Twin sisters Brittani and Brandi Jackson grew up as star students in Twinsburg, Ohio, but realized there weren’t many doctors who looked like them.

Both went on to medical school and even worked together at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Now they aim to inspire the next generation of physicians.

Watch more of their story:


It’s easier than it should be to become jealous of others. To look at something or someone we admire and believe that their life is better than ours as a result. The problem is that we become so focused on one small aspect of the puzzle. Indeed, we become hyper focused on a small slice of their life and don’t bother to investigate the struggles. Nearly all positives have a negative and they can quickly cancel each other out. We must learn to be grateful for where we are and what we have and put in the hard work to make it the best it possibly can be.

10.22 Today was really busy for me, I was at uni the entire day, but I was able to get a bit work done which is nice. I also spent an hour at the library after school printing out all the PowerPoint presentation so I can start to study for my cell bio midterm which is next week >.<

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