2/4/17 I went out for some coffee with my friends and finally got around to starting a bullet journal. ^^ It’s kinda plain with my sub-par drawing skills, but it was fun! (ignore my attempts at poetry as well)

“I don’t believe in God.”

He smirks. “I’ll be your God.”

They gave you wings and told you to fly when you only knew how to fall.

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I look forward to your work daily and the art you share with this whole tumblr world!
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About Me

• loves math & wants to improve
• too shy to ask questions in front of a class
• wants to be successful
• 8th grader

What I’m taking for highschool

- everything AP (biology , math ,etc)
- Athletics
- Orchestra

Best & Fav Studyblr’s

@rhubarbstudies @busystudyign
@apricot-studies @aescademic @academiics @hayley-studies @bookmrk @noteology @studynostalgic @studyiblr @getshitdonetbh @journalsanctuary @universi-tea @intellectus @inspirationales @delthenerd

[ studyblr introduction! ]

hello! i am very excited to be kickstarting my studyblr! thanks to my buddy @be-a-nice , i have been convinced to start one!

[ about me ]

  • my name is maria (she/her)
  • i’m still 17 but i’ll be 18 soon!
  • i’m 75% filipino, 12.5% chinese, and 12.5% spanish
  • i’m an infj-t, ravenclaw, and virgo

[ interests ]

  • i love kpop! seventeen is my favorite group (with jun being my bias) but i listen to many other kpop artists too
  • i also enjoy spanish and english music along with chill hip-hop music
  • i’ve been pretty devoted to self-improvement for the past few months
  • i love reading when i get the chance! some of my favorite books include the last lecture and tuesdays with morrie
  • virtual reality
  • graphic design, ui/ux design, and human-computer interaction
  • succulents and aesthetic plants in general
  • minimalism
  • achromatic color schemes and pastel colors

[ academics ]

  • i just graduated from high school (class of 17 teen teen what’s up) so i’ll be a freshman in college next semester!
  • this fall, i’ll be working to major in cognitive science and minor/major in computer science too

[ classes i’m taking ]

  • english (reading and composition)
  • linguistics (the american languages)
  • music (introduction to western music)
  • math (calculus)

[ goals ]

  • maintain a healtier lifestyle
    • i’ve been exercising, journaling, meditating, and eating well on a daily basis this past summer so i hope to keep it up in college!
  • become a polyglot
    • i can speak english fluently and i am intermediate at spanish
    • i do understand tagalog to an extent but i speak horribly
    • overall, i hope to be fluent in english, spanish, tagalog, korean, japanese, esperanto, and asl in the future!
  • read more books
    • for now, i hope to read at least one book every month
  • be more productive and keep on learning
  • be a better person in general!

[ favorite blogs / blogs that inspire me ]

@be-a-nice @symphonystudies @aestudier @stuhde @studysum @studyscribbles @highlghter @journalsanctuary @obliviousunicornstudyblr @bu-study-dude @inspirationales @typicalstudyblr @jennystudy @hannhstudies @studylilacs @lychiestudies @studyblvsh @tbhstudying @studyquill and pretty much everyone in the studyblr community!

i’m very excited to be a part of the studyblr community and to get to know everyone! thank you so much for stopping by and reading my post! i hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!

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Sometimes I am happy for just one moment; And in that one moment I don’t think about my problems, I think about all the options I have. I think abou the myriad of years I have ahead of me. I think about all the wonderful, twisted, awesome, unique, sad, egotistical, happy, beautiful people I will meet. I think about all the spontaneous, wonderful, crazy, sexy, stupid, awesome ideas I will get. I think about all my upcoming adventures I plan on doing. I think about what I love. I think about all the things I am going to discover about me, the world, people.

Sometimes, for that one moment, I realize that I do believe that one day I will be happy.

I know that happiness is out there.

Sometimes I have hope.