inspirational flyer

To fans around Tumblr:

Whether you’re a fellow Pen fan or a die hard Flyer fan,
A Crosby lover or a Crosby hater,
A Kane lover or Kane hater,
A Marchand lover or a Marchand hater,
A Bruins fan or a Islanders fan,

If you are feeling sad, unhappy, alone, or just need to vent; my messages are open and my ears are free. I will listen, and even if I can’t cheer you up, I’ll do my best to make you smile.
You’re important, you’re loved, and you deserve every happiness you want.

anonymous asked:

I'm with you in that, I can't understand how furries can find female characters attractive when they have clearly inhuman facial features. Like, if it's just cat ears, that's just window dressing to me, but muzzles and snouts don't do anything for me.

One of the larger counterpoints to my opinion is from broads who think it’s bad and sexist to draw female othercreatures as hot chicks with stripey faces or whatever, when the male of the species is usually a no-necked muscleblob with seventeen eyes and a proboscis mouth.  But see, as you just mentioned, that doesn’t do anything for my penis.

 So I sez to the broads I sez: “Daddy doesn’t have time for this. Daddy worked hard all day at the coal mines and just wants to look at pretty things with discernably fuckable anatomy. Here’s a flyer with inspirational messages in it, and five dollars for a latte, leave daddy alone.”


Droid #342

Droid Flyer - Minke Class.

Little whale inspired droid flyer today. Bought myself a few Letraset Promarkers yesterday so wanted to try them out - verdict: not a patch on Copics. Nowhere near as good saturation.