inspirational reminders

Going to the beach with Shawn

A/N: I am living for those pictures of Shawn at the beach and couldn’t help taking inspiration from them.

  • You reminding him to bring sunscreen.
  • Because you know he will get sunburned.
  • You asking him if you can drive his jeep to the beach.
  • Him laughing at you while opening the passenger’s door.
  • “I don’t think so”
  • Applying sunscreen evenly on his face while he scrunches his nose.
  • And getting to massage the sunscreen ALL. OVER. HIS. BACK.
  • “Babe, don’t you want me to return the favor?” While wriggling his eyebrows.
  • His picking you up over his shoulder and taking to you the sea.
  • And while he is walking to the water you take the chance and pinch his butt.
  • “Hey!” He laughs pinching yours too.
  • Shawn pretending as he is not going to throw you but does it anyways.
  • Underwater kisses. OMG.
  • Then going back under one of those beach umbrellas and laying on top of him.
  • Fixing his hair band.
  • Just being able to detail the bod, basically.
  • Seeing the red spots developing on his nose and top of his cheeks, and realizing he indeed sunburned even though you applied the biggest amount of sunscreen on.
  • Putting aloe where he got sunburned while he whines.
  • “Y/n, it hurts a lot”
  • “Shawn, if I don’t do it, it will be worse tomorrow”
  • Him cuddling in the night but you being afraid of rubbing his skin too harshly by accident.
  • “I don’t care. I need you close”


there is a universe right outside of your window, but there is no monster under your bed.

there are a thousand stars in that sky, and not a single one of them believes you are insignificant. 

there are more than a million songs playing around the world at this very moment, and every one is written by someone who’s cried themselves to sleep at least once.

there is no known end to space, so breathe and understand that a school test won’t end it all.

find yourself in the stars, in the music, in the universe. 

  1. wake up earlier and watch the sunrise
  2. pet more dogs
  3. write more in my journal
  4. smile more (at strangers and friends)
  5. read more books
  6. replace “i’m sorry” with “thank you” when possible
  7. give more compliments
  8. travel !
  9. let go of past mistakes
  10. kiss someone
  11. go to a concert
  12. visit museums and art galleries
  13. spend less time on social media 
  14. stop worrying about numbers (grades, followers, etc)
  15. drink more water
  16. be softer and more full of love

Not to make light of the everything that is the No Man’s Land sequence, but one of my favorite moments in Wonder Woman is a small, nearly forgettable moment, and the one I would argue at its core is Most Diana™️. After Veld is liberated and before they’re getting ready to go to the Gala, Charlie finally falters, expressing his self-doubt at joining them after choking earlier.

And Diana - kind, good, darling Diana - she smiles and laughs, not in a way that mocks or belittles, but rather expresses a purity and sincerity.

“Oh Charlie,” she breathes, “Then who will sing for us?”

With such a simple, seemingly innocent gesture, she reminds us of her true superpower. Yes, she’s strong. She’s a fierce warrior, she can fight like a badass and make us cry while watching her deflect bullets and swing a sword, but more than that, more than making us believe in her, she makes us believe in ourselves

Wonder Woman inspires and reminds us of the goodness within; of our own value, strength, and significance.  She reminds Charlie of his own worth. That he is more than an eye behind a lens and a finger above a trigger. That a moment of weakness doesn’t define us, any more than our pasts, and she lifts him out of that insecurity effortlessly. - via @counterpunches (x)

See all the positivity posts you read? The ones about self care and self love and validation? All those posts apply to you too, those aren’t just for everyone else. You are just as important and just as deserving as anyone else and I want you to know that. If you’re reading this, please don’t exclude yourself from the positivity. It is meant FOR you. You DO matter. You ARE included. 

Don’t focus on getting even, ever. Do what you know is right; show kindness, smile, help others; for everything else, allow karma to take care of it.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
Reminders for myself:

I am allowed to occupy space. If someone has a problem with me merely existing, that is their problem not mine. That person is the one who needs to work out their emotions. I do not have to make myself small for the comfort of someone else.

I am allowed to recover. Anyone who tears me down for recovering is not someone I want around me. The people I want around me will celebrate my recovery with me.

I am allowed to be comfortable. I do not have to put someone else’s comfort before mine, especially when it comes to my health. I do not have to stay silent when someone makes me feel uncomfortable.

I am allowed to put myself first.