inspired by a post sharon reblogged

This is just reinforcing the idea that safe tags and safe spaces need to stay safe tags and safe spaces.

To the antis that are apparently stalking blogs of known fans of Sharon Carter in order to reblog positive posts with awful commentary, find out which tags they’re using in order to post hate for Sharon Carter tags, etc, congratulations.

Yeah. You haven’t brightened my mood. You may even have made it a little worse from time to time. Who wouldn’t feel that way to see so much hate posted about something they love?

But you’ve also solidified my resolve to help other Sharon Carter fans, to work harder on Sharon Carter appreciation events, and to celebrate what I love, a character I love and am inspired by, all the harder.

I wish you could invest your energy in something you love, too, instead of making hate blogs and hate “confessions” accounts, and posting hateful content in the Sharon Carter tags - including her safe tags.

For everyone else in Marvel Fandom, please at least acknowledge that Sharon Fans shouldn’t have to put up with things like this. This fictional character (who in the comics has had PTSD and suicidal tendencies, and whose determination to still help people afterward inspires many of her fans) doesn’t deserve this hatred. Her fans shouldn’t have to create a safe tag just so they can try to enjoy the character’s 50-year-history and brief movie appearances in peace. And we certainly don’t deserve to have antis compromise that safe space - and pass the word to other antis to do the same.

Sharon fans aren’t asking everyone to love the character as much as we do. We aren’t even asking that everyone like her. We’re just asking that we be allowed to like & love the character without seeing hate blogs and mountains of hate posts every time we go into the tags.

Please don’t tag your hate. Please.

And if you see someone else doing it, please imagine how you would feel if your fave were being treated the same way.