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Robin Barnes was born and raised in New Orleans and the music of the city runs through her veins. Voted as the Favorite New Orleans Musician by New Orleans magazine, she has also released her EP, Songbird Sessions.

Robin is also the Founder of Move Ya Brass / FIT by You, which she founded after overcoming a life altering health issue.

Full video interview with her here

Nā Pali Coast State Park - Hawaii

Na Pali Coast State Park is located along the north-west side of Kauai, the oldest inhabited island in Hawaii. The park is best known for its amazing views of the Pacific Ocean, green cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and deep valleys. Inaccessible to vehicles, the park can be reached by hiking, helicopter, kayak, boat, or paddle board. Camping is allowed in the park, although campers must obtain a permit. 

The coast was famously featured in the Jurassic Park films, as well as King Kong, and The Descendants.

“Keith tears his eyes away and focuses on Lance, whose mouth is slightly agape and eyes wide in awe. Lance has always loved the stars… Lance’s gaze is firmly on him, silent and serious and -

“Can I have a ride, cowboy?””

cue my sweet, northern usa tears over sweet, southern usa boys.
inspired by @tidalance ‘s red down a dead end!! its really nice (and so is she), please give it a look!!


О Калифорнии

Лос-Анджелес за 30 минут. Бегом, меняя парковки и оставляя вещи где попало; огромный аэропорт, поток людей, рюкзак за спиной. Спасибо замечательному человеку за эти несколько минут Тихого океана, Санта Моники и калифорнийских дорог. Истории разных городов, история о том, как социальные сети иногда действительно сводят людей вместе. Две противоположные точки на карте теперь встретились в совсем другой точке через океан.
И опять это воздух свободы и спокойные люди, неторопливые машины, потрескавшиеся стены зданий, магазины, уличные музыканты и песок перед бесконечной гладью воды, точнее совсем не гладью, а степенными волнами, разбивающимися у берега. Этот пирс, эти люди, бульвары и солнце на целый год. Люди не могут быть здесь несчастными, хотя бы осознавая тот факт, что они живут в этом каждый день. Калифорния, “медведь” и пальмы - спасибо за этот день.

Top Secrets of Straight-A Students by Bullet Journals

1.) They get to class early. Getting to class early gives you time to be prepared and ready to study. Review your notes from the day before, lay out all your supplies (notebook, water bottle, pens, etc). You can also ask the teacher any questions you had about the material.

2.) They get ahead. The second they get an assignment, no matter when it is due, they do it. This is so so helpful. Do NOT procrastinate. You just end up being exhausted and tired. It’s not worth it. You might as well finish once you get it. Life will be so easy, believe me.

3.) They have an organized schedule. They figure out a schedule that works for them. They make sure to include time for extracurriculars, breaks, meal times, etc. Try to map out EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of your day. 

4.) They prepare. They lay out their clothes for the next day, they finish their homework early, they even plan out what they will have for their meals for the next few weeks and what exercises theyt will be doing.

5.) They enjoy learning and want to learn. They aren’t just there because they have to be. They have a strong desire to learn. When you want to learn (even if you fake it) you usually do better on exams and papers.

6.) Everything is organized. Their desk has nothing on it but their Mac, their pens are neatly on the shelf in small cups, they make their beds the second they get out of bed. They have a filing system, so the second they get papers back they put them in the files. When everything of yours has a home it’s a lot easier to study and be productive.

7.) They treat school like their job. They may have other part-time jobs, but they know that school is their main focus, and it should therefore be treated as a job. Not wanting to be fired from your job corresponds with not wanting to fail your classes. They therefore work as hard as they can and try to “impress” the boss.

8.) They give it everything they have. They are dedicated, have goals, and know what they want. They don’t want to “just get through high school/college.” They want to learn, they want to become successful, and most are even aiming for goals such as valedictorian. They won’t accept B’s or C’s. (Please note that while it is very good to have high standards, getting a lower grade once in awhile isn’t that big of a deal!!!)

9.) They keep themselves happy and healthy. They take well deserved breaks (only when everything is done), they have “off” days, they get enough SLEEP and WATER, and they keep themselves fit doing yoga, running, cardio, etc.

10) They don’t mind helping other people. They don’t turn a blind eye to people who need help. Instead they use it as a teaching experience, and help the student through the problem or whatever they need help with. Teaching people is super helpful. I sometimes write on my whiteboard and pretend that I am teaching an imaginary (I’m such a loser but it helps;).

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!  Add your own tips below!

Lanikai Beach - Hawaii, USA

This small strip of ½ mile beach is often ranked among the best beaches in the world. With its powdery white sand and warm water, the beach has become a hot spot for photographers and models. It is also a popular place for watching the moon rise in the sky.