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Yet another city vocab post inspired by @polskieserce ‘s Kraków vocabulary list. This time featuring my favorite city in the world 💙 

Město (n): city
Hlavní město (n): capital city
Hrad (m): castle
Palác (m): palace
Pražský Hrad (m): Prague Castle
Řeka (f): river
Výměna (f) studentů: student exchange

Letiště (m): airport
Nádraží (n): station, terminal; autobusové nádraží (n): bus station; vlakové nádraží (n): railroad station
Stanice (f): station;  stanice metra: metro station
Zastávka (f): stop; tramvajová zastávka (f): tram stop
Jízdenka (f): ticket
Vlak (m): train
Metro (n): metro
Tramvaj (f): tramway
Červený/á/é: red
Chodník (m): sidewalk
Doprava (f): traffic, transport
Třída (f): avenue
Ulice (f): street

Architektura (f): architecture
Kolej (f): dormitory
Budova (f): building
Dům (m): house
Byt (m): apartment
Balkón (m): balcony
Náměstí (n): square
Václavské náměstí (n): Wenceslas Square
Most (m): bridge
Karlův most (m): Charles Bridge
Čtvrť (f): district, quarter
Nábřeží (n): quay
Brána (f): city gate
Věž (f): tower
Zeď (f): wall
Kopec (m): hill
Rozhledna (f): lookout tower
Lanová dráha (f): funicular
Sad (m): garden
Kašna (f): fountain

Restaurace (f): restaurant
Hospoda (f): pub
Univerzita (f): university
Radnice (f): city hall
Orloj (m): astronomical clock
Kavárna (f): café
Trh (m): market
Lékárna (f): pharmacy
Obchod (m): shop
Knihkupectví (n): bookshop
Antikvariát (m): second-hand bookshop
Otevřený/á/é: open
Zavřený/á/é: closed
Knihovna (f): library
Bankomat (m): ATM
Kostel (m): church
Katedrála (f): Cathedral

Muzeum (m): museum
Galerie (f): gallery
Historie (f): history
Umění (n): art
Výstava (f): exhibition
Socha (f): statue, sculpture
Pomník (m): monument
Památník (m): memorial
Pamětní deska (f): commemorative plaque
Divadlo (n): theater

Pohlednice (f): postcard

Fallout Alternate Abbreviations and Cuss Phrases

OMG = Oh my Ghoul
FFS = Ferals’ Foul Sh*t
TMI = Too Many Institute
LMFAO= Lost My Freakin’ Ammunition,
Officer (or) Last Minuteman
Fetches Alcohol Order
ROTFL = Run Over The Flamin’ Lot
WTF = Where’s The Fatman

‘I don’t give a molerat’s left nut!’
‘You A-bomb!’
‘Cult-hole’ [Dunwich Borers ref.]
'Children of Assdom’
'Green as a Supermutant in May’
'Up and Atom, baby!’
'About as secure as a Pulowski’ [i.e. not at all]
'You radsucker!’

So….if Strong joined the Railroad, would that make him…the Green Lantern?

Edit: Thanks for all the likes and reblogs so far. I had no idea this would go down so well! Please, please submit / send your ideas to add to this list! Additional: GTFO= Gunners Throw Frags Over
'Sharper than a Bloodbug’s nose’
'You got a Deathclaw wish?’
'Hotter than an Assaultron’s wink’
'Such a ProDickTron…’
'Sour as Brahmin milk’
'Crazier than a rabid radstag on a rampage’
'FTW = For The 'Wealth!’ (As in Commonwealth).
'FUBAR = Fried Under Bright Atomic Radiation’
'SNAFU = Sanctuary Now A Friggin’ Urinal / …Fantastic Utopia
'TITS = The Institute Talks Sh*t’ (e.g. “Everybody knows TITS”

Inspired by this Kraków vocabulary list in Polish by @polskieserce (and by my trip to Budapest 3 years ago)

Város: city
Főváros: capital city
Vár: castle
Palota: palace
Budavári Palota: Buda Castle
Folyó: river
Duna: Danube

Repülőtér: airport
Állomás: station, vasútállomás: train station, buszállomás: bus station, metróállomás: metro station
Megálló: stop, Buszmegálló: bus stop
Busz: bus
Vonat: train
Metró: metro
Villamos: tramway
Sárga: yellow
Jegy: ticket
Körút: boulevard
Utca: street
Forgalom: traffic

Építészet: architecture
Épület: building
Ház: house
Lakás: appartment
Erkély: balcony
Tér: square
Híd: bridge
Negyed: district
Rakpart: quay
Járda: sidewalk
Kert: garden

Étterem: restaurant
Egyetem: university
Városháza: city hall
Országház: parliament
Kávéház: café
Romkocsma: ruin pub
Piac: market
Gyógyszertár: pharmacy
Üzlet: shop
Nyitva: open
Zárva: close
Könyvtár: library
Templom: church
Bazilika: basilica
Termálfürdő: thermal bath
Óriáskerék: ferris wheel

Múzeum: museum
Történelem: history
Művészet: art
Kiállítás: exhibition
Szobrászat: sculpture
Szobor: statue
Emlékmű: memorial
Emléktábla: commemorative plaque
Színház: theater

Levelezőlap: postcard

Put an AU (letter and number) in my ask box along with a ship and I’ll write it

A. Established Relationship!AUs

  1. We decided it would be fun to go camping and now it’s raining and we can’t figure out how to set up the tent
  2. I came home to a Nerf gun on the front porch and a note that says ‘Here is your weapon. I have one too. Good luck. xo’
  3. I beat you at Mario Kart and now I’ve been banished to the couch for the night

B. Single Parent!AUs

  1. You asked me to the store with you and your child, and now my distant relative we met thinks I’m married with a baby
  2. You’ve been sleeping at mine because your house is being renovated and we aren’t even dating, yet every time you wake up to the baby crying and sigh, “I’ll go” I feel like we might as well be married
  3. We’ve been on a few dates and my child just asked us when we are getting married

C. School!AUs

  1. We go to the same coffee shop every evening to do homework but we never speak to each other until today
  2. Detention on a Saturday afternoon
  3. We met at a really strict summer camp and ended up breaking all the rules together one by one
  4. There’s one copy of the biology textbook in the library and you always have it checked out when I need it the most
  5. You and your friends have been playing the penis game in the library for the last five minutes and none of you have gotten above a quiet yell and I’m really just trying to study over here so I’m gonna put an end to this by winning the game
  6. We were partnered together for this project and we both forgot to do it, now we have to pull an all-nighter at my house

D. Random AUs

  1. You got ditched at a carnival and I work there so I’m giving you free rides on the ferris wheel until you lighten up
  2. We have to meet up at least once a week to trade mail because someone keeps messing up our addresses
  3. I’m a flower deliverer and you live on top of this big ass hill and I hate you and the person who keeps sending you flowers
  4. Our flight was delayed due to bad weather so now we’re having to stay overnight at the airport and somehow, we end up sleeping next to each other
  5. Hey new neighbor it appears that your dog likes me a thousand times better than she likes your partner and they’re really jealous and I’m sorry but not really
  6. You can’t get tattooed drunk, come back in the morning and if you still want my name on your ass we’ll talk
  7. I got to comic con and you are dressed as the character that many people ship with the character I am dressed up as
  8. I was walking down the sidewalk and you fell out of a tree just as I walked by
  9. The bus broke down near your house, I know we’re not super close but I live three miles away and this storm is horrible, can I stay over?

To hate someone is exhausting.

1) You have to go through so much trouble to avoid them.

2) When they enter the room you’re in, you can no longer relax.

3) You let them ruin your day.

4) What they did to you keeps you up at night.

5) You feel pressured to “be better” than them.

6) Your mutual friends are placed in an awkward position.

7) The grudge you have against them eats you up.

8) You have this urge to prove something to them.

9) You hold yourself back from going to the events they go to.

10) You start to wonder why or if they hate you, too.

So, why not love? It’s so much simpler.

1) You may not be friends with them, but you wish the very best for them.

2) You may disagree with some of their choices, but you respect them.

3) They may have hurt you, but you forgive them.

4) You can still enjoy yourself around them.

5) You don’t feel tension if you both are in the same room.

6) You can kill them with your kindness.

7) You get a good night’s sleep.

8) You feel free to be yourself.

9) You no longer let them bother you.

10) You don’t know whether or not they hate you, but you’re okay either way.

There’s an awful lot of something in a hole somewhere,
that I know. It was a deep hole, so big my uncles,
red-faced and straining, took turns collapsing the edges
to try and force it to fill in on itself. In the end,
their shovels, their faces, were coated with earth, black,
cool earth and the hole, it’s maw open and gaping, held.

I was born next to the hole on a hot day after my swollen
mother, alone on the farm, toddled after an escaped
sheep. She sighs, shakes her head at her stupidity.  
It was a quick birth, she says. When I came out
I didn’t cry, only blinked at her, then looked at the hole
and kept on looking. She says it’s why I don’t like the sun.
Can’t like the sun if you’re born next to the dark.

I threw things down the hole, things I found or stole.
If there’s a bottom, it’s littered with shattered bones
and rusted car parts. Once, I found an entire sofa
in the woods. A hideous, floral thing with mice in its springs
and mold in the cushions. I dragged it to the edge, took
one kick and in it fell. Threw in a sparkler one day too,
then another and another till the whole box was swallowed.

Now, I lay in bed listening to the city outside, alive with honks
and horns and people standing too close to one another
to speak. Would an entire car would fit down the hole? A bus?
Would I finally hear the impact of metal on ground or feel
the vibrations? Whatever the answer, there’s one thing I know:
there’s an awful lot of something in a hole somewhere.

—  sm strange, ‘a hole somewhere’

1. Even though my mother hates mornings, she gets up every day at the break of dawn. I asked her why she would do something she disliked so profoundly: “Baby girl, the days become longer and so does life” was all she had for an answer.

2. Last year, if someone asked me why I wanted to be a psychologist, I would tell them that I wanted to help people get their heads in the right place. Now I know I only want to help people not to feel the way I do.

3. Don’t trust people who don’t like animals. Believe me, this is important.

4. I can’t live my life through fictional characters. I won’t go to the party or talk to the good looking boy because I already know how the story ends because it did that way in the movie I watched last Sunday. It must stop. Live, live, live and keep living. Forget about the movies, forget about the books. Build your experiences.

5. Burning letters from old lovers won’t make the feeling go away. The words might have turned to ashes but his hands will always be on my waist like hot charcoal.

6. It’s easier to believe the awful things about people than the good ones. Just because someone has negative assets, doesn’t make the positive ones any less true.

7. Just because he got my name tattooed on his right hand during a high night, does not mean he can or will love me for as long the ink is on his skin.

8. I loved and loved until my bones ached and my soul cringed whenever someone asked for a bit of affection. Now its time to leave and leave and never return.

9. Saying goodbye is not giving up.

10. You can’t always hate The Other Girl. Remember she fell for the same lies you did.

11. You will continue to bleed and sweat when he doesn’t call you back, but you can get to the point where it’s okay not to be loved in return. It’s okay as long as you swim out the sea of vodka and get yourself together: he doesn’t love you, but his love does not and will never determine your self worth. Love who you are and who you might be tomorrow and who you were yesterday. Love yourself wholly.

12. I fell in love with the boy who had tattoos and dressed in leather jackets like a warning sign. He was the only one who felt like home. Just because something has been socially labeled, does not mean it’s real.

13. It’s okay to be exaggeratedly passionate about things. The life you put into the things you love is the representation of your will to continue existing in this world.

14. Crying is not weakness. Its just your heart cleaning itself of the toxics. Detoxify yourself.

15. There will be days in which your friends don’t feel like friends and your family doesn’t feel like family. And there will be days in which they are all the people you need in your world and you can’t even understand how you could hate them so much once. In both days, they will love you back. Remember that.

—  Things I learned before I turned 20 (and things I wish to never forget)

CS + Houses of Hogwarts

Dedicated to the wonderful pinkflyingtiger

I have to admit, I’m not a Harry Potter expert and I really didn’t hear about the houses of Hogwarts before (I know I know, I’m totally clueless to some things). But the request was to use the words that symbolize the four houses in related to CS. I found it really easy to do because all the descriptions reminded me of different qualities of them (which are so many).

Hufflepuff - Loyalty/Kindness   

Gryffindor- Bravery/Chivalry

Slytherin- Ambition/Leadership 


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CS + Secrets 

Dedicated to both kingmojomonkey and shelbyalise98

I’ve already talked about the way Hook let go of his secrets and started to truly confine in Emma in 4B. Here, I want to talk about Emma’s part in this change because you can really see how she was also evolving.

If in the beginning she was mad about him keeping things from her (being the control freak that she is), later little by little she became truly concern about him and his well being.

I think the last secret regarding Ursula was probably literally the last secret because we could see there that Emma truly let go of her urge to know what’s going on (which she usually have regarding everything) and say the right words at the right time. Words that will probably prevent Hook from keeping things from her ever again. Because the fear of what Emma may think of him was always the reason for Hook’s secrets. She is now so sure of her feelings and his redemption that she is willing to say these words with confidence, without the need to know all the facts first.

This is maybe one of Emma’s biggest changes during the entire show. A girl who always needed to be in control and to know all the facts before she comes to a decision put her trust unconditionally with someone else.

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Full “CS + word” list made so far