inspirational ranger quotes

One of the last words of a Zordon from Lord Drakkon’s universe before dying. Inspirational given that it teaches a good lesson. 

If there are enough people in the world willing to do the right thing, evil will always lose even if the results are not immediate or come in the way we expect.  Even if those we see as champions of good fail, there will always be someone willing to pick up where they left off and try again and never stop until victory is achieved. So never let despair and defeat cloud your mind, even in these dark times of hate and selfishness, there are still people out there who care.

What makes this conversation all the more important is that Zordon is speaking to himself from the main timeline. #Spoilers

Prime Zordon is in despair as he feels that the actions of his counterpart failed because he underestimated the power of evil. But the rebuttal of his counterpart is that he underestimates the power of good, even in situations where it seems there is no hope, showing the arrival of Billy and Tommy from the Prime universe to Drakkon’s world in the future as proof.