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Captivated by darkness and tied up in forced stillness, relief does not come and healing there’s none.

Arrested in shadows, I feel like dominoes that will end up dented for their fall can’t be prevented.

But maybe that’s what a caterpillar believes when she finds her bed in the leaves; because in her prison-like cocoon she lies before she reveals her true form and flies.

—  // healing
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And so the cliffhanger is answered! I do hope it was worth it…

As always, @the-vampire-inside-me​ is entirely to blame for this, and also @squigglydigglydoo as well now! Thank you both for your amazing art; they’re always just so inspiring!

Summary: Henry, once citizen and artist of the great city of Yharnam, has spent many years travelling the world as a Hunter for reasons that few know, and even fewer speak of. But then, one day, he receives a letter from a friend from long ago, and he returns to the city he once knew, but has been twisted to something beyond his recognition.

Yharnam had indeed changed in his absence.

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I guess they didn’t cover ambush hugs when he was preparing to become the Eye of Twilight.

Some quick ShenLee for @techmaturgy. My day gets five times better every time I see your art on my dash, please keep being awesome. ♥ ♥ ♥


Proteus OX19 and the Polish Schindler,

Proteus OX19 is a strain of the bacterium Proteus vulgaris, a simple gram negative bacteria that is commonly found in dirt and water.  It is a fairly unremarkable bacteria, some exposed to it might suffer urinary tract infections or infections of wounds.  However, most infected with the bacteria will suffer few symptoms as the body’s immune system eradicates the invading microbe.  It does have one interesting reaction, however.  People exposed to Proteus OX19 often test false positive for typhus, a disease which is much deadlier and can cause terrible outbreaks and epidemics.

When Germany invaded Poland on Sept. 1st, 1939, Dr. Eugeniusz Lazowski served as an army doctor with the Polish Army.  After the occupation of Poland by Germany, Dr. Lazowski returned home to Rozwadow to continue his private medical practice.  However, he heard news of mass deportations of Poles and Jews by the Nazi’s.  Hundreds of thousands of Jews were being rounded up and deported to concentration camps.  Hundreds of thousands of Poles were also being deported to Germany as forced labor.  It was only a matter of time before the Germans demanded the deportation of Poles from Rozwadow, and Lazowski was determined that the Nazi’s would go empty handed.

Lazowski solution was ingenious and audacious; to keep the Germans away from Rozwadow by simulating a fake typhus epidemic. At the time, Germany was terrified of the prospect of a typhus outbreak spreading across the Fatherland, and strict protocols were in place to isolate and quarantine infected areas.  Inspired by the Proteus microbe, Lazowski informed German medical officials that Rozwadow was being ravaged by a terrible typhus epidemic.  With the help of his friend, Dr Stanisław Matulewicz, Dr. Lazowski injected the people of Rozwadow with proteus OX19, as well as the residents of several nearby Jewish ghettos, so that they would all test false positive for typhus.  He then sent blood samples to German medical officials.  As predicted, the samples all tested false positive for typhus.

In response, the Germans sent three medical inspectors to assess the seriousness of the epidemic.  The three inspectors were greeted cordially and plied with food and generous amounts of vodka.  They were then given a short tour of the town.  Due to fears of contracting the disease, the Germans only made a cursory examination of the town.  Then they were led to a fake medical ward filled with severely ill patients.  Dr. Lazowski claimed they were suffering from typhus, and again due to the German’s fear of contracting the disease, they made no medical assessments.  Instead they took Dr. Lazowski at his word and sped out of Razwadow, declaring the town and surrounding area to be in a state of quarantine.  Little did they know, the so called “patients” the German’s were led to were people with flu and pneumonia, told to act as sick as possible.

Due to the quarantine, the Germans never deported anyone from Razwadow or the ghettos.  As a result, he is credited with saving 8,000 Jews from certain death, and thousands of other Poles from deportation.  Throughout the rest of the war he lent his medical services to the Polish resistance, and worked to smuggle Jews to safety from the Nazi’s.  After the war he moved to the United States and worked as a pediatrician.  He died in 2006 at the age of 96.


So last year I finally watched Puella Magi Madoka Magica and SHIIIIIIT. I had to make a “What If” senario with Supernoobs. Because I love the angst and sadness trash

Infected AU: As the Noobs grew older, the viruses become more deadly and harder to track. Each have been specifically made, it seems, to attack certain kinds of battle balls and their host. There is yet to be a cure aside destroying the battleball itself, also risking the life of the host. Even then, the surviver thus far has suffered through mental and physical damage.


These pictures make me feel all warm and fuzzy😊

Kuni’s Infection

Here I bring another memime paladin au-inspired fic, this time inspired on ‘the aku infection’ episode from Samurai Jack, and a bit from ‘jack and the haunted house’ too! 

It definitely wasn’t his day.

He could bear having to pass through an entire mountain range because he couldn’t teleport. He could bear being chased by the Samurai’s magical copy and second-in-command (which he merely knew was referred to as the Commander) and a whole army of those beetle-like demons. He could bear turning into a mountain goat to carry Kuni as he ran as fast as he could, trying to get away without knocking her off his back.

But the one thing he could never bear was getting sick.

“ACHOO!” Aku barely avoided tripping as he gave another sneeze, and felt his irritated nose starting to run with mucus again. A consequence of taking off his cape to keep Kuni from catching precisely this illness, but the bad thing was that it affected his transformations to some extent. Thankfully, he hadn’t turned into a goose after this sneeze, so he guessed he’d manage to hold on until they were safe.

“Mr. Aku, they’re gaining on us!” Kuni yelled into his ear in worry, and his current sate made the volume of her voice sound ten times louder than it really was.

“Don’t tell me!” he snapped, managing to jump ahead of one of the beetle’s scythes. “These guys  never get tired or what?!” He caught a glimpse of the Commander flying atop the white winged horse-Pegasus, he recalled-a few meters above, watching him with his cold blue eyes. He seemed expressionless, but Aku could tell he was enjoying this. “Wait until I get my claws on-ACHOO!” the demon felt frustrated that his sickness had ruined the threat.

“I wouldn’t waste my energy on empty threats, Aku.” The Commander simply said, again displaying little emotion other than the subtle satisfaction and amusement at their situation. However, his gaze was set on Kuni, watching as she clung for precious life unto the demon’s body. When he was in the right position, and close enough, he grabbed a hidden ivory blowgun from the pegasus’ saddlebag, and aimed at the girl with accurate precision, before putting the tip to his lips and blowing hard.

Kuni yelped in pain when she felt something pinch her shoulder, but given the situation she felt now wouldn’t be a good thing to complain about it, Aku was already stressed out for the time being. Speaking of which, Aku noticed there was a slope just ahead, and soon he had an idea as how to get away… though he wasn’t looking forward to it.

“Kuni, do you like snowboarding?” he asked the girl on his back

“I have never tried it!”

“Well, there’s a first time for everything! Hang on!”

Just as Aku leapt off the ledge-and gave another loud sneeze-, he gathered enough energy to quickly shape shift into an emperor penguin, and his belly came into contact with the snow. Like he anticipated, his sleek body and the inclination of the slope he slid even faster, fast enough to outrun the beetle demons. But as he looked back, he noticed the creatures had stopped at the edge of the slope, and as the Commander flew by on top of the Pegasus, the beetles disappeared in tendrils of blue energy.

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he does not linger on the disgusting nature of what he is, of what his decisions have made him to be. a hand, cold as ice, with pointed claws and an unnatural stain overtaking his eyes, tainting an iris once crystal clear purple and dark.

he has never been one to linger on anything- he’s never been permitted such time. he remembers flames, and screaming- his own, echoing through a vast room. then he remembers very little, for a very long time, until he wakes up against in a pain more agonizing than he can explain. somehow all at once like the pain the ring had brought expounded on and multiplied by ten. he hadn’t realized he’d undergone an operation to mend his arm until he felt the chill of metal against his own skin. he couldn’t scream, despite the- the unexplainable burning, aching that trailed from his shoulder down through his chest, like a constant feeling that someone was pressing a knife into his heart and lungs.

even months after the operation, that same pain lingered, pulsing like a second, unnatural heartbeat that threatened to drive him mad. he couldn’t sleep, most nights- though he pretended that was a facet of his raised position within the military. glauca’s death had left a hefty absence in the commanding force of the army. ravus had been vying for the position since he was sixteen years old, scraping his way with bloody fingertips up the ladder just to put himself as close to his mother’s killer as he could, so he could take from glauca everything when finally he’d been cut down in the field. 

he wouldn’t let an aching prosthetic stop him from stealing into glauca’s place, upon the former general’s death. he wouldn’t be seen as weak for it. for luna, he can handle any pain. any.

—— but that is not to say the pain itself, almost like a living entity in it’s own right at times, does not strive, maddenly so, so put him through the ringer at every waking moment. there are many an evening spent wishing so desperately he could simply make it stop- but he hides everything he feels behind a carefully crafted mask of nothingness. of feeling nothing- not the pain, not pride, not anything. because it is the safest course of action. 

it’s only when he’s alone, as alone as he’s ever allowed to be, that he teeters on the edge of breaking down. teeters, never toppling, solely for instances such as now: one simple knock on the office of his allotted quarters is all that separates him from appearing in all ways a confident, unstaggering leader to being seen for what he fears he is inside- sixteen years old at heart, wanting desperately to sob to a mother he no longer has about a wound that hurts but shouldn’t. 

you may enter, ’ he says, shuffling documents back into place in a manila folder, uncertain how much time has passed this evening while he worked and ignored his thoughts. / @adnihilatus. sc.

I’ve been playing a lot of “The Last of Us” and I really dig the whole fungal infection stuff. And considering I’m your casual furry shitlord, I had to cross that concept over with an animal.

I drew this when I was feeling pretty bummer over losing my parakeet last Sunday… and I tend to draw some weird stuff when I’m being bummer.

Regardless, I’m really proud about how this came out. Enjoy.

(traditional drawing in moleskine notebook with microns/staedler inks)