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I never got the chance to do this but I now have time away from school so here it goes….

I get a lot of heat sometimes about me loving taylorswift so much, I get the typical jokes of she dates too many dudes or that all her songs sound the same, that she was so much better when she was country and sometimes I don’t even feel like arguing with people about this subject, not because I think they are true but because they don’t understand it all. Taylor has made such an impact on girls around the world it really is inspiring to see someone that is an actual role model that they can look up too. But what people don’t know is that she doesn’t cater to just girls. Yes I message her about my life, my day, my love life, what I think she should perform. This is where some more heat comes in… people saying she wont recognize you because you are a dude or that it is a waste of time because she has billions of those messages so what makes mine so special to Taylor but that’s not what matters. It is that fact that I can write to someone I do look up to someone who I see as a visionary and someone who can change and still be true to herself no matter what… It is the fact that I feel comfortable telling her the most personal stories and experiences or knowing there is a chance she read it an smiled to herself thinking how many people, male or female, lives that she touched. So when in Santa Clara on night two of the 1989 tour Taylor said, “I get messages from girls…. and sometimes boys…” it doesn’t matter if there were a million other guys in the world that messaged her or anything of that nature it was the fact that she said it in general that made me feel that I was important that I should be able to tell her anything and that she may read them. I felt it was a personal thing that Taylor and I shared even though I was further away then everyone in the pit ot B stage

So I guess all in all I just want to say to everyone that never let what others say get to you yes it will be irritating and sometimes it can be very frustrating but as long as you know that Taylor is listening, reading, watching whatever you post that is all that really matters… and to Taylor I just want to say you are doing an amazing job at what you do and you should never give up… always keep your head held high and your fans screaming louder and louder cause we love you every single one of us no matter what gender or anything else <3

thanks for hearing me out,


P.S sorry for my yelling it can be a little obnoxious but in all honesty it is Taylor so you kind of had to expect that :) 

Life's Lemons (a song inspired by Passenger)

I’m trying so hard
But I’m still not getting far
It’s like I’m going ‘cross the country
When I haven’t got a car
I’m eating all the lemons
That life constantly throws
'Cause I don’t have time for lemonade
And that’s just how it goes

You see, I want to travel the world
But I’m staying in one place
Yeah, I’m standing at the starting line
Watching the world race
And I’d love to do it all
Oh, but don’t you recall
That I still haven’t even got a car

Maybe I’m getting nowhere
Because I don’t know where I’m going
So I’m walking back and forth
Hesitant and never knowing
If I’ll ever get somewhere
Or if I’ll spend my whole life pacing
Afraid of dipping my toes in water
'Cause who knows what fish I’m facing

But I swear I’m not fearful,
I’m just not exactly daring
And the more that I keep trying
The less that I start caring
If only I could drive away
Forget it all just for a day
But I still haven’t even got a car

Oh, oh, what can I do
When there’s no way to start new
Or freeze time and wait 'til it’s right
But this time a fish might just bite

Fake it 'til you make it, they say
So I’ll say I’m optimistic
Maybe I don’t need a car
I guess walking’s more simplistic
And the next time life throws lemons
Maybe I’ll have time to make a pie
But whatever I do, I will live
I won’t let life pass me by

Daily Doodle 74/365 - March 15, 2017


Inspired by this (Fake) Twitter argument between a friend and I it was hilarious all the way and I REALLY wanted to draw his character already omg. I hope our friendship get cooled with some sour cream.. or ends up extra.. beefy.. ;y .. I’m gonna get thrown off a cliff cuz of these food puns..

.. but really, why does almost every country except the US have french fries at Taco Bells? That is so weird, they’re just a casual thing here, I never thought the United States out of all places didn’t have them!!

I love me some supreme fries.. they’re the ONLY fries I get at fast food places now. Taco Bell’s regular fries are alright, but I give them full respect and order them with meat, sour cream, tomatoes and nacho cheese… mmmmmm~

Also, yeah, I do eat nachos (supreme ones) with a fork.. cuz they’re messy to eat.. UNLIKE SUPREME FRIES!! GO FRIES!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!


In Your Face and on the Road with @muhdhidayatullah

To see more of his powerful portraits, follow (@muhdhidayatullah) on Instagram.

You’d never guess from his up-close-and-personal portraits that Muhammad Hidayatullah (@muhdhidayatullah) is completely self-taught. “All that I have to do is to immerse myself into the moments around me,” the 26-year-old photographer and filmmaker from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, says. “I believe we all have some special stories that can be inspiring to others.” He studied architecture in school, but Muhammad is currently on the third of a five-year project in India, capturing the spirit and essence of life in the country for his first travel photography book, Beyond Borders.

The idea of getting so close and interacting with people may be intimidating to some, but not Muhammad — he loves seeing how people react to his camera. “Most of the time people will smile at me and laugh while taking their pictures,” he says.