Good morning or afternoon or evening! I woke up, ate, and opened my blog. And what I saw? I have 502 readers! I can not express my joy in words! I love you all very much and I will try to please you every day, my favorite! Thank you for reading my blog, you will not be disappointed! You are very important to me and I can not express all my love to you! Love and kisses, Helen.

Heeeeey SOMEONE ! Look HERE ! Good afternoon dear madams and sirs ^___^

I want to share my happiness with you !)

All good news comes to me at morning and this morning can’t to be an exclusion !)

I’ve opened my tumblr-blog and saw that I have 1001 followers !

It was unbelievable ! I can’t express all my feelings , it’s something magical , it’s like Thranduil and Thorin was at my bedroom  hah :) 

What I can say about this all ? Maybe I’m not wordy , but you are all my favourite people ! We are like pieces of the Earth and you took a big part of my heart !

We are like a big family in which every person is unique !

I’m proud of our acquaintance and I hope you’ll be with me for a long time !

During all this time I could not imagine that I’ll find a lot of people like me, with similar interests and hobbies !) You know our hobbies are Tom Hiddleston,Robert Downey Jr,Lee Pace,Richard Armitage ,etc. )

I love you with all my heart !

                                                                                Love and kisses, Helen.