Its alright to stop for a while
or even for a long time
You will miss people
you had and have still

You will be sad
to remember the days
You used to be mad,
carefree and dazed

As if this world
is not actually the world
As if the reality you know
wasn’t as real as it is now

We wont understand
everything or anything

But it is okay.

To miss people
who wont miss you back
To look for yourself
as if she could leave

—  Pause, janinamarean
People do not need fixing and even if they did,
we do not have the tools to do so.
Blood does not equate to glue and
love does not mend like stitches.
Human beings are meant to live with some
bumps and bruises in places we often keep hidden.
We are not glass dolls to be kept up high on shelves,
and we do not shatter when we fall.
Skin and bones make up impenetrable homes,
we are not weak and we do not shake against
the forces that aim to defeat us.
People do not break–
you are not broken.
Maybe there will be bad days that scratch you up,
maybe there will be mistakes that haunt you,
maybe there will be choices that change you,
but you will never be in permanent pieces.
Your heart is too strong for that and
that is not saying there won’t be times when
you will feel so beat you no longer want to go on,
but in those moments, know that you can.
Know that you were built to overcome anything–
you are not invincible but you are the next best thing,
you are resilient;
you bend instead of break and you shine instead of burn.
Whatever it is that is fighting you will not win
because you have overcome far too much
to let anything wear you thin.
—  Unbreakable