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“I’ll protect you… no matter what” 


My #MondayMotivation in the form of motivational women from my life thus far. Thank you @2moms-0fucks for the idea! I’m picking four and tagging four for funsies

Ginger Rogers - Actress, dancer, mold-breaker, best remembered as Fred Astair’s partner but won a Best Actress Academy Award and numerous pay battle all on her own thank you very much. My first big screen obsession, fashion crush and all around heroine/

Laura Bates - Activist and founder of the Everyday Sexism project, taught me not to minimise the small stuff, to fight all my battles and to do so gracefully, fairly and without fear. Changed my mind and also encouraged me to be open to changing it again, in the fight against misogyny, we must adapt if we have any hope of winning.

Misty Copeland - Dancer. A late starter in the dance world, she was told she’d never make make it but through determination, talent and sheer fore of will became the first African American principal at the American Ballet Theatre. Dances in her own way, in her own skin and has changed the shape of modern ballet for the better.

Gillian Anderson - Actress, activist and current inspiration. Open in discussion of her flaws she nevertheless refuses to allow anyone to put her down because of them. Laughs at herself readily but also is her own greatest champion. Unfiltered, unafraid to admit that she gets scared, comfortingly human and yet exceptional too. 

Who are yours? @sunflowerseedsandscience @rosewater7 @puzzlingpeace @conversationinthehallway and anyone else who sees this!

In a time of hate, love is an act of resistance.
—  Unknown (via OptimisticallyAstray

don’t fear the reaper

Summary: Legends tell of a valiant warrior, blessed by the divine, betrayed by the leader he fought so hard to serve, locked into an eternal half-life. Called goblin, this man lives forever, watching the years pass him by, until his fated other half can release him.

(It’s funny, Nico thinks. They say legends are always a little true.)

General Nico di Angelo is killed at noontime, under a sky as blue as his lover’s eyes.

It happens like this, like divine retribution for the guilt he keeps pressed between his fingers. He returns from the war triumphant and blood-stained, followed by a legion of adoring soldiers and whispers of divinity, of spirits, of death. His name has spread across the continent, passed between enemy lips, like a promise. A warning.

If the fates abandon you, and you meet the man with clothes as black as midnight and a sword red as blood, turn back, turn back.

You will not survive him.

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I imagine this happening today
  • Harry: Guess what month it is?
  • Ginny: Harry it's midnight are you kidding me
  • Harry: I'll give you a hint.
  • Ginny: *goes back to sleep*
  • Ginny: *muffled*Shut up
  • Ginny: If you don't shut up right this minute-
  • Ginny: *hits Harry with pillow*
  • Harry:
  • Ginny:
  • Harry:
  • Ginny:
  • Harry: Okay I deserved that.

A small askblog community-related comic I drew because I was fed up with the social climate surrounding askblogging/roleplay/fandom. 
I mean, seriously guys, I am disappointed.

Artists and writers are human beings and do not always share your idea of the world and their work will reflect that, both in good and bad ways. 

This does not mean we should accept everything without criticism. We are free to discuss those ideas of the world, draw inspiration from other people’s view and inspire one another. We are free to disagree, too. But first and foremost the discussion should be civil and with the shared goal of creating good art.
You think someone’s work is offensive? Ask them about it. They may just have issues with composition and framing. Or they may just don’t know better and no one ever teached them how to do research properly. Or they have a mental condition that makes it hard to communicate their thoughts. There’s tons of reasons for art not to communicate the point properly, and only ONE of those reasons is that the artist may actually be a bad person.
Always keep this in mind.

Also: The private message function exists. If you have a 3000 follower blog, you may consider using that instead of reblogging someone’s “cringy art” and criticize it in front of 3000 people. Trust me, it works wonders. And it reduces the death threats

Handle your drama responsibly, guys.


White Collar aesthetics. 

there are a lot of issues i have with this fandom.

however, one of the things that i’ve always really, really




is just how creative the people in this fandom are???

there are so many fantastic, interesting, wonderful AUs out there! so many talented artists and writers who’s creations are just absolutely beautiful and stunning! seriously, there may be some really ugly parts of this fandom but the creativity and content it manages to churn out every day just never ceases to amaze me. and the shitposts and memes, honestly they crack me up so much and have always made my day a little bit better, especially when i’ve been feeling down in the dumps. 

seriously, give yourself a pat on the back guys. this fandom and the show is what inspires me to create and share my own work with everyone else, and i just feel so happy to know that it does the same for everyone else. i’m so happy to be part of a fandom that inspires creativity in one another. 

i guess i’m just trying to say, thank you for existing, Voltron fandom! i love you so much!!   💙❤️💜💚💛


Elena 1x01 vs. Elena 8x16

I find these parallels really interesting because in 1x01 when Elena is in the cemetery, visiting her parents’ graves, she’s suspended in her grief and doesn’t know how to move on from it and her parents’ tombstone is a source of pain for Elena because it’s a constant reminder of her loss and her facial expression reveals her sorrow and her inability to just live.

However, in 8x16 when she finds herself at the cemetery again, this time visiting Stefan, there’s a sadness there because he’s no longer with her but the crypt is a source of solace and comfort for her, she can smile after looking at it, it’s an encouragement to move forward and to live, Stefan’s memory imbues her with life.

This is why I never understood the argument that Stefan only came into Elena’s life to get her to move past the grief of her parents because he is a consistent source of “life” for her, he is a consistent source of passion. In season 2 he tells her he wants her to fight and not give up, in season 3 he tells her to embrace the fact that she’s feeling anything at all when Alaric dies, in season 4 he helps her through her vampirism and through her newfound humanity after her switch had been turned off and in seasons 5 and 6, he was a confidant while finally in season 8, his memory was her encouragement to move forward. Stefan and Elena’s relationship consistently grows and develops given the circumstances while the feel-good sentiments they inspire in one another remains the same.

BTS as things my father has said:
  • Namjoon: this may be the third day in a row we've gotten chilli's for dinner but i don't hear any of you complaining
  • Seokjin: *someone calls his daughter pretty* thanks. oh you meant her?
  • Hoseok: *laughing hysterically at viral cat videos from 2010*
  • Yoongi: *teaches own children how to illegally download music*
  • Taehyung: guys. oh my god. there's a frog in the garage.
  • Jimin: do not make me dance mediocre ballet in the middle of this JC Penney i WILL do it
  • Jungkook: *almost bursts a blood vessel trying to carry 12 bags of groceries in one trip*