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you are your worst enemy until you learn to treat yourself like a friend. sabotaging your efforts and relationships, convincing yourself no one loves you, not trying because you’re sure you’ll fail, being apathetic to everything is bc you think you’re not good enough. but the truth is you are good enough and you can be the best person you can be if you learn to change these thoughts into self-love and encouragement. listen to your needs and be there for yourself instead of destroying your health or abandoning yourself or your future.

6 Truths About Finding Your Passion

1. You need to experiment with lots of things.

2. It takes time to discover your true passion in life.

3. What interests you for now might not turn into a passion.

4. However, you’ll find that you return to what you’re passionate about.

5. It will take over your thinking when you’re still, calm or daydreaming.

6. Investing in your passion will give meaning to your life.


(10.20.17) 2/100 Chinese Notes!!🌿

Here are the note taking materials I use for my vocabulary notes.

✨Mildliners are great for highlighting and headers. while the Crayola Supertips are great for coloring in doodles. The Muji Pen is great for writing notes in general.✨

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