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all your thoughts about every fic you have with baby siegbert in it GO

Oh, I had to go check on how many baby Seig fics I actually have posted (some WIPs came to mind but don’t currently apply).

The most obvious one is Wasn’t It Yesterday, where lil’ Seig’s the focus for the limited 3rd person POV.

When I first concocted this fic, all the fan meta of Marx’s parenting was going through my mind- particularly the theory that baby Seig would almost always be in his arms. Also I wanted to show some quality moments of him with his mama, since the game only really develops the kid-father relationship. From there is was mostly choosing what situations could be fun to read about. The scene with the tenma was inspired by my memories of my little brother and his fear of big dogs, as well as Seig’s parents beign horse people. The second chapter was inspired by my own memories of my father’s shaven face vs beard, and youtube videos of babies crying at shaving foam. (this fic’s going to be completed this month, on a certain bday)

Not sure if the final chapter of Taijitu counts since Seigbert’s still a bun in the oven- but he is there and Marx is sappy.

Overall, other than trying to keep Seigbert’s dialogue appropriate for his age… Since my OTP is Marx/Hinoka, one thing that’s on my mind is the fact that Seig’s a racially mixed child. As a baby he wouldn’t notice as much, but being caught in that liminal space between two cultures is always in the background. If I ever wrote a fic with him older and more aware I’d definitely dive deeper into that in addition to the whole princely pressures.

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