I could have whispered it to you.
You might have whispered back to me.
See how far that goes,
The locked and raging ambiguity.

This is the part
Where you pretend to know the world
Because you watch too much FOX news.

Mellifluous, the wind,
Oh living distraction!
Sweet pear blossom to beguile,
–Cause me to stand forgetful in flux,
Owning my truth
Even in this thankless atmosphere.

I was reminded of a gentler version of you.
One that didn’t feel the pull
To justify cryptic things.

What had I given up
In the name of ruling planets?
Even the cosmos agreed
Your halo gleaned mending.

It is always the retrospective glance
That offers most reprieve.
Forgiving the self,
Choosing the fragrant, amenable road
Can be harder than it seems.

A waste of proper knowledge,
My dubious understanding,
Wealth of introspective tones
Radiant, self-involved philosophies.

Stumbling verity
I was scarcely familiar with,
Until you casually
Recklessly informed me.

It’s exciting when you find parts of yourself in someone else.
إنّه لمثيرٌ أن تجد أجزاءً منك في شخصٍ آخر.
—  Zaidalhouraniquotes
‏وما المانع لو خسرت النقاش وكسبت ضحكتها؟
Where’s the problem if you once lose the argument and win her smile?
—  Zaidalhouraniquotes
‏أشرس معركة ستخوضها في حياتك، هي أن تحقق ذاتك كما تريد في عالم يبذل قصارى جهده ليجعلك كالبقية.
The hardest battle you will go through in your life, is being what you want to be in a world that tries its best to make you like everyone else.
—  zaidalhouraniquotes