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Where They Wander: Lauren Vasquez
Destination: Bali, Indonesia.

“The thought of me settling, is something I can never see myself fully committing to. I’m going to be that person who has a home in California, a treehouse in Hawaii, and a houseboat in some foreign country.”

Meet Lauren, a 24-year-old adventure seeker from Indiana who has visited 12 different countries this year, solo! And no, she’s not planning on stopping anytime soon! We chatted with Lauren right after she hopped off the plane from her recent trip to Bali, Indonesia to talk about her dreamy travels, favorite moments, and what she can’t travel without.

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An update from Hillary:

Friend –

First of all, thank you. To have your support in this next venture means so much to me. Onward Together is the true culmination of a great deal of thinking and listening over the last few months, and I’m excited to continue sharing our work with you.

It’s been amazing to watch what the groups Onward Together is uplifting have been up to – from recruiting thousands of young people to run for office to organizing at town halls across the country. I wanted to make sure you knew all the good they were doing, so I’ll be passing on updates every once in a while.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of traveling, seeing family, and making edits to my next book, which is my most personal yet. It’s a book about what happened in the 2016 election, what we can learn from it, and what we can all do now. But even more than that, it’s a book about resilience – about getting knocked down and getting back up. I can’t wait for you to be able to read it in September, and I look forward to seeing many of you across the country this fall.

I also had the a chance to see Wonder Woman finally, and it was just as inspirational as I’d suspected a movie about a strong, powerful woman in a fight to save the world from international disaster would be.

I hope you’re all enjoying your summers, and that you get a chance to relax with the people you love. Thank you, again, for your continued support. I can’t do any of this work without you. This team is one I’ll always be proud to be a part of – I hope you will, too.




I never got the chance to do this but I now have time away from school so here it goes….

I get a lot of heat sometimes about me loving taylorswift so much, I get the typical jokes of she dates too many dudes or that all her songs sound the same, that she was so much better when she was country and sometimes I don’t even feel like arguing with people about this subject, not because I think they are true but because they don’t understand it all. Taylor has made such an impact on girls around the world it really is inspiring to see someone that is an actual role model that they can look up too. But what people don’t know is that she doesn’t cater to just girls. Yes I message her about my life, my day, my love life, what I think she should perform. This is where some more heat comes in… people saying she wont recognize you because you are a dude or that it is a waste of time because she has billions of those messages so what makes mine so special to Taylor but that’s not what matters. It is that fact that I can write to someone I do look up to someone who I see as a visionary and someone who can change and still be true to herself no matter what… It is the fact that I feel comfortable telling her the most personal stories and experiences or knowing there is a chance she read it an smiled to herself thinking how many people, male or female, lives that she touched. So when in Santa Clara on night two of the 1989 tour Taylor said, “I get messages from girls…. and sometimes boys…” it doesn’t matter if there were a million other guys in the world that messaged her or anything of that nature it was the fact that she said it in general that made me feel that I was important that I should be able to tell her anything and that she may read them. I felt it was a personal thing that Taylor and I shared even though I was further away then everyone in the pit ot B stage

So I guess all in all I just want to say to everyone that never let what others say get to you yes it will be irritating and sometimes it can be very frustrating but as long as you know that Taylor is listening, reading, watching whatever you post that is all that really matters… and to Taylor I just want to say you are doing an amazing job at what you do and you should never give up… always keep your head held high and your fans screaming louder and louder cause we love you every single one of us no matter what gender or anything else <3

thanks for hearing me out,


P.S sorry for my yelling it can be a little obnoxious but in all honesty it is Taylor so you kind of had to expect that :) 


Ok so I really need to make an statement after seeing all those comments saying: “I’m afraid is Dirty Work” “ATL are sellouts now” “so mainstream I wish they release something like The Party Scene or SWIR”

Like please shut up, everytime they release something I see comments like this, they are growing up, years go by, they don’t like the same shit that they do when they were 17, like for godsake nothing in the world was the same it is, they are artists pushing themselves out of the box they like to try new things and not stay in the nostalgia like the way you’d like them to sound.

The 3 songs so far doesn’t sound nothing like Dirty Work, these sound fresh and reinvented like nothing else before, besides DW being the most hated record, the guys are proud of it besides it flawed multi-production it has some solid songs and want it or not, if it had received the right marketing and promotion, it would have been a hit for them back when it was released.

Now they are trying something new, something that can sound different, yes they release Don’t Panic and that’s really the rawest ATL ever, but this band has always have a guilty pleasure for Pop songs and you are definitely deaf if you call yourself a fan and can’t notice this, if you see they have more pop songs than rock or punk ones, because that’s what they like to do.

If you have met them or read their social networks you cam see how excited they were during the whole process of making these new songs and were happy as hell, so imagine the bummer that it is for them seeing all those crappy comments on something that they put all the effort in the world to do and that they are proud of, if you don’t like it don’t listen to it anymore.

To end this, they aren’t sellouts they are doing what they love not being forced by someone, they are inspired by what they listen to actually they get inspirations from their surroundings that being a TV show or Radio music, they do this for a living of course they want to win more money, for example if you work for 10 usd would you do it all your life for that amount or would you try to win more? Of course more! That’s what all the bands want to win more money and to know more countries, tour more, etc and this is a band that wants to go throught that but by doing always what they love not by what people want them to be, that’s the reason they are my favorite band.

Sorry for all this big text, for whoever cares to read it, i just thought it needed to be said or written.

Bird of Passage

Originally posted by semiconductorwave

character: you x chanyeol

genre: angst, minor fluff idk

warning: nah

a/n: in which tour life gets hard and all chanyeol wants is to be by his girl’s side. it was actually inspired by some personal experiences and emotions while being miles away from my loved ones for a period of time. enjoy!

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Happy Birthday Chyler
Happy Birthday Chyler

Hello Chy!

Our podcast was inspired by “Your Stripes Are Beautiful” and we hope you feel as good listening to this as we felt hearing your words.

You are a truly magnificent and special human being. People like you become essential while some of us are inserted in a bad environment and surrounded by those who don’t really understand us. We get to be inspired by you, to use your words as an example, to feel comfortable, loved and hopeful. To have hope and to know that you matter is very important at times when things seem like they’re never gonna get better. It’s a discussion that you’ve started that NEEDS to be happening.

You are literally saving lives and helping to break a mindset that makes a lot of us feel like we’re not worthy of attention or care.

Imagine us, as teenagers, hearing one of the people we love the most saying things like “you are unique”, “you matter”, “your stripes are beautiful” and “be true to yourself”? It’s needless to say that it’s a really big deal. And the most amazing thing, is that you get to be a comforting voice as yourself and also as the character you play. You’ve heard this like a million times but Alex is a reflection of so many people. She and her storyline are everything LGBT youth needed, specially because we’re living in such a complicated moment in the world right now and also misrepresentation on TV can be extremely hurtful to those who count on these characters to feel represented and real. 

Even things that don’t seem that big, like moments when you say “lesbian” aloud on interviews and treat it in the most natural way possible and not like a dirty word, are a great deal to us. It’s refreshing and it’s progress. Another thing that is amazing is that you unite people. Us girls met because we all had one thing in common: we are your fans. But it just happens that we are alike in so many ways and we struggle with a lot of similar stuff. Because of that, we created this group and connected through experiences, struggles and our appreciation of you, even though we live all around Brazil, a huge country. We help each other and lift each other up all the time, getting past a lot of insecurities that don’t heal easily. If it wasn’t for you, we would have very few people to count on or maybe nobody at all.

You’re kind, strong, graceful, inspiring, loving, compassionate, extremely beautiful inside and out and we could go on forever with positive adjectives. These are some reasons why, Chyler Leigh, you are an essential human being and special at an indescribable level. We admire and value you more than you can even imagine. Thank you for being a huge part of our lives and for changing everything for us. We love you and will always support you in every single thing you do. We hope you have an amazing day along with your lucky family and friends!

Happy Birthday Chy!!!

by: iChylers

Written by Fernanda @fireworkng and edited by Julia @itzjuliareis 

Sofia - @maiasneptune
Amanda - @clumsymandi
Giovanna - @dnvrsmaggie
Melissa - @karadanvxrz
Isabela - @maggiesawyerrs
Milena - @chylergirl
Milena - @parrillachyler
Leticia - @swpergurl
Leticia - @sanverslima
Clara - @chyIersgrey
Fernanda - @fireworkng
Gabriela - @fucrksociety
Laura - @amysantiagx
Luanna - @undergroundxr
Vitoria - @lilgaydanvers
Ana Tereza - @harleyquyn
Luana - @luvbcast
Isadora - @izlightwd
Gabriella - @schrbxtsky
Amanda - @chyleighr
Isadora - @isadkns
Julia - @itzjuliareis

Life's Lemons (a song inspired by Passenger)

I’m trying so hard
But I’m still not getting far
It’s like I’m going ‘cross the country
When I haven’t got a car
I’m eating all the lemons
That life constantly throws
'Cause I don’t have time for lemonade
And that’s just how it goes

You see, I want to travel the world
But I’m staying in one place
Yeah, I’m standing at the starting line
Watching the world race
And I’d love to do it all
Oh, but don’t you recall
That I still haven’t even got a car

Maybe I’m getting nowhere
Because I don’t know where I’m going
So I’m walking back and forth
Hesitant and never knowing
If I’ll ever get somewhere
Or if I’ll spend my whole life pacing
Afraid of dipping my toes in water
'Cause who knows what fish I’m facing

But I swear I’m not fearful,
I’m just not exactly daring
And the more that I keep trying
The less that I start caring
If only I could drive away
Forget it all just for a day
But I still haven’t even got a car

Oh, oh, what can I do
When there’s no way to start new
Or freeze time and wait 'til it’s right
But this time a fish might just bite

Fake it 'til you make it, they say
So I’ll say I’m optimistic
Maybe I don’t need a car
I guess walking’s more simplistic
And the next time life throws lemons
Maybe I’ll have time to make a pie
But whatever I do, I will live
I won’t let life pass me by


About - Ask - Masterposts

Good morning tumblr ! We wish this new month will treat you all very well ! Are you ready for a new Ffic Fest ???

The weather might not always act accordingly but summer is getting close ! And in many countries the first day of summer is also the day of a very special festival. Also, to be all ready for that celebration we decided this fest’s theme will be …


Indeed, who doesn’t like music ? It’s something we all love, even Lune makes no exception in this… well, maybe quieter than for the rest of us.

With so many musicians in Saint Seiya we thought this could be the occasion to give them some spotlight. So shuffle your favorite playlist for inspiration and keep the links of the songs/pieces you will use handy.

Now here comes


If you wish to take part of the challenge please send us an ask/IM/fanmail with the following : 

1. Character(s) : you can choose one to three characters (don’t have to be musicians in canon)
2. Scenery/Context : where the story takes place or what will the characters do (ex : concert, music lesson, discovering a new genre/instrument, forming a band,  …)
3. Instrument : will be used or at least mentioned in the drabble. Choirs and singing included. (PS : Did you know some people list as much as 1500 different instruments all over the world ? You have a lot of space to be creative here ;) )
4. Music : either a whole genre or a specific band/musician/singer/compositor, or a even a specific song/piece. The writers will build their work around this or at least inspire themselves from it. (Ex : Opera, Luciano Pavarotti,  Rachmaninov, traditional korean music, Joshua Bell, baroque, ect )

Send your packages before : May 7, Sunday, 11pm (gtm -6:00)

Show day : May 26, Friday

POST YOUR WORK WITH THE FOLLOWING INFO (whether you participate or not in the challenge) Even if it is a link to another webpage.
Universe: [ AU or SS U ]
*Category: Is it angst, romance, friendship…
*Plot Summary: A short description of your story.

Please, keep reading to know the rules and some very important points!!

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So in honor of my birthday and Christmas/New Years, as well as me surpassing my 400th follower, here is a gift from me to you. Here are 10 plots inspired by BADLANDS by Halsey. (because who doesn’t love halsey?)


In a dystopian country, Muse A is a member of the upcoming resistance who has been tasked to kidnap one of the political leaders’ child, Muse B. To everyone’s surprise, Muse B goes willingly, tired of the regime for its illusion of peace and compromise to the other nations.

Muse A is incredibly wary of Muse B and even jealous of all the attention they’re getting back at base. Muse A was supposed to have stories to tell the others about swooping in and taking Muse B as hostage for their cause, but now it’s all to dust with Muse B taking all the glory for giving intel to the resistance. Whether Muse B is actually on the side of the resistance or a mole to report back to the regime is up to the players.


Muse A is a new student at Muse B’s high school. Both are seniors and Muse A is rather reluctant to make an effort to participate in school activities because they’ll be gone next year for college anyway. Muse B is class president, team captain, and an officer for three different clubs. Because of their outstanding social standing in school, Muse B is tasked with showing Muse A around school.

Over the next few months, Muse A and Muse B grow closer and have become best friends. They spend virtually all of their time together, from school to studying to hanging out at each other’s house on the weekends. Now Muse A thinks of Muse B as home, but they each got accepted into schools on opposite sides of the country.


Muse A and Muse B have just graduated from high school. While in the same friend group through school, Muse A and Muse B have not been as close with one another as they are with the others. When the rest of their friends make plans for the summer traveling with family or taking up internships in the city, Muse A and Muse B are left to hang out together the few months before leaving for university.

Over time, Muse A and Muse B grow incredibly fond of each other after spending so much time together. They soon realize they have feelings for one another, and decide to pursue a relationship, even though Muse A will be going away for school. How they deal with the eventual separation is up to the players.


Muse A has just moved into their new house an find that it is haunted by Muse B. A kind soul, Muse B only appears to Muse A, seeing as Muse A has moved into Muse B’s old bedroom. At first, Muse A is apprehensive towards Muse B, but Muse A eventually warms up to Muse B and forms a friendship with the spirit.

Muse B is looking for closure in the form of solving their murder. About twenty years ago, Muse B was kidnapped and their family was left clues as to Muse B’s whereabouts and what was happening to Muse B at the time. It’s up to Muse A to find what happened to Muse B’s body in order for their friend to go on.


Muse A and Muse B are best friends that have been incredibly close for years. Muse A is completely in love with Muse B and thinks that Muse B shares these feelings after the two drunkenly kissed each other at a party. Muse A starts letting their feelings get in the way of the two being friends–getting jealous whenever Muse B “looks” at another person, over-analyzing whatever Muse B says in regards to them and thinking that every time they go out together is an unspoken date.

Muse B is oblivious to it all, thinking that the kiss the two shared made things weird between their friendship. Soon, Muse B begins actually dating someone else and Muse A is left in shambles. Heartbroken, Muse A starts to pull away from their friend and what happens next is up to the players.


As part of a bet with their friends, Muse A, a brash delinquent type, goes after the seemingly innocent and timid, Muse B. At first Muse A plays the act well, after all, it is $500 to take Muse B to bed and make them fall in love with Muse A. But while getting to know Muse B on their dates, Muse A falls in love with them.

However, unbeknownst to Muse A, Muse B knew about the bet and has been playing Muse A the whole time. Insulted and angry, Muse B plans to use the fact that Muse A is in love with them to get revenge on Muse A and their friends because another person’s being and feelings should never be a game.


Muse A and Muse B were once in a very passionate relationship until Muse B had to leave suddenly and broke Muse A’s heart. A couple years later with no contact with one another, Muse B shows up unannounced at Muse A’s doorstep claiming to be back for good and with a mission to take Muse A back.

Unfortunately, Muse A had moved on from their relationship and was now dating someone else, though the relationship is more because of a safe choice since Muse B. Though Muse A keeps insisting that they have a new significant other to love, seeing Muse B around just reminds them off all of the good times they’ve had regardless of their break up.


Muse A is an A.I. android who was set to be disassembled for being ‘defective’ in initial screenings. However, before Muse A could be shut down permanently, an assembly operations manager uploaded artificial memories into Muse A’s software and set them free. Muse A does not realize that they are an android and lives their life out with a full human drive to experience what the world has to offer.

A year after Muse A’s introduction to the world, they run into Muse B, a programmer at the company that builds androids similar to Muse A. While the newer android models are updated and are different from Muse A’s original manufacture, Muse B can still recognize Muse A’s design. Muse B approaches Muse A and after a very awkward encounter full of asking questions Muse A has no idea how to answer seeing as Muse A didn’t know they were an android, reveals to Muse A what they really are. What happens next is up to the players.


Muse A is a thousand-year-old demon who has been bound to Muse B, a human, when they were 14 years old to save their life from a terminal illness. Their relationship is symbiotic. Muse A uses Muse B’s mortal form as a tether to the physical world and often wreaks havoc as Muse B, while Muse B can only stay alive because of their bond to one another.

While Muse A is not a physical being, because they are bonded to Muse B, Muse B is able to see them separately from their own body. After years of sharing a body together, Muse A has become a bit overprotective of Muse B, and may be a bit jealous whenever Muse B spends time with other people. Muse B, on the other hand, is still not used to being pushed side whenever Muse A pleases, and has chastised Muse A many, many times for it, however Muse B has found a strange companionship in Muse A.


Muse A is the delinquent kid your parents always warned you about crossing. Muse B is the promising ingenue your parents called up to babysit you. No one would have known that after graduation, Muse B would be caught up in Muse A. Not only are they dating, but Muse A and Muse B have become accustomed to robbing banks and mugging people at gunpoint.

The two have a Bonnie and Clyde stint going, and have been running away from the cops that the ties of the small town they were both from. But while Muse A and Muse B are currently at the top of their game, Muse B finds out that their beloved father had recently died. Grief stricken, Muse B wants to go back home if only for a few hours to witness their father’s funeral, however Muse A won’t let them go, thinking it’ll be too easy for the feds to catch them there.

i-am-a-bluestocking  asked:

What kinds of landscapes inspire you the most? Where would you like to travel? Is there any specific country, which landscapes inspire you the most? (I love your work❤)

Thank you!! gosh…all kinds!! the world itself is full of so many beautiful, unique, wonderful places…and i get a little inspiration from all of it! From places I have visited and places I have yet to see!!

I have lotsa places I still wanna travel…..haha….if anything to just be able to see the scale of things with my own eyes again. I wanna revisit Austria, the castles nestled in between vast mountains….oh and Lake Como for sure….I’d love to go to Italy again.too…and scotland once again..but there’s lotsa places I still havent seen!

like…I wanna see the French countryside with its sleepy towns and rolling hills….the lavender fields…. the small towns of spain….the Alps…the frigid landscapes of Norway and Iceland….the cool northern mountain villages of Hokkaido with cool lakes tucked in everywhere….Australia’s vast red deserts and gorgeous (and terrifying) reefs…Nepal’s mountain towns tucked into cliffsides…..canada’s swaths of wilderness and forests…

….but there are places in the US I wanna see too! I wanna see the Grand Canyon….Monument Valley..imposing skyscrapers made of stone…yellowstone park…..i wanna see the milky way without any light pollution and get vertigo from looking skyward…I wanna see Colorado again, the Rocky mountains..get sunburnt from the bright reflection of the white snow on my face….    I wanna see the upper pennisula of michigan once more…in the fall where the leaves are as red as fire but the air is cool crisp and clear…pictured rocks on top of fresh clear water…the redwood forests of california…the salt flats that create giant sky mirrors…

…..oh man sorry. I rambled hahaha….and that’s just the start!!! There’s so many more places I could name…but I get inspiration from so many places i could ramble for hours hahaha….

I guess the landscape of earth inspires me most of all!!

This is the album. This is the seminal Shania Twain album. This is the album that you give out if anybody asks you to give them the best Shania Twain album. It’s got the best songs, it’s got the best arrangements, it spent so long at the top of the charts for a reason. It spawned twelve singles, three re-releases, nine music videos, and countless official and unofficial remixes. Twain won four Grammys due to that album as well as multiple other awards. As of October 2014, Come On Over is the best selling country music album of all time. It deserves every single one of those accolades.

Come On Over is country-pop perfection, a wonderful blend of songs that takes country music and elevate it to the Top 40 level, while still managing to maintain traces of country music standards in instrumentation, lyrical content, and arrangement. To continue the Taylor Swift comparisons that I’ve made/will be inevitably considering that they’re both massive influences on the country-pop genre, this is Twain’s Red. The Woman in Me is her Fearless, both albums that experiment with pushing the country genre, with pop remixes as well as the released country. (The analogy falls apart there, because in no way is Up! comparable to Swift’s 1989. But more on that later.)

The album bounces between more pop inspired tracks (“That Don’t Impress Me Much”) and more country tracks (“Love Gets Me Every Time”–with possibly the best chorus out of all Twain’s songs) and yet it never seems schizophrenic. It all seamlessly fits together, flitting from one track to the next, making a cohesive whole.  Come On Over is one of the best country albums out there, and deserves every accolade it gets.

at-home-with-my-cat  asked:

hi! i'm just entering to your giveaway and first of all i wanted to say that this is really sweet from you ♡ (sorry! i'm doing this because i couldn't write on the post when i reblogged it and either send you a message so) btw ... i'm Rebeca from Uruguay and i wish i could win any of this as here in my country i can't get merch. even when i try to get merch i just can't afford them. #sad. ++ have a nice day xxx

Thank you so much for replying! I love hearing people’s stories, and hearing about the struggles of international swifties with merch and things like the target magazines has inspired me do so another giveaway just for international swifties. It will probably be mid January, after I get my check, so I’ve noted all the blogs that have replied saying they’re international and have trouble so I can tag you all when the giveaway post goes up! Be checking for the post (and me tagging you in it) sometime in December. Good luck with the current giveaway! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Here you’ll find a directory to different categories, which lead to a total of #84 different songs all about l-o-v-e. Most of them are unpopular/older, but there are a few classics/still-on-the-radio kind of songs in the mix. All lists were made by yours truly! Whether you’re looking to get into new music or to get into a fluffy mood, you should find something you like down here.

Likes/reblogs are most appreciated; I love making these kind of things and have a ton of ideas for future ones, so letting me know you like them would inspire me to create more! Note: The lyrics are all romantic, though that doesn’t mean the entire rest of the song is. 

To listen to song, click on the heart next to the title.

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Good Night

Fandom: Fairytail

Ship Title: Gajevy/Gale

Rating: T for language and fluff

A.N.: Hello everyone! I thought I’d give you something to read cause I don’t know when or even “if” I will make a chapter 2 for the other fanfic I most recently posted, titled Beginnings and Ends. So here some fluffy stuff instead. :) You all seem to like that better than my angsty writing anyways.

So I was listening to the radio and I rediscovered one of my favourite songs and my obsessed brain immediately pictured my lovely OTP in it’s story…. So yeah. Go check out the song because I cannot take credit for most of this story. All I did was add some Gajevy and write it…yeah. You all get it. ^ ^’ Hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairytail or it’s characters. This is based on and inspired by the song “(Kissed You) Good Night” by the country band “Gloriana”. Some lines are quotations taken from the song as well.


Why the hell didn’t I kiss her?

I stare at my keys hanging from the ignition in the ‘on’ position but I can’t make myself take my foot off the brake.

The night had gone well. -Fuck that! It went fantastic! I can’t remember the last time I’ve ever felt so good. We’d had fun and I may actually have a memory to hold on to instead of all the ones I try to push away. 

Except for the ending. I should have kissed her.

So why the fuck didn’t I kiss her!?! My hands tightens on the steering wheel of my truck till my knuckles turn white.

I glance up and out my window at her door. The porch light is off and her house looks asleep. My eyes travel around to the other windows but its too dark to see anything in them. One of my hand releases its grip on the worn steering wheel and reaches for my door handle, hovering over it as I hesitate.

An image of the bluenette pops into my head from only a couple minutes ago with the look of disappointment on her face that I hope I hadn’t imagined. As soon as I had started to walk away she’d turned and rushed into her house.

This was my first date with her and probably my last. My dog tags weigh heavy around my neck suddenly. I’m being shipped out in the morning.

I should have asked her sooner. I’d been watching her all summer trying to find an opportunity but I probably wouldn’t have found one if my friend hadn’t forced me to. Calling me a coward if I didn’t. I ain’t a coward….So why didn't I kiss her!?

Gritting my teeth I put my hand back on the wheel and put the truck in gear. I start to roll forward away from her driveway, pulling back out onto the road from the curb.

“Goodnight Gajeel” Her soft voice whispers to me from my memory. 

I slam my foot onto the brake and the truck halts. I take a deep breath and strengthen the courage that I’d mustered up.

If I ain’t gonna see her again, I’m gonna make sure she won’t ever forget me. I throw the shifter back into park and open my door. Not stopping to think about what the hell I’m doing, I jump out of the driver’s seat and run through the yard and up the steps to her porch.


I stare through the window at the black truck parked out front. I can’t see inside the cab but I know he started the engine.

“Don’t go.” I whisper the words to the window glass. It fogs slightly at my breath then clears again.

Why hadn’t he kissed me?

Was I not clear enough that I wanted him to? Did he not want to? We’d had so much fun together all night. I felt so happy. I was so sure he was happy too. Was he not?

The grandfather clock chimes to me from its spot in the hall. 12:15. A little after midnight. My hand clutches the white lace curtains at my side when the brake lights go out.

Why didn’t he kiss me?

I try to ignore the feeling of hurt that pushes it’s way up when his truck pulls away from the curb. Would this be the last time I’d see him? I’d been crushing on him all summer and the idiot finally asked me out the day before he leaves.

Should I wait? Does he care? Would he die? Questions swirl in my head in and overwhelming feeling of sadness encompasses them all but I refuse to let myself cry.

My breath catches in my throat when I see the truck stop suddenly. His door flies open and he gets out. Without closing it, he’s running back up the walk towards my door. Before I can register what I’m doing, I’m rushing back to the front door too.

I flip the lock and swing the door open. He’s standing there with his hand raised to knock but it falls back to his side. We’re both breathing a little bit harder than normal and staring at each other.

Then suddenly he moves forward with his intent clear in his eyes. I step up on my tiptoes and tilt my head up. He leans down and brings his face to mine. My eyes close as our lips touch and I see fireworks. It’s light at first then gains strength and he pushes me up against the wall behind me, deepening the kiss. One of his hand comes up and holds my head at the base of my skull, his fingers mingling with my blue hair. The other wraps around me, resting against the small of my back. The passion is hot and my face must be flushed but I don’t care. Butterflies flutter in my stomach. My hands find the front of his shirt and I fist my hands in it, pulling him closer. I don’t know how long it last. All I know is I don’t want it to end.

When he pulls away we’re both breathless. He doesn’t release his hold on me and I don’t let go of him either. His amazing red eyes search deep into mine and his normally scowling mouth is pulled into a breathless smile.

“Goodnight Shorty.” He grins.

And it really is a good night.

Now that he’s kissed me.


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Obviously we’re all here for the same reason. We’re all here because we love the place that we call home and we’re passionate supporters of the woman who we believe is going to protect and really embolden this place we call home, right? So, one of the things that I am the most in awe of when it comes to Secretary Clinton is her record on the way that she’s supportive, not only of women and girls, but education, all of our rights here in America. I know that for me and for so many of you, the things that we are succeeding at in life are most likely due to our education opportunities and it’s the reason that my parents came here. It’s the reason that my father emigrated from Canada. It’s the reason my grandmother came over on a boat from Italy when she was little. And they were welcomed into this country with open arms because they wanted to build that American dream for their family, for my family and I love living here. I love being a child of immigrants and living in a country that has afforded me those opportunities and so many of us. And as I travelled around the world, and I work on education issues for girls, I work with the ‘Girl Project’. We’re attempting to make sure that the fifteen million girls around the world, who don’t have access to secondary school education, get it. The thing that I am most stroked by in any country is a very easily perceivable difference. And the difference is either a country is run on love or fear. And the countries around the world that run on love succeed. Every person, every citizen of those countries are doing better. And the ones that run on fear are terrorized and marginalized and are not succeeding. And so when I look at a person who wants to make our country a fearful reality show contest, that wants to make us enemies of every one that we see as being our partners, our supporters, and then put all of us and all of our children in a position of being citizens living with the ramifications of fear… I can’t be silent about it. And I turn and then look at Hilary, who has loved and dedicated herself to this country for decades, who has worked so hard in the face of being marginalized, called names by guys like the guy I’m talking about, and she just wants all of us to do well and her record proves it, and her passion proves it, and her dedication proves it. And we’re in it, right? We’re in the fight, so we’ve got to make sure that everybody gets out there and votes. I know that you’ll all get out there and vote. You gotta tell ten people you know and love to get out and vote because now is the time that we continue to be a country that actually supports the American dream, a country that actually loves its citizens and the rest of the planet and we do that by voting ‘cause if you don’t, you’re voting for the other guy. Thank you all so much for coming.

True colors (part 9 - final)

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My lovelies! It’s finally here :’O ! I do hope it’s not too rushed because I’m very happy with it, especially the end :) Thank you @janedoefromhere for replacing my missing beta to proof-read this one :D Thank you also to you all for your support on this story, you girls are the best. Hope you all like it!

Finn wants to make love to Rae. He thinks about it every second of every day ever since she gave her body to him on the previous day. He’s already planning it all out in his head, knowing this has to be special. It has to be all about her, her beauty, the lust she inspires to him. It can’t happen at Chloe’s country house of course, so Finn will have to wait for another occasion. But in a way, it gives him more time to plan it all out. The first problem is getting rid of his mother and Leo for the night, so he can enjoy Rae’s delicious body fully.

“Mom…” Finn leans against the door the day he’s come back from his week-end in France.

Mary turns around, surprised to see him and not out with Leo, playing in the sunshine.

“Yes baby? Everything alright?” She raises one eyebrow.

Finn gives her a warm smile.

“Oh. You want something, don’t you?” Mary rolls her eyes and turns fully to him. “Come on, spit it out.”

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In Your Face and on the Road with @muhdhidayatullah

To see more of his powerful portraits, follow (@muhdhidayatullah) on Instagram.

You’d never guess from his up-close-and-personal portraits that Muhammad Hidayatullah (@muhdhidayatullah) is completely self-taught. “All that I have to do is to immerse myself into the moments around me,” the 26-year-old photographer and filmmaker from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, says. “I believe we all have some special stories that can be inspiring to others.” He studied architecture in school, but Muhammad is currently on the third of a five-year project in India, capturing the spirit and essence of life in the country for his first travel photography book, Beyond Borders.

The idea of getting so close and interacting with people may be intimidating to some, but not Muhammad — he loves seeing how people react to his camera. “Most of the time people will smile at me and laugh while taking their pictures,” he says.


Venezuelan protest in Madrid’s Plaza de Colon against the injustices of Maduro’s government. I was lucky enough to talk my way into the press area without any credentials. 

When Venezuelans get together, it’s always a party. There was music, typical chants, jokes, and singing of the national anthem. The scene was energetic and inspiring. My favorite part was one guy continually yelling, “Donde esta el viejo con las arepas?” (Where’s the old man selling arepas) throughout the whole rally. It all just reminded me of home. I miss it.

I love Venezuela and all I want is the best for my family, my friends, and my country. I don’t want to see it destroy itself because of the government's stupidity and inefficiency. We deserve better. Venezuela was a beautiful and prosperous country once, where one didn’t have to worry your family about being kidnapped, murdered, or abused my corrupt governments. We deserve better than that.

Being so far away from my family, I continually hope for change. There must be a way. And we will all stand together until that change happens.

Venezuela, you are not alone. Although we are far away, we still love you.

Venezuela somos todos. 


Don, Jeana, Sawyer, and Max greeted us in Manitou with some habanero hot wings. Now I am shitting fire. Soon after we crossed from Kansas into Colorado today the temp dropped into the 50s so when I went to pump gas I put on my hoodie for the first time in weeks.
Turns out, after all the pains in my ass, my license and Amex were in my hoodie pocket all along and not stolen with my fannypack. The night before my stuff had been taken I played outside at Warren Wilson. We didn’t check into the hotel until after the show. I was cold and tired and probably just put that stuff in my pocket and went up to bed. It was hot out the next day and every day…until today. So my hoodie was just balled up in the van that whole time.
Even though there were huge inconveniences I am glad I thought they were gone. Things went very differently than they would have otherwise. We would have taken a different route. I would have just replaced my iPhone and kept burying my face in it. I wouldn’t have bought some crappy phone that is so annoying to use that I don’t even want to use it. I have even stopped GPSing. I have been using my old atlas and my keen sense of direction. I drive through towns and take twists and turns. And I don’t let some lady tell me which way I have to go or how fast it should take. I am remembering roads and routes and landmarks instead of just mindlessly following the voice. I don’t need all the info and advice and answers and games and songs and reviews of everything and blahblahblah at my fingertips at all times. In a lot of ways all those “conveniences” were making me stupid. Being constantly connected was making me be disconnected and isolated.
I see that now.
Over the past couple of weeks Panda and I have talked about how stuff is just stuff. How life is soooo precious. And how, even if other people might be disappointed, it is okay to do what you need to do to take care of yourself. Sometimes you have to say “I’m sorry but I really need to be with my peeps right now” and, guiltlessly, go to where your peeps are.
This whole zany trip has helped me more present and more grateful. It’s been such a gift.
Turns out I didn’t need a phone full of Bob Marley songs to get some soul searching done after all . Since the phone with all the music in it has been gone I have exclusively been listing to New Country on the radio. I haven’t been so inspired in years.
It was a test.
I was tested.
And I passed.
Now I am (still) pooping in this bathroom that I love (again).