2/4/17 I went out for some coffee with my friends and finally got around to starting a bullet journal. ^^ It’s kinda plain with my sub-par drawing skills, but it was fun! (ignore my attempts at poetry as well)

“I don’t believe in God.”

He smirks. “I’ll be your God.”

They gave you wings and told you to fly when you only knew how to fall.

So I just hit 1k followers!! It really hasn’t been long since I made this blog and its such a great thing– I would like to thank everyone who contributed to making my time here so great!

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This took forever to make and I’m pretty sure I still forgot a bunch of people– But don’t forget I love everyone of you out there!! Thank you for being around!

Intro Post!

I’m a new studyblr!

About Me:

-Loves Science & Enlgish
-8th grade
-Plays violin
-procrastinates too much
- loves books
-wants to be better at math
-socially akward irl

Blogs I recommend & personally love:
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@bookmrk @intellectus @inspirationales @getshitdonetbh @studyblrmasterposts @studynostalgic @apricot-studies @aescademic @academiics @studyingsource @study-hacks @noteology @castillos-co @journalsanctuary


Sometimes I am happy for just one moment; And in that one moment I don’t think about my problems, I think about all the options I have. I think abou the myriad of years I have ahead of me. I think about all the wonderful, twisted, awesome, unique, sad, egotistical, happy, beautiful people I will meet. I think about all the spontaneous, wonderful, crazy, sexy, stupid, awesome ideas I will get. I think about all my upcoming adventures I plan on doing. I think about what I love. I think about all the things I am going to discover about me, the world, people.

Sometimes, for that one moment, I realize that I do believe that one day I will be happy.

I know that happiness is out there.

Sometimes I have hope.


Kilian Martin and Alfredo Urbon - smart skate fortwo