inspirational writing quotes

Today is my birthday and all I wanted for it was a book a cactus plant and your presence by my side. All I have got is my dark room and loneliness.
Some would say I have got exactly what I have deserved.
—  voks
To anyone that hasn’t had their first kiss yet, or has never been asked out on a date, or asked anyone on a date, or hasn’t had a significant other yet: please don’t worry about reaching an age and not checking these things off. There is nothing wrong with being 20 and not having been kissed. There is nothing wrong with starting college never having a had a boyfriend/girlfriend/romantic partner. You aren’t weird or an outcast because you haven’t been on a date by a socially constructed time frame.
—  Someone on Instagram
Have you ever platonically fallen for someone?
For the things they say and how they can always cheer you up, no matter the circumstances?
For how you can count on them and the way they get so enthusiastic about the things they love?
Have you ever watched someone without them noticing and just felt your heart burst of love for everything they do and everything they are, feeling incredibly proud to have them as a friend?
Have you ever been in awe due to the feeling of being blessed by the sheer existence of another human being?
—  // friendship