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Which half of your otp tries to seduce the other half with a romantic candlelight dinner and which half sends the ‘lemme smash’ video with a shitty winking emoji

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If Himaruya hidekaz’s art can go from


you can too :)

EDIT: Stupid ol’ me thought the second picture was Hima’s work. That picture belongs to @cioccolatodorima ! (No wonder they got Hetalia fandom’s artist of the year 2016 :P)

Their art is the PERFECT representation of Hima’s art, but here’s some ACTUAL canon art!

But seriously, check them out. Cioccolatodormia’s art is AWESOME! :D

i have super bad art block right now so here’s 300+ words about England Loving Dog Shows Too Much i wrote on too little sleep

in my mind england is a religious watcher of dog shows and acts like a football dad whenever he’s watching one. he supports corgis the most (the royal family has a bunch) and would probably sock you if you shit talked any of them. germany is his very dedicated dog show-watching partner, occasionally they have extra people dragged along like prussia and france and america but no one gets what the heck these guys are so pumped about. honestly any extra watchers just either get scared or try to record these two grown men getting to near tears over dogs. england doesn’t do this anymore but he did used to bet on dog shows and he usually did pretty well. he stopped after he lost nearly £800 on a bad day to france, and even now france still occasionally lords it over him. 

england is banned from at least one pub in both the uk and the usa for drunkenly demanding them to change the channel to the dog show. he’s also probably gotten into a bar fight at least once in the rare times the bartender actually changes the channels for him and he gets to watch. just imagine this angry young-looking man, gin staining his favorite totally hip and stylish argyle sweater vest, being dragged off by the cops screaming stuff like “did you just insult that dog’s fine coat? that beautiful beast was probably a better addition to the animal kingdom than your uncultured arse!! do you even have eyes, you fucking tosser?!!!” like… god this freaking guy lmfao. america bails him out if he’s in the states, otherwise england’s secretary has to make a very apologetic phone call to the cops to bail his nation out for the night.

most nations actually keep tabs on dog show dates because they need to know when they have to block england’s phone number so he doesn’t drunkenly rant/celebrate to them about the results afterwards. ok i’m going to stop here but seriously. england loving dog shows.

America: I think I’m the most like Aaron Burr!

Canada: YOU?! Oh, reeeaaally? You?! The person who always has to make his opinion the first heard and the loudest? You, who tells everyone your feelings whether or not we care? You, you self centered power hungry drama queen– you who’s name should be changed to Alfred NEVER shuts up JOnes!!!– YOU are most like AARON freakin’ BURR?

America: :/…. Well. I guess not. Bro Wow.   

Stay back, I’ll protect you

Depth Over Distance

For my favourite person on her birthday. Happy birthday, Maplevogel!  You said you wanted a domestic piece so I hope this counts.  A little bit of sharing and caring and patience.  

Inspired by the song ‘Depth Over Distance’ by Ben Howard.

Depth Over Distance

The hinges on the door squeaked in warning as Canada pushed it open.  The house was stale and dim but he could hear the ‘click, click, click’ of an oscillating fan in the distance.


He slipped out of his shoes and dropped his suitcase on the worn hardwood.

“Gilbert?  I’m home.  Where are you?”

He squinted into the kitchen as he passed and sighed at the pile of cardboard boxes and garbage. The stove was blackened, the coffee pot was filled with noodles, and the sink was stacked with unwashed dishes.  

He knew what that meant.

Canada squared his shoulders and marched up the staircase with his heart in his throat. Kumajirou was sitting outside their bedroom door with his nose scrunched up in displeasure.  Canada tapped him on the head twice before pushing the door open.

The hinges seemed to screech even louder than before in the silence.

“Gilbert?  Are you in here?”

“No,” the bundle of blankets on their bed replied.  

“Are you sure?” Canada asked, sitting down on the edge of the mattress.  Prussia had drawn the curtains but he could see piles of clothes and more unwashed dishes scattered around the room.

“No,” the blankets repeated.

Canada bit his lip and tried not to laugh.

“No, you’re not here?  Or no, you’re not sure?”

Prussia peeked out from under the covers and blinked at him.

“…  Both?”

Canada chuckled, he could not help himself, and reached out to smooth his tousled hair.

“Bad day, then?”

“Bad week,” Prussia pouted, but he leaned into his hand.  “I missed you.”

Canada hummed in understanding.  He had missed Prussia too.  But he knew that it was more than that.

“Are you going to get up?”

“…  I don’t want to get up today.”

Canada clucked his tongue and nudged Prussia until he scooched over.

“Then move,” Canada said.  “I want in.”

Prussia raised the corner of the blankets and Canada slithered underneath.  He wrapped his arms around Prussia and pressed wet kisses to his shoulder and collarbone.  

Prussia clutched the back of his suit jacket.

His hands were shaking.

“I’m sorry you had a bad week,” Canada mumbled against his skin.  “You should have told me.  I would have come home sooner.”

“I know.  That’s why I didn’t tell you.”

“You’re an idiot.”

“Yeah, but I’m your idiot.”

Canada smiled even though he felt like crying.

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“Happy Birthday Veneziano and Romano!”  


(Credits to transparentalia for the transparents. Original art belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya)