inspire day

Today is my birthday and all I wanted for it was a book a cactus plant and your presence by my side. All I have got is my dark room and loneliness.
Some would say I have got exactly what I have deserved.
—  voks

3-25-17 | 44/100 Days of Productivity

another day of apes notes *sighs* … BUT this chapter’s really interesting! it’s unfortunate that these diseases exist, but the info kinda makes you (imo) wanna find an immediate cure for this like asap???? 

i honestly wish everybody in the world could be happy and healthy, we’d live longer and get to make more memories with each other ahhhhhh just imagining this in my head gives me hope for the world (◕ᴗ◕✿)

🎶 currently listening to : Manito - CNBLUE (such a cute song)


23/100 days of productivity

26.03.17 my lighting is bleh, but quite proud of my sketch on this weeks brown and gold spread ft. my attempt at lettering 

Today: did practice maths questions, finished chemistry notes, had a maths lesson, finish up my scrapbook gift, and do chemistry practice questions.

ALSO I watched Beauty and the Beast and HOLy SHIT  IT WAS SO GOOD <3

(The first post I saw from @occasional-pikachu was a GIF about Pikachu and a thunderstone. Since then I began to follow that blog because I fell in love with that animation. The style, the expressions and the colors are so cute, and to be honest I admire a lot people who can do animations as cute as those. -Also Pikachu with his ketchup-) *^*