inspiration: lighting

filming choices....

this shot of Sherlock in TLD (in the morgue of Culvertons hospital, when he realises that Faith never was at 221B) is very prominent in choice of framing and lighting….

we saw this kind of lighting only twice before

Sherlock in HLV in his MP after being shot by Mary

CAM in HLV in the “Appledore vaults” which are in fact his MP

Both times related to mind palaces… 

I know he is shattered in TLD and devastated by drugs …. but what he experiences in that scene is (on the surface level) actually NOT the realisation of having been in his MP! If anything fake!Faith has been an illusion!! And his MP has never been an illusion!!!

But couldn’t that moment of horror in TLD also be a crack in the surface… ?

Sherlock realising that this doesn’t make any sense if it is not in his MP, one of his mind experiments, the script of a mind play… Sherlock realising that he isn’t really living and experiencing all this, but that it takes place in his mind and why… because he’s actually still back here:

sidenote (and maybe he even then realises that he has to wake up…?)

sidenote 2 (is it possible that that’s the reason everything goes wild afterwards?? Sherlock “going wild” in his mind, exhaust the boundries to “break free”??? Just a thought…)

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