Owl Creates Unforgettable Bond With The Man Who Saved Her, Gives Him The Most Heartfelt Hug

A great horned owl named Gigi was brought to Mississippi’s Wild at Heart after she suffered a massive head trauma, which was most likely caused by a car.

During her recovery period, she made a profound bond with one of the caretakers Douglas Pojeky, which has been coined as the “birds of prey whisperer.”  Take a look at the heartwarming connection and trust made between a human and the animal it nurtured. Their special bond proved that animals possess great intelligence and memory.

Look at the incredible images below.

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There are endless numbers of angels. The fact that only a few of them are named and known to us doesn’t mean there aren’t more of them. During the past few years, people have become more open about describing encounters with angels. Many have been in touch with angels and told their stories.
—  The Spiritual Password 

Sometimes I am happy for just one moment; And in that one moment I don’t think about my problems, I think about all the options I have. I think abou the myriad of years I have ahead of me. I think about all the wonderful, twisted, awesome, unique, sad, egotistical, happy, beautiful people I will meet. I think about all the spontaneous, wonderful, crazy, sexy, stupid, awesome ideas I will get. I think about all my upcoming adventures I plan on doing. I think about what I love. I think about all the things I am going to discover about me, the world, people.

Sometimes, for that one moment, I realize that I do believe that one day I will be happy.

I know that happiness is out there.

Sometimes I have hope.