so you dated the wrong person and learned a hard lesson. you chose the wrong major and had to start over again. you cherished a friend who backstabbed you. it sucks, but it’s also going to work out. that’s life; you learn, hurt, love, cry, laugh, and keep going. you experience setbacks and you grow and it’s all okay.

There’s always going to be someone else. Someone that’s better for you. I told that to my ex when he was crying for me to take him back, I tell that to my friends when they’re going through breakups, and I tell that to myself whenever I need to hear it-which is often and always the hardest. But we always, always move on and love again and those low points we thought we’d never get past, well they always become distant memories. Because the amazing thing about us as humans is we’re capable of loving more than one person in our lifetime and our feelings are capable of change. So even if you really did love someone with all your heart, it doesn’t mean you can’t use all your heart again to love someone else.

Take a moment to appreciate all that you are, have been, and who you are to become. You have come so far, have learned so much, and have done so well. Yet, you have so much distance to travel forward, so much left to experience and marvel. You’ve done a magnificent job, but get ready because there’s still so much more for you.

Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin | Instagram

you aren’t an idiot for giving them a chance, a second chance, or a third chance. you aren’t an idiot for trusting them. you aren’t an idiot for wishing things had gone differently. you aren’t an idiot for expecting them to treat you the way you treated them.

The only one who knows every single thing you’ve been through is you. The only one who knows exactly how everything has made you feel is you. And the only one who knows exactly how to break you is you. No one else has that power.

you are not to blame for someone’s incapability to love you correctly. you’re not asking for too much, you’re not being needy, you’re not a lot to handle, you’re just with the wrong person. everyone shows affections differently and everyone speaks a different love language. someday you will meet someone fluent in yours.

Do you ever just see someone from across the street and instantly light up? Like there’s that one person in your life who, when you run into them, you’re always happy to see? Like no matter what, even if you’re already having the best night of your life, they just make you even happier, always. And if you’re having a bad night but you run into them at the grocery store you’re somehow okay afterwards? Or when you mess up something important and everyone tells you it’s okay it doesn’t mean anything until they say it and then you suddenly believe it? Those people are honestly treasures and we all have one in our lives that we need to protect at all costs. And if no one comes to mind when you read that, well then maybe it’s you. And thank you.