the door.
Quickly crossing to help her inside, Tom yanked open the door and barely had time to catch her as she crashed in on top of him.
“Tom!” She yelped excitedly, making no effort to move off of him, instead cuddling further into him, while he laid sprawled across the floor with her lying on his chest. “Do you wanna hear a joke? It’s so dirty and I know how you love dirty things!” She explained innocently, her eyelashes tickling his neck.
Tom chuckled, “Darling, come on up here. We’ve gotta close the door.”
“Okay, I’ll tell you!” She leaned over him, “What did Cinderella do when she got to the ball?”
“You’re absolutely wrecked.” Tom laughed, taking in her mussed up appearance. She still looked good, how could she not? Her skirt was just shorter, her breasts were more exposed than she’d be comfortable with sober, and her eyemakeup was slightly smudged. Her hair tumbled down her back in messy waves and she teetered on her high heels.
If she had come home sober, Tom would’ve dragged her off to bed with him, but alas, she was drunk and needed to be taken care of.
“She gagged!” His girlfriend giggled, finishing up the butt of her joke. “Do you get it?”
Tom burst out laughing and cradled the back of her head as he rolled her onto her side so that he could get up to lock the door. “Yes, baby, I do. Where’d you hear that one?”
She didn’t even seem to have registered what he asked her because, in response, she said, “I don’t think I’d be Cinderella if I was a disney princess. She gags, but not me. I don’t gag, unless you make me.”
“Oh my gosh, you’re going to be so embarrassed in the morning.” Tom said, slipping his hands beneath her arms to pick her up. Helping her down the hallway to their bedroom, he asked, “Darling, how come you’re not with your friends right now?”
She blinked her eyes slowly and licked her lips. “We were all talking, and drinking. So, so, so much drinking. Did you know that vodka is strong? Like, it’s so strong, because, I’m not sure if you can tell, but,” She leaned closer to his chest and pressed herself up onto her tippy toes to whisper in his ear, “I’m kinda drunk right now.”
Turning his head towards her, he decided to play along, “Are you serious? I’d had no clue.”
“Well, yes! Anywho,” She dragged out the last letter of anywho before she tripped over herself again.
Tom caught her and slipped a firmer hand around her waist. “Anywho?” He pressed.
“We were all talking about our boyfriends, and how much we love them, because, I love you so much. And then, we started talking about the stuff we do with our boyfriends.” She paused in the hallway to poke Tom’s chest, “That’s my favorite shirt on you.”
“Darling, I’m not wearing a shirt?” Tom said, cocking his head to the side.
“I know,” She smiled, “That’s why it’s my favorite.” She gestured to Tom’s exposed midriff, “This is all great. Like, you look so good. The best.”
Tom dissolved into laughter and shook his head, “My silly, drunk girl. What are we going to do with you?”
“Well, you see, what I’d like you to do with me is make-out. That’s really why I came home. We started talking about some things,” She cupped her hand around Tom’s ear and whispered, “Sexy time things. And we all agreed that I should come home to you so that we could do the sexy time things. Because, I wanna do them, with you.”
Finally crossing the threshold of their bedroom, Tom placed her gently onto the bed and tried to ignore her last statement. Yes, she was his girlfriend. Yes, she’d just told him that she wanted him, and yes, he obviously wanted her too. But, she was drunk, much too drunk to consent to sex with him.
Tonight, Tom would be a good boyfriend and take care of her, but, in the morning, Tom would be a good boyfriend and he’d give her at least 2 orgasms with 2 advil pills to chase away her headache before breakfast.
“Sweet girl, we can’t right now. You’ve been drinking too much, you’re absolutely wasted.” Tom tried to reason with her.
“No, no I’m not. If I was drunk, could I do this?” She took a deep breath, “‘May I feel said he/ (I’ll squeal said she/ just once said he) It’s fun said she/ (May I touch said he/ How much said she/ A lot said he) Why not said she.”
Tom cut her off, “Sweetheart, nothing you say matters right now, you’re too drunk. Now just let me help you out of that dress.” Shaking his head, Tom laughed as he walked over to her with an oversized sweatshirt of his in his hand. Only she would be able to quote E.E. Cummings completely inebriated.
Kneeling in front of her, Tom lifted one of her feet onto his lap to unbuckled her high heeled shoe. Undoing the clasp and carefully removing the heel, he pressed a tender kiss to the top of her foot.
“You know, I like it a lot better when you’re on your knees for a different reason.” She pouted, sitting up to watch him.
Tom chuckled again as he began to remove her other shoe, “Trust me darling, so do I. Roll over-” He didn’t even get to finish his sentence when she interjected.
“Are you gonna spank me?” She asked, rolling over. Her tiny dress had ridden up even more and Tom had to bite down on his lower lip and clasp his hands together to prevent himself from doing just that.
“You’re making this really difficult.” Tom muttered.
“Then do something about it. I thought bad girls got spankings?” She teased him, eyeing the hardness growing within his pajama bottoms.
“Stop it, I’m trying to take care of you and you’re making it really hard.” Tom groaned.
“I can tell,” She giggled.
“For fucks sake,” Tom rolled his eyes, “I’m going to help you out of the dress, and that’s all the touching I’m going to do tonight. Then, I’m going to take off your makeup, and you’re going to go to sleep.”
“Tom,” She whined, wriggling around on the bed, “I don’t wanna. I want you to do me.”
Tom laughed, “You’re going to die in the morning, oh my gosh. You’re such a child.”
“Ugh!” She whined and flattened out onto the mattress.
Sitting down behind her on the bed, Tom rolled her over and unzipped the back of her dress. He did his best to not look, but the zipper kept getting caught in her hair, and he couldn’t ignore the soft skin of her back. He saw that she’d chosen to wear the pretty, light pink, lace bra that she’d been wearing the first time they’d had sex. Groaning over the memories, he helped her rid her body of the confining fabric of her dress and had slid his sweatshirt over her body.
She turned to lay on her back, “Will you at least kiss me?”
“Yes,” Tom placed a soft kiss on her mouth, “Do you wanna get up to go to the bathroom to take off your makeup, or do you want me to do it for you here?”
“Hmmm, here.” She sat up and stuck her hands inside of the sweatshirt, only to toss her bra off seconds later.
Tom’s eye lingered on her chest as he got up to retrieve her makeup wipes.
“I love youuuuu.” She said, hugging herself to his chest after Tom had successfully cleansed her face of all traces of makeup. “You’re my favorite, even though you refuse to fuck me.”
Tom tucked the duvet under her chin and crawled in behind her. He kissed her temple and curled an arm around her, “I love you too darling.”
He prayed to the high heavens above that she wouldn’t feel his excitement poking her in the back while she drifted off and into dreamland.

I wrote the longest exam of my university career this morning for a french literature course (pictured is a very small portion of my hand written notes) and then I came home and finished writing a research paper for one of my sociology classes. Tomorrow I will edit the paper and then start on my second research paper for my other sociology class. Feeling exhausting but so relieved that my exam is done with.. just a little more to go and then I’m free! (Until I start my summer course about a week later lol)

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I have exciting news, Tumblr friends!!!

After years of blood, sweat, and tears (and multiple false starts and discarded manuscripts), I’m finally going to be self-publishing my first novel this year! And I officially have a book cover for it, so it’s really a real thing that’s happening!!!

Originally posted by felicia91

And it wouldn’t be happening without all the encouragement and support I’ve found through fandom here and on other forums over the years.

It’s based on one of my AU fics, so the story will be familiar to some of you (although I’ve added about 25k-30k new words to it). Remember awhile back, when I warned that I might have to take down some of my fics? Well, this is why. I’m going to put the book in Kindle Select initially, which requires it be exclusive to Amazon. It won’t be that way forever, though. Eventually, I’d like to release it wide, and when I do, I plan to make the fic available again. I won’t take it down for another few months yet, so there’s still time to snag it from AO3, if you’re so inclined.

Even more exciting, this book is just the first in a series of standalone romances I’m writing about geeky women who work in STEM fields. I’m most of the way through the first draft of book two, and the plan is to release three books in the span of three months, hopefully starting in August. (If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t posted any fic in a while, this is why, lol.)

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who’s ever left a supportive comment or message about one of my fics, and to all the other amazing fic writers out there who’ve inspired me with their incredible talent and creativity. You’ve all helped me make this lifelong dream come true, and I will never forget that. <3 <3 <3

worth it (jinyoung drabble)

word count: i didn’t even bother to check i’s so short lol

catagory: fluff,  and jealous!jinyoung, song inspired

a/n: lol so i got inspiration from hey by got7 because that is one of my all time faves and just the though of jinyoung all moody and pissed off i’m

Originally posted by anda-flan

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Finding Home (1)

Summary: Avengers High School AU. Gender neutral reader-insert. You, the new kid, just want to be left alone. But instead, you get the Avengers gang – and maybe, a new home too.

Warnings: Cursing. Mentions of weed? Something resembling a panic / anxiety attack, though probably not, but just in case. No specific ship in this entire story, tbh, but I’ll make sure to add some fluff + sexual tension between you and everyone, lol.

Author’s Note: HEY. So, it has been a long time since I’ve written any fanfic, much more an Avengers fanfic. I hope all the characters are in character, ehehe. So, I’ve decided to do a series of connected one-shots of your high school senior year with the Avengers gang + other Marvel characters, inspired by the 30 day drabble challenge (although I will not be doing drabbles, and for now, I’ll just do seven of them, depending on my inspiration). So, hope that you enjoy this! Let me know if there are any mistakes. Thank you! (:

Finding Home: Part #1: beginning. Part #2: accusation. Part #3: restless. Part #4: coin. Part #5: haze.

1: beginning

n. a starting point / new or inexperienced

This office was such a fucking dump. You looked at the pee-colored wall, bare but for the chippings on the corners by the ceiling. Good thing a few bulky, metal cabinets covered that eyesore of a wallpaper – although that still didn’t help in the general aesthetic quality of the room. There wasn’t even a window in here.

Your gaze fell on the small desk in front of you, unoccupied except for a laptop, a fuckton of paperwork, and some kind of 1940 action figure of a man in blue-white-red spandex. Oh, and of course, the name of your class advisor-slash-guidance counselor on a rusty, golden plaque: Mr. Phil Coulson.

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The men that get extremely angry when someone even utters the possibility of there being a female doctor just make me laugh. 

I want there to be a female doctor because literally why not? I imagine she would be a badass, a sweetheart and a genius all at once.

The only problem is for me is that I want it to be absolutely perfect. I don’t want them to just make the doctor a female just because, you know? like there could be another 5 male doctors before the first female one for all I care. As long as they do it right and make the transition as organic and magical as every other regeneration. 

I mostly just want the little girls currently growing up with doctor who (and the people who were once little girls and still to this day watch doctor who) to be able to experience having a female doctor. Don’t mean to sound like a giant emotional sop but, it’d be one of the most inspirational and iconic moments in my life. 

itsjohnlocked  asked:

[Love your blog!!! 💓💓] So guys 😏 this is nsfw and not very original [like, i tried to see if you have already done that, but i didn't fine anything, so] but what are the weirdest places where you two have had sex? Tell us about it 😏😏😏😏

(Thank you! ❤️)

(And thanks to @o0o-chibaken-o0o for the inspiration for this, lol ❤️)

Draco: *snorts* Does a public library count as a weird place?

Harry: *easily* Pretty sure it does.

Draco: We went at it behind the archaeology section. 

Harry: Spilled books all over the place, this one was being so loud I was afraid the Silencing Charm would break.

Draco: Excuse me, but the way you were just pounding away– *breaks off as he turns red in the face* This other time– *clicks tongue irritably at Harry’s smug grin* –Harry Apparated us to a random fucking field full of daisies somewhere in Hampshire. We literally did it on the bare ground surrounded by daisies!

Harry: It was rather pretty really, just around sunset and–

Draco: I told you to just take us home!

Harry: I couldn’t think, we were already really… er, worked up by then.

Draco: *reluctant smirk* As it happens, that’s also why we stopped over at the library.

Harry: When you gotta come, you gotta come. 

Draco: *facepalms*

kissofvenom922  asked:

congrats on the milestone that is so awesome could you do one with #'s 17. Take it all out on me, if you need to. I’ll be here & .20. Now, would you please stop pointing that gun at me? ( in no particular order) with and older sister please

Thank you! :) I re-watched Asylum (1x10) the other day so I can’t help but to get inspired by that lol

Originally posted by safetypinnedsammy

It was obvious that there was something wrong with your little brother Sam, you noticed it the second you set your foot in the room. He was pacing back and forth, seemed anxious as he fidgeted with his gun. 

“Sam?” You tried, calmly yet cautiously, and his hazel eyes latched to yours.

“Y/N…” He murmured, and for a second you thought he would just calm down.

But no, the ghost you hunted seemed to had messed with his head, and now you were worried what he would do. 

“Hey, Sammy, are you okay?” You asked gently, slowly moving closer, as if you were approaching a wild animal. 

“Don’t come closer!” He suddenly exclaimed, rising the gun and you froze.

“It’s okay-”

“No it’s not! Nothing’s okay! I hate this! I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!” He rambled on, staring wildly between you, the gun and the just the rest of the room. “We don’t know where Dad is, and I hate how he just seems to send us on hunts for sports. I hate how Dean just blindly follows his orders and I hate that you just do everything to avoid conflict and I hate that I’m now getting these dreams and I hate that Jess is dead and I hate hunting!” 

Oh boy. Sam was really having some sort of a breakdown, and all this time he was whirling that gun around and you just knew that if you didn’t do something, one of you was going to end up shot.

“That’s good, Sammy, talk to me okay? Take it all out on me, if you need to. I’ll be here. I can take it, promise.” You tried to soothe him, comfort him, calm him down. Meanwhile you walked closer and closer, with the hopes of getting your hands on that gun.

In the middle of all this, Dean showed up, watching the scene between his older sister and his younger brother with fear in his eyes. But at the same time, he trusted you more than anyone else to handle this situation. Dean and Sam both had always looked to you for guidance and help and everything else.

“I just - I can’t do this anymore.” Sam declared, distressed.

“You can, Sammy. You’re one of the strongest people I know, and Dean and I will always be here to help you. Okay?” You nailed his lost gaze with your own.

“Okay.” Sam nodded.

“Now, would you please stop pointing that gun at me?” 

Sam stared down and saw how he was currently aiming the weapon at you. Instantly, he handed it over to you, as if it he had burned his hand on it. Once you had it in your grip you looked over at Dean.

“That ghost needs to die now. You go, I’ll be right behind, okay?” 

Dean nodded once and took off, determined. Simultaneously, you placed a hand on Sam’s shoulder.

“You’re okay, Sammy.”

in honor of being back from hiatus...

hello everyone!! i wasn’t gone long (about a week i think?) and my queue was running the whole time so i doubt anyone missed me lol but i wanted to do a quick lil celebration!! and also bc im 100 away from 4k!! thank u!!!

yes, i know i still need to finish all the moodboard requests from my 3k celebration but i’m low on inspiration right now so in the meantime…

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Wednesday and Amelia are officially owners of their very own townhouse! 💛🌱


Happy happy birthday, @blurobolobo !!!!(*’∀’人)♥ I hope you’ll have a fantastic day today, eat some delicious cake, and have plenty of reasons to smile!! (*^3^)/~♡ 

Boku no Hero Academia: Todoroki Shouto x Reader

There’s a lack of light out on the balcony but luckily for Todoroki, the sky happens to be free of clouds and the area is illuminated by moonlight. A cool spring breeze blows by and he immediately glances over towards you. “Are you cold, (f/n)?”

You shake your head, looking away from the darkening sky and smile at Todoroki. “No, I’m good. The breeze feels kind of refreshing actually. Are you cold?” You turn the question back onto him and he too shakes his head. You flash him another smile before orienting your gaze back towards the sky, eyes sparkling as you watch closely for the first star of the night to appear.

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it’s all everything with you (ao3)

an unofficial sequel to “it’s all nothing without you[x]” (check out the accompanying art piece by @erwinsalive here[x]). inspired by a trip to the ocean a few weeks ago (and then forgot about because of all the prompts i was doing lol).

They start by remembering each other’s names.



They know the names are theirs, even though they’ve lived this life by another for over three decades. The other memories bubble from the bases of their brain stems, pop against the surface of their consciousness like the champagne they share. They clink their glasses at New Year’s–another year, another one together. They kiss when the ball drops. Erwin says into Levi’s lips, “Eight years together, darling.” And Levi doesn’t correct him when they sit back into their seats, because it really doesn’t feel like a lifetime away since they had parted.

Love was easy. Instantaneous. Erwin said it after they first met. Took his face between his hands, hands so big and familiar they made Levi’s heart ache with a pain he thought he had forgotten in death. Their lips fell together like they always did, like they had been chiseled from the same stone. And as they lived on together again, they masoned the pieces of this life with the last. It was interesting to see how parallels were formed–how certain phobias transcended through spirit and left them bodily weak. They haven’t remembered everything, they wouldn’t even know when they would have reached the pinnacle of remembering anyway, but they remember enough.

Levi remembers the ocean the following year.

He sits paralyzed in the passenger seat. His hands gripping his pants as if he’s trying to rip them off. He knows now why he has always hated the ocean. He was able to compose himself around imagery and video of it, choking down the anxiety like a pill too big through his throat. But now it was here, undulating like a maggot’s backside, and vast like the sky that sits atop of it. Inside the car, he’s drowning. Inside the car, he’s safe. He swallows, but he can’t move anything else. He’s drowning, he’s…

“Levi?” Erwin takes off his sunglasses and folds them, placing one arm of them into the collar of his polo shirt.

Levi can’t come up with the words. They’re parked right along the beach. He can see the waves rolling in. He can see the brats wadding in the shallow waves. He can see Hange shin deep in water so blue he never knew the specific word for it (he learned in this life it was “turquoise”). He brings his hand to his forehead and shakes out a breath.

“Levi, darling. Talk to me. Did you remember something?”

Levi bites his lip and nods shallowly. He rests the side of his head against the window. It’s cold from the air conditioning blowing on it for the past hour. He feels fevered, sick, disgusted.

“About what?” Erwin leans over and places his hand on top of Levi’s, and Levi’s fingers relax slightly, the denim of his jeans releasing from under nails. “Maybe I can help you through this, like when you remembered…”

“We made it…” Levi starts, because he’d rather talk about this than about the serum. “We made it to the ocean.”

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Fixed - first part | Jack Maynard imagine

Fixed - part ½ | Jack Maynard | Imagine
Word count: 2246
Request: Can you write an imagine where you and Jack have a tickle fight? | Can you do a jack one?
A/N: Actually, this one was my first request, sorry for taking so long to do it! I wasn’t inspired to do an imagine with Jack, but when I heard Fixed by New Hope Club all I could think about was: “omg Jack Jack Jack” lol Hope you all gonna like it! See you! (Also, the second part is already finished but I didn’t want to post it all at once because I thought it would be an imagine too long)
You can find my other Buttercream Squad stuff in here | Requests are open


      “Y/N, please, Just tell what the problem is. “Jack asked you frustrated.

        He was at your house, in your living room, and you didn’t know anymore why you started arguing with each other. The fight was about a lot of things and, at the same time, about nothing.

        “It’s nothing, Jack.”

        “Of course it’s something, Y/N.” He argued.

      You had this fight wish inside you since last week and it was driving you crazy. You knew exactly why you were acting like that, however, you were trying to avoid the huge discussion it would cause.

‘”You don’t wanna know, ok?” You declared. “Just leave it.” You were tired of fighting.

        “I do wanna know. For fuck’s sake, you are my girlfriend, Y/N. You are pissed and I’m guessing it’s only with me.”

        You were friends with Conor before even met Jack. You went out with the Maynard brothers quite often and on an Uber or another, you got to talk to youngest one and it just happened: before you could react, you were kissing Jack Maynard and spending more time with him than without.

        “Jack, stop.” You said. You knew you would only be even angrier on that moment if you told him what was going on. “Let’s sleep.”

        You two went have dinner with his brother, Josh, Caspar and Maddie. You couldn’t stare Jack, being rude to him without noticing or avoiding getting involved on the same topic conversations than him. You left Jack without a single clue about why you were acting like that (even when you couldn’t avoid being such an ass) and you hated yourself for that. You were a coward, a bloody coward.

        “No, we are not going to sleep without you telling me what the fuck is happening to you. I have the right to know why my girlfriend is mad at me.”

        “Alright then, Jack. Let’s talk.” You gave up, losing your patience. “Youwant it so much, so let’s talk, right?”

        “Thank you.” He said ironically.

        “Is it what I am to you? Am I your girlfriend?”

        “Oh, for fuck’s sake, Y/N.” He groaned. “We are over this conversation already. Yes, you’re my girlfriend; Yes, we are dating. Breaking news everyone! I can’t believe you’re pissed because of this. It’s ridiculous. Y/N, the only reason I don’t tell my viewers we’re dating is because I want to protect you. You know this, damn.

        “It’s because of your viewers or because you don’t want other girls to know we’re together?”

        “What the hell?” Jack asked, confused and angry. “Where is it all coming from?”

        “Does it matter?”


        “No, it doesn’t.”

        “Something trigged it, I know. You wouldn’t be saying that out of nothing.”

        “Jack, seriously, it doesn’t matter. Can you just simply answer me where we are? Where we are going to?” You questioned, the discussion hit. “What do you want from me?”

        “What do I want from you? Y/N! What do you even mean with that?” He asked, passing his hands through his hair.

        “What I mean? I mean: What do you want from me?”

        “Are you fucking serious right now?”

        “Yes, I am.”

        He exhaled his breath hard. “I don’t want anything from you. Why suddenly you aren’t happy with us?”

        “It’s not what I said.” You argued, in defensive.

        “Yes, it is.”

        “No, it isn’t, Jack!” You exclaimed.

        “Tell me then, exactly, what did you said and what do you want to know from all these stupid questions.”

        “Is it because of other girls you don’t want to say we are together?”

        “Y/N!” He laughed if derision.

        “I’m serious here, Maynard.”

        “You don’t trust me at all, do you?” He asked, not believing your motivations.

        You were so exhausted of holding this back, feeling so insecure, that in that moment, you told Jack your worst thought. Almost screaming, you revealing:

        “No, Jack, I don’t.” You said finally. “It’s not because you are such a player, ok? It’s because you cheated before and I don’t know why this time would be different. You cheated before and I can’t think a single reason why you won’t do this to me.”

      He looked at you. You were so broke, your eyes showed you were cracked and you were almost crying. He could see your pain, the mistrust all over you. And although it was killing him, Jack couldn’t answer you. He didn’t had a single sentence that he could said, because why he wouldn’t do that with you? He didn’t know.

      “And, finally, this is my brother, Jack.” Said Conor, introducing you to his younger brother.
      Conor invited you to a party on his new place. You went there already (twice, actually), but it was a celebration to his new achievement.
      “Hallelujah I’m meeting you!’ You exclaimed with a smile and shook his hand.
      “Well, you must be Y/N,” Jack said smiling too. “the friend of Conor who is too beautiful to be at his company.”
      You blushed.
      “Oh, such a player, my brother.” Conor laughed. “Relax, Y/N, soon or later you will get used to it. Jack does that with every freaking girl he meets.”
      “Not every girl…” Jack rolled his eyes. “Just the gorgeous ones.” He winked.


      “Y/N, Jack is here!” Conor shouted.
      You and Con went have dinner and he went to your house before going to the club so you could get changed (you refused to get burgers using a dress). You agreed that Jack could head to your place because it would be easier, as the club was nearby your apartment.
      “Fine!” You responded while putting your lipstick on.
      “Let’s go, Y/N!” Jack told you just to be annoying.
      “I’m going, I’m going.” You said, putting your shoeing your heels.
      You took your purse that was on your bed and walked away from the room, meeting the brothers sat on your sofa on the living room with a smile on your face. You were excited to go out that night.
      Jack could swear that his heart stopped in that moment. “Wow.” He exclaimed. “You look beautiful, Y/N.”
      You rolled your eyes. “Right.” You went towards the door. “C’mon guys.”
Conor laughed at his brother, who was still petrified at the sofa. “Close your mouth, Jack. You are flooding the apartment.”
      Jack blinked, finally reacting. “Shut up, Conor.”
      “I’m leaving you, Maynards, behind!” You announced.
      “We waited ages for you to get ready.” Jack pointed out.
      “That’s why you should be in here already.” You snapped back.
      Conor chuckled at his brother again. Jack sassyness didn’t archieve you and the older one really enjoyed this fact.
      “Oh, I’m sorry, Jack.” You said when you saw him pouting and gave him a hug. “I didn’t want to upset you.”
      Jack wasn’t upset with you exactly. He was upset because, with only one sentence, you shushed him. The reason why he always needed to have the last word was the fact that he hated feeling taken down. How could you have such an influence in him? It wasn’t even a super smart answer you gave.
      “He will never be upset with you, Y/N.” Conor teased.
      “Yeah, of course.” You rolled your eyes again. The Maynard brothers were exceptionally silly in that night. As if Jack Maynard would have a crush on you.
      “I couldn’t even if I try.” Jack commented, returning to his old self. The elevator’s doors opened.
      You laughed. “Let’s go, boys.” You started walking to the building’s front door. “The Uber is already here.”
      Jack shrugged his shoulders, giving Conor a side look. This one, for a change, was laughing at the situation of the youngest. “You better work harder at this one.”
      “Thanks for the tip, brother.”
      “Any time.” Conor winked and followed you, finally leaving the elevator.


      You yawned, supporting your head in Jack’s shoulder. I was another night, another club you went together.
      “I’m tired.” You announced, feeling the car’s movements as if you were a baby being put in sleep.
      “I can see that.” He giggled and passed an arm around you.
      “What time is it?”
      “About three.”
      You sighed. “Oh, Jack, we are getting old. Before, we wouldn’t come home until the sun is up.”
      “I guess.” He caressed your arm.
      “The sun is up or go to a stranger’s house.”
      Jack gave a little smirk. “Well, I’m not a stranger, but you can crash my house, Y/N.”
      You laughed loudly. “Thanks, Jack.”


      Jack was chatting to a random pretty girl when he saw you going to the bar, crossing the dance floor.
      “Excuse me for a moment.” Jack asked. “You want something from the bar? I think they gave me the wrong drink.”
      The girl was confused, Jack was half way through the glass. “Yeah, of course.”
      He smiled and walked away, hoping she would be there still when he returned.
      “Hello!” You exclaimed, really happy, when you saw him. “Getting laid tonight, huh Maynard?”
      He giggled. “Hey.”
      Jack ordered a new drink to him and though it was good order something to the pretty girl he was talking to.
      “Y/N.” Jack started talking what he wanted.
      “Come on…”
      “Andrew? Really?” He commented, referring to the guy you were flirting with. “You can do better than that.”
      “Jack!” You exclaimed laughing. “He is cool, he is good looking… Not bad from my point of view.”
      Your friend rolled his eyes. “He is here every bloody weekend, Y/N. It means something you know? He can’t even be at somewhere else because it’s not his field. He can’t play if it isn’t here.”
      You laughed. “Oh my God, Jack! His field? So now you are making movements in his field? Because you’re definitely going home with that chick over there.” You raised an eyebrow.
      “It is not the point, Y/N.”
      “And how you know he’s here every weekend?”
      “He is here every time we come.”
      “So what?” You found everything genuinely funny. “It doesn’t mean a thing.”
      “It says he is insecure, Y/N.” You rolled your eyes.
      “I’m over you, Maynard. I’m going back to my boy over there. You should stop drinking. You sound just like Cosmopolitan article right now.”
      “Is it a good thing?”
      You shrugged your shoulders, smiling as you walked away.


      “I said to you.” Jack said on the Uber in the next week.
      “Shut up.” You told. “Where is your brother anyway?”
      “Getting drunk maybe?”
      Maybe Jack was right, maybe the reason why Andrew was throwing outside the club you called him was that he wasn’t comfortable with the local, maybe you could see his insecurities written all over his face, maybe you were the one you told him that he could get a fresh air because he was turning pale… Maybe you were cursing Jack Maynard with all your strength.
      Any way, it was really nice of Jack accompany you to Andrew’s house so you would be sure he was alright.
      “It’s the next building.” You said to the Uber driver and he stopped the car.       “Come on, Jack.” You called as jumping out of the car.
      “The least I can do is paying you a meal. I know you didn’t had anything to dinner before the club. Something, I must add, really risky of you.”
He smiled and shrugged. “Just living the life on the edge, you know me.” He joked while were slipping through the automobile’s bench.
      You giggled. “Come on, just let me put something more comfortable than this tiny dress and we can go out.”
      “You seem pretty fine to me wearing this tight thing you have going on.” Jack told you. “I actually enjoy that.”
      “Shut up.”


      You were cracking up laughing at something not really that funny Jack said to you. You were so drunk you didn’t care about the sentences you thought were silly.
      “Stop it, I need to pee!” You exclaimed.
      You both were sitting on your living room’s floor, it was still the Andrew threw up night. You two had a few drinks went to dinner and already felt dizzy and, when you got home, you remembered you had some vodka from the last party you gave.
      “You need to pee?” He asked, laughing as much as you.
      “Yes, Jack! I have a bladder just as you do.” You informed as got up.
      “Can I go with you?” He asked getting up too.
      “To pee?” You found that weird.
      “That doesn’t make sense, does it?”
      “No, it doesn’t.”
      “Fine, I will be waiting here.” He told you, nodding his head.
      You were a couple steps away when you fell on the floor. Almost fell, actually. Jack caught you on the air.
      “Someone is drunk!” You giggled.
      “Yes, someone is.” Jack agreed, a little out of breath because your face was really close to his.
      Your eyes met his and you lost the track of your thoughts. They were kind of diluted already because of the alcohol, but Jack’s blue eyes just made things even harder than they were.
      “Jack…” Your heart was racing.
      He swallowed dry. “Yes, Y/N?”
      “Could you, please, kiss me?”
      “Are you sure?” He confirmed, he wanted to guarantee you wouldn’t regret later. You were friends after all, right?
      “Yes, I am.” You smiled. Jack could be really sweet if he wanted to. “Thanks for asking.” You said, drunk.
      “You are welcome.” Was Jack’s sentence before kissing you.

 Part 02


some jimins from twitterrrr~~ [my original tweets] first one was for the bts_69min today with the theme being sweater paws! and lol the other 2 were dumb sketches done at like 3am, chibi jimin telling u to check urself, before u wreck urself. and then the last one was INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS…. sighhh when kookie put his finger on jimin’s chin… all i could hear was.. ‘boop.’

That’s What I Like - Bucky x Reader One Shot

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//NOTE: I haven’t really written in this point of view before, it was kinda difficult, LOL. But It was inspired by the song in bold below, click the link to listen to it while reading. Love you all!//


Bucky walked into the party and looked around. Tony Stark was very well known for his frequent gatherings, but this was the first one he had gone to. Gorgeous women and alcoholic beverages were in abundance, and he saw the other Avengers scattered around the room having a blast.

But this wasn’t his kind of scene. He still hated large crowds and lots of noise, which were the two things this party was made of. But Steve had thought it would be a good idea for him to socialize with some other people, so here he was. “Alright, Buck. Get a drink, say hi - just try, okay?” Steve said, smiling at Natasha, who was across the room, and placing a reassuring hand on Buck’s shoulder. However, when Buck winced at the unanticipated contact, he removed the hand.

“Alright, I will. Thanks Steve,” Bucky mumbled, just loud enough to be audible over the music - That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars. So no one listens to swing anymore? He thought to himself. Everything had changed, it was still odd to him.

His eyes kept trailing aimlessly around the room until they stopped on someone. She was gorgeous in a tight fitting dress with an asymmetrical sleeve. She threw back her head and laughed, and Buck cracked the smallest smile. He wanted to make her laugh more. He turned around to ask Steve who she was, but he was gone. He looked around the room and saw him standing over there by Natasha, laughing at something she said. He began walking over to ask him, and then he remembered what Steve had said. Say hi, he thought to himself. He turned back to the girl.

What do I say to an angel like that? He kept eyeing her and then quickly looked away when her eyes met his and she smiled. He felt a warm feeling traveling through him, butterflies in his stomach, and a blush rising up to his cheeks.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her turn to her friend and then back to him, and then - oh God, she was walking over. Fuck. What to say, what to say? You’re gorgeous? Shit, no, that’s creepy as hell. Come up with something - too late. She was practically in front of him now. “Hello. James, isn’t it?” She said in the kindest voice.

Buck turned to her and immediately gulped. She was even more beautiful up close. He hoped the lighting would conceal the red blooming on his face. “Yeah - but, uh - everyone just calls me Bucky.” He told her, smiling sheepishly. She looked at him in confusion at the mention of his nickname. “My middle name is Buchanan, so everyone just says Bucky or Buck. It’s shorter.”

“Oh. Well my name is (name).” The girl chimed happily, ignoring the obvious awkwardness of the situation. “I saw you looking at me, you know.”

“Oh - shit, sorry, that probably seemed really creepy,” he laughed weakly and returned his gaze from her face to the floor. “I was just - uh… admiring your makeup.” What the fuck Bucky?! That’s not only a lie, it’s weird.

But she just laughed light-heartedly. “My makeup, huh?” She asked, obvious amusement in her voice. “Thanks I guess. Anyway, uh - I’m going to go back to talking with my friend. It was nice talking with you, Bucky.”

She turned away, and Buck watched her as she went back to her friend, walking head held high, never avoiding a gaze. That confidence - God, that was the confidence he wanted. Not only for himself, but also for the woman he ended up being with. And now I scared her off, Bucky thought. I’m such a mess.

A few hours later, the party was still far from over. If anything, there were just more people there… although a lot more were drunk or passed out on the couches in the lounge. Bucky had now made himself comfortable at the bar, and he stared at the ten empty shot glasses in front of him. He raised his fresh glass and downed the 11th. The bartender blinked a few times in amazement. “It’s the serum,” Buck told him. “I can’t get drunk.”

“O - okay. Another?” He asked, and Buck was about to say ‘one more’, but was interrupted.

“Two more, please,”

He knew that voice. He turned and saw the angel from earlier, the one he had supposedly scared off. “Uh - hi. (Name), w - was it?” He stuttered, scratching the back of his neck and summoning up enough courage to offer her a weak smile. Although he wasn’t sure if it was liquid courage or him finally manning up.

“Yeah, (name). And I know your name was Ja - Bucky. Right?” She replied, the beautiful smile on her face never faltering. When Buck nodded quickly, she continued. “I was wondering, after we finish this drink, wanna dance?”

“Wha - me?” Bucky asked, shock taking him over. The bartender tried to conceal a smirk and failed. He backed a step or two away from the counter when Buck shot him a glare. “Uh - why would you want to dance with me?”

“Because I think you’re cute,”

Oh my God, no fucking way. Okay, Bucky calm down, she probably is doing this on a dare. Just… just keep smiling. Laugh a little bit. Turn her down. “Well - uh, I wouldn’t want to step on your toes,” he objected, slapping himself internally. Why was he turning down someone like her?

“Wanna know something? I’m not very good at dancing, either.” She giggled and raised one eyebrow, downing her shot. Buck quickly followed and downed his. “Maybe we could go on a walk instead? It’s really loud in here, my ears need a break.”

“Uh - sure.” Bucky, what are you thinking? You’re can’t walk in awkward silence the entire time. You’ll have to say things… just… oh God, but she’s so amazing. I can’t turn this down.

“Alright, let me just tell my friend I’m gonna be gone for a sec,” she said before hurrying off to where her friend was sitting.

“Okay, I will, too…“ He said to her retreating form.

In a few minutes, Bucky and (name) were out on the streets, the music of the party fading off behind them and the sound of cars honking and motorcycles revving getting louder.

When Bucky had told Steve, Natasha, and Sam why he was leaving, they had all shared a look that said 'oh, wow, he actually got a girl’, but hadn’t said anything except ‘good luck’. Buck now rolled his eyes at the thought. They were so annoying sometimes, but life would be weird without them.

"I’m surprised Mr. Stark doesn’t get in trouble for how loud he plays the music,” (Name) remarked, and then laughed. Buck smiled.

“Well what’re they gonna do, sue Tony Stark? That’s just asking for trouble,” he rolled his eyes thinking about the arrogant being named Tony Stark.

“Yeah, that man is a whole nother thing on it’s own.” She huffed. “But don’t tell him I said that, him being my boss and all. I’m one of his assistants, I’d get fired pronto.”

“My lips are sealed.” Bucky promised, letting out a little laugh. He felt (name) looking at him and stopped to meet her gaze. “What is it, did I say something?” He panicked, taking a step back from her.

“No, no! I was just thinking, your real laugh is really nice,” she calmed him down, reaching up and tucking one of his long brown chin-length locks back behind his ear. “My God, Bucky, why are you so panicky? I bet you a hundred dollars you could get any girl you wanted if you had a little more confidence.”

“I don’t want to get just any girl, though,” Buck smiled a little bit and looked at the ground. (Name) nodded in understanding and grabbed his hand, taking him in surprise. However, he didn’t flinch or move away, her hand intertwined with his was nice… it was his metal one, too… and she didn’t even react to how cold it was. She just kept smiling, her eyes sparkling in the street lights and headlights of cars.

“Come on, let’s go to my apartment. I brought my bag, so I’ve got keys,” she told him. They started moving, but Bucky stopped her. “Hmm?” She asked.

“Why - uh, why would we need to go to your apartment?” He asked nervously. Was she going to try and have sex with him? He wanted it, but he didn’t have a condom, would he have to ask her for one? Oh God, oh God…

“Oh, no, no. I just thought we could watch a movie or something, I’d like to get to know you better, and it’s hard with all of this ambiance,” she told him once she had read the look on his face, raising her hands up. Buck smiled. She looked around, as if nervous someone was watching them, and then whispered, “I also said ambiance because it sounds smarter than noise.”

Bucky lost it at that, letting out his real laugh. He immediately felt a blush raising to his cheeks when he was done laughing. “There’s that laugh,” she said, smiling and putting her hand back in Buck’s metal one. The light pink dusting his face quickly darkened to red, and he hoped she didn’t notice.

“Alright, Mr. Bucky. We have The Lion King, Tangled, The Jungle Book, and Brave. Which one do you want to watch?” (Name) proclaimed when she walked into the living room, holding four DVD cases. Buck smiled.

She had changed into some pajamas, the top having a certain person’s shield on it and the bottoms having some red and white stars on them.

“Aren’t those all Disney movies?” He asked.

“Yeah. So what? I love Disney, I don’t care that I’m an adult.” She laughed, placing them out on the coffee table in front of Bucky and heading to the kitchen. “Now for food!” She pulled out bowls and bags of candy, chips, and some soda cans.

It took her and Bucky a few trips, but soon Cheetos, Doritos, Fritos, (God, they all end with ‘tos’ don’t they?) Skittles, M&Ms, and Hot Tamales were all laid out in bowls on the coffee table. “Presenting you with a feast!” (Name) told Bucky as she set down the last bowl.

Buck laughed. “You’re so cute.” He said, without thinking. He immediately regretted it when he felt the blush rising up to his face. He sighed to himself. Bucky, you’re such an idiot.

“Thanks, you’re cute, too.”

Okay, he should have expected that. After all, she had called him cute before, right? But it was a relief. “Alright, have you decided which movie you want?” She asked, sitting down close to Buck on the couch.

Really close.

Buck’s heart was beating hard. “Uh - uh, Tangled,” he said hurriedly.

Halfway through the movie, (name) had passed out with her head on Bucky’s chest. He had carefully moved her so her head was resting on a pillow and then covered her with a blanket folded over the back of the couch. He turned off the TV and the lamp in the corner of the living room as well as putting the bowls of leftover candy and chips in the kitchen. He was going to leave, but he decided to do something else first.

He found a notepad in the kitchen along with a pen, and he scribbled down something before slipping out of the apartment.

(Name) woke up and looked around. Shit, she had fallen asleep. Where was Bucky? After a drowsy sweep of the apartment, it was obvious that he had left. She sighed. It was a shame, she would have loved to make breakfast for him. She smiled when she saw a sticky note stuck on the fridge.

His number.

At the bottom it said: This is just in case you want to finish watching Tangled with me sometime. Don’t be shy to drop by the tower and ask for me. Sorry for being so awkward, I just get flustered around beautiful girls. - Bucky.

What a sweetheart, she thought as she proceeded to make her breakfast. Once she had laid out some cereal and orange juice for herself, she took her cellphone and entered Buck’s number in carefully. A rather groggy Bucky answered. “Hello, who is this?” He asked.

“(Name). I just wanted to tell you, you’re awkwardness - that’s part of what I like about you. It’s cute,” she said, a smile on her face. Buck couldn’t see it, but he could hear it in her voice.

“Well, maybe I can be a little more awkward with you at dinner tonight?” He asked, nervousness in his voice.

“Of course. I was wondering when you’d ask.”

“Alright. tonight at 6:30, meet me in the lobby of the tower?”


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blank notes

heavily inspired by !

• soulmate au where u only hear some certain musical notes/beats and ur soulmates hears the other ones
• the music is only complete when u two are really near each other
• ur at an event after school at the auditorium that u didnt want to go to but ur friends forced u and theyre playing songs so it just kinda ticks u off bc
• u hated music bc u dont hear everything and it just sounds off all the time
• u sneaked out to get your stuff from ur classroom and go home earlier than everyone else
• u kinda enjoyed seeing the hallways emptier than usual (bc u hate ppl) and decided to walk around
• u happened to pass by the music room which u’ve never gone to bc of the said circumstances and ur like,,,, bit CH is that good music i hear
• u think ur delusional but ur soulmate might just be there and u decided to look inside
• u quietly opened the door then the music suddenly stopped and u thought yeah whatever im just hallucinating bye
• but u hear a mellow but manly voice speak “is someone there??”
• “hi…” u said bc ur a little shy then u slided inside the room and u see him and ur like oh my gof Fuck he’s so cute,,,, and he’s SITTING BY THE PIANO what does this mean
• he stared at u for a moment bc he’s baffled too,, u looked away bc it feels awkward and u dont know what to say. u just cant ask ‘lol r u my soulmate’ bc its too fast and u arent really sure
• “…u can watch if u want to” he said and u said ok then u settled down at the nearest stool even though u wanna go near to make sure that this moment is real but ur a klutz and u dont wanna trip and fall so
• u notice his hands shake as he placed it on the piano. he looked like he’s hesitating to play but he did
• both of u are surprised but he’s obviously more shocked as his eyes are wide open
• ur anxious and dont know what to say so u asked “are u here often to play??” bc if he’s always there then how come you’ve only heard his music now and he answered “no it’s actually my first time playing here. i only play at home” and ur like hmm ok that makes sense,,,
• u take the awkward silence as an opportunity to hear the melody better and ur like wow music has never sounded so good,, i could listen forever
• u looked at how his delicate fingers continued to touch the black and white keys and thought that,,,music is so amazing . u already forgot how much u hated it back at the auditorium
• u saw him smile and it just?? melted u?? bc he looked genuinely happy???
• u feel all mushy inside and bc u have no self control, u asked him “how could u play so good when u could barely hear music?” he halted and changed his facial expression when he heard what u said and u thought oh shit did i say something wrong i dont deserve to have a mouth sometimes
• it took a while for him to say something so ur like, u know what i think i should go but then its all ok bc he smiled AGAIN and u dead fam u all melted inside then he said “it’s just that i.. i feel the rhythm and it’s like i know it by heart. i could not hear music by all means, i feel it instead. and it makes me happy”
• “…i also felt like i could find the missing connection through this. someone who would make me hear all the tunes in the world, and i did. i found you.”
• you’re in awe . u’ve never met someone as passionate as him before and it just,, made u speechless
• he broke the ice and asked “what’s your name?” “..i’m y/n” “i’m jihoon. it’s a great pleasure to finally meet you y/n”
• he plays again, this time with much more enthusiasm. u listen and u realized, ur still in ur own little quiet world, but just better.

heavily inspired by !

You Don’t Own Me ~ smut

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: reader x Dylan O’Brien


Word Count: 6576

A/N: This is really long lol! But I didn’t want to split it so whatevs. This takes place during 2015 SDCC. I’ve never been to one so forgive me if the schedules and other stuff don’t exactly match up. The gif was my inspiration as well as this song. Also, it says “reader” but I had to give the reader a name and y’all know I don’t like doing the Y/N thing. So here you go enjoy the trashy smut!

It all started a year and a half ago, when I moved out to California from Dallas. Holland and I have been friends since we were kids, so when I told her I was moving she was ecstatic. She had just lost her assistant and I needed a job. It was perfect. What’s a better job than getting to hang out with your best friend all day, everyday?

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Stand. (Barry Allen/The Flash Imagine)

You might want to either watch/listen to Grant singing this song on Glee. Because it’s where I’m getting inspiration from lol 

REQUESTS ARE OPEN but I don’t promise to do ever single one as I normally will. 

I hope you enjoy!

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You were fast, but not Barry fast. You couldn’t time travel nor travel through Earths, but you were quick enough to tell when something was up with Barry. You’ve been by his side for the longest time, being turned into a speedster when he was turned. You fought side by side since the beginning. But with Zoom in the picture, it all changed. Zoom was the only other meta-human to ever diminish your hope and break Barry’s spirit. 

You cursed your speed, or lack of, as you ran in slow motion towards Zoom as he broke Barry’s back. You couldn’t move and it was as if you were frozen in time. When you finally reached them, they were gone in a flash of blue lightning. You screamed in a mixture of rage, frustration, and defeat. When Zoom fixated to kill Barry, you begged him to take your life instead until the monster was shot then fled. 

You watched the empty look on Barry’s face as he wheeled around the cortex. The two of you were really close, to the point where the team believed that there was something more between the two of you and truth be told, there was but the two of you never spoke out about it. You both believed it was a matter better left unsaid. “I hate seeing you like this.” You abruptly spoke out causing looks and stares being hurled in your direction. “You’re saying you’re put together but I see how broken you are. I see you, solid and full, but I just see right through you as if you were not even there. I hate seeing the man I love destroyed and not even fighting anymore.” And with that, you ran with orange lightning trailing you. 

You weren’t aware how fast you were going but the next thing you knew, you were in what seemed like an all boy’s private school. You crept into a room with music flooding through it and saw a young Barry Allen dancing and singing, leading a team of boys through a routine. You knew that you were in a different Earth and you knew that maybe this was the speed force’s way of allowing you to help your Barry. And once you heard the song the boy was singing, you knew it was no coincidence. It was wrong to do, but you would bring him right back anyway, but you swooped in and stole the young man, bringing him back to your earth. 

“Barr, can I talk to you?” You whispered as you walked into the empty cortex that only contained a distraught Barry Allen. 

“The man-” He was about to quote and question but you stopped him. 

“You can’t live your life afraid in a chair to confine your fear.” You interrupted him. “You have to Stand.” Barry cocked his head questioning you. “I know you’re scared to… because of Zoom… but I believe that you can beat him. But in order for you to have a victory, you must believe that can be victorious.” 

“(Y/N), I can’t beat him.” Barry croaked out. “It’s impossible.” 

“I knew he took your spirit like he’s draining my hope.” You told Barry. “That’s why I brought him along.” And in came your newly acquainted doppelganger of Barry Allen. “Barry meet Sebastian. Sebastian meet Barry. Take it away, Smythe.” Sebastian gave you a wary look before hesitantly breaking into a song of hope. 

After Sebastian’s performance, Barry looked at you with teary eyes and a small smile. “Thank you.” 

“Stand, you’re gonna run again.” Sebastian encouraged his Earth 1 doppelganger. “If this pretty lady believes in you, you’ve got all the hope in the world.” You and Barry gave the teenager a smile. 

“So?” You questioned Barry, offering a hand. He took it in a tight grasp as he pulled himself up. In a flash of yellow lighting, he took you in his arms bridal style and then he let you down after realizing how close your faces actually were. From the corner of your eye you could see Sebastian smirk.

“I can’t beat him.” Barry sighed. Your smile fell instantly. “Not alone and certainly not without you.” And with that he pulled you into a kiss.