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Mixtape: Get Your Thunder Back

Hey, you. 

You’re probably going through something tougher than your mom’s cookie dough right now. You’re thinking why does this have to happen? Why am I capable of feeling all of these things? Why does the universe think that my heart is designed to carry all of this weight around? You don’t want to bear with it anymore. But listen, giving up on yourself isn’t an option.

It should never be an option. Yes, you don’t have to prove yourself to everyone else. But, you have to show them that nothing and nobody can gust your tower down. You were born with a thunder above your head to do all the things that makes you happy and that keep you sane. Don’t let anything take it away from you. 

And for that… I made you a playlist about it, babe. 

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i was originally 127 (i’m 5'2" btw) and i now weight 114. i found out a week ago that i lost 13 lbs. my older sister is a bio major and it’s also common sense that changing your diet is the easiest way to lose weight. beginning of last year i was eating carbs but about the size of my fist. it wasn’t until both of my sisters started a low carb diet. i don’t believe in fad diets so i researched how to lose weight and gain muscle. turns out a low carb diet is the way to go. i dropped all carbs, ate a lot greens and protein (portions is key)with the intake of 8 cups of water a day plus 2-3 times a week of cardio. i noticed my body slimmed down a lot because i have never seen my ribs since the age of 11. it’s honestly good to know i’m in healthy shape.

transparency is key.

you want to win people over? stop trying to be who everyone wants you to be. be yourself. proudly and confidently. There are people out there looking to connect with people like you. Who are like you. Who have gone or are going through the same struggles as you. You want to change the world, you want to change your life? Success is found through the relationships you build, the connections you make. If you want to change the world, go home and love your family. And once you are full of love, you will realize that its all everyone wants and needs. We all want to succeed. We all want happiness. We all want love. We all suffer. Stop worrying about how the world affects you and focus on affecting the world. Give to the world and you will get it back 10 fold. Do it genuinely, humbly and happily.