sagequeen  asked:

What first inspired you to run for office, despite the boundaries you knew you would face as a Latina woman in politics?

Growing up, my family was very involved in our community. Our door was always open and our phone was always available to anyone who needed help. My father would ride his bike all over town to talk to people, engage with them and fight for them. When he was discriminated against because he was Hispanic, someone opened doors for him and that’s why he opened doors for others.

But it wasn’t until I went into private practice as a lawyer many years later that I realized– after I did a pro bono case for a couple trying to save their property – that I wanted to fight for vulnerable people who were looking for somebody to stand up for them. I ran for office to represent people, their stories and their struggles.

futureteacher19  asked:

What inspired you to run for office? What can I do today that will help me work towards a political job in the future? Thank you!

I worked for former Nevada Governor Bob Miller and eventually, I ended up making the decision to run for attorney general. It got to the point where I realized that I’ve done all the stuff behind the scenes, and it was time to stand up and fight for the issues I care about.

My advice is to get involved, stay active, and be true to your passions! My office is currently accepting applications for interns – visit my website at: if you’re interested in learning more.

“I’ll protect you… no matter what” 

Motivation is broken into two parts: wanting something and believing you can achieve it; you need both to be successful in whatever it is you’re aiming for. Always believe in yourself. Call me crazy, but I think that is more powerful than anything.
—  one of my doctoral supervisors when discussing the importance of helping our clients find their strengths