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Writing Prompt #231

Being on duty was little more than standing outside the castle like a glorified gargoyle. No one was foolish enough to try to fight their way inside, so the job was rather boring a majority of the time. Letting his eyes wander, one guard spotted a man limping into an alleyway across the street. Normally, he would have ignored it, but he needed an excuse to stretch his legs. Investigating a “potential threat” would give him at least a few minutes.

Find someone who pays attention. Who runs their fingers over your every scar; and asks where each one came from. Find someone who knows how you like your coffee; what song makes you want to roll the windows down and slam on the gas pedal. Find someone who takes in your smallest details; who notices the things you thought no one ever would.

And then…when you find them…

Be their someone, too.

—  a paragraph about falling in love, deep3snplottwists 
But she ignored
a lot of
and galaxies—
just to wait
and wish
for a single
—  ma.c.a // I want no one else, but you
But I hate
the way
how I keep
on finding you,
in every little thing
that surrounds me,
even if I tried
to erase you
and your
beautiful name
in my memory.
—  ma.c.a // Clear and Near
It’s okay if you don’t want the same things as me in the long run. Because I like you a lot and you make me happy but we both will change in ways we can’t be sure of. So it’s okay if we don’t share a forever as long as we have right now.
She used to crave your company to satisfy her mind but now she’s a hurricane. She builds her own storms and ruins. She no longer twists and turns like you.
—  I tried so hard
to make you happy
but you never really
wanted me at all
and one day
I woke up fine
being lonely.
by @jwfeelings // Message me a word and I’ll write about it

I almost turn around,
and run back to you.
I almost jump to the edge
and fall in love with you.
I almost unlock the door
and let you in.

Once more.

But I never did.
I never let you
hold my heart

—  ma.c.a // Another Day
We hurt ourselves to feel but is that really feeling at all?
—  we need to give ourselves empathy
She’s made out of particles that construct planets, and she has the power to build universes. He’s made a home in her world, and she’s the reason for his oxygen.
—  he lives off
her breath
by @jwfeelings // Message me a word and I’ll write about it

Maybe my hands
weren’t meant
to hold yours,
even if my heart
refused to let go.

As if a flower
still grows
and appears
in the middle—
in a crack
of a concrete

—  ma.c.a // Sharp Edges and Soft Touches
I used to dream about the day you’d reach out to me again. I didn’t think it’d ever actually happen and I definitely didn’t think I’d actually be over you when it did. But it did and I am and damn it feels good.
Ever since she swallowed the universe, she had clouds trapped in her stomach and the taste of metal running against her tongue. But one day, she knows the sun will burn her throat and flowers will grow in her lungs.
—  she’s been lifting
the weight of the world for others
but she’s done being stepped on
by @jwfeelings // Message me a word and I’ll write about it