Here’s my poster for the #1989TourBatonRouge. I had the pleasure of seeing Taylor perform just weeks after Tim McGraw was released. Taylor stayed after the concert and took a picture with every single person that wanted one. We were there for hours and she didn’t care. I became the most loyal fan that day. Every album, every performance, every post she’s made since has only made me admire and love her more. Through every difficult time in my life, Taylor and her her music have helped me through it- through high school dramas that I thought were the end of the world, to my dad passing this year and it actually being the end of my world. Taylor’s dedication to her fans makes me want to be a better person and I look forward to the day I get to play her music for my daughter and let her see what an inspiring, strong, role model she is. Tonight will be the first time I’ve ever been able to see Taylor up close (thanks to my family, I’ll be sitting front stage left). It would mean the world to me to be able to meet Taylor again and thank her for the impact she’s had on my life over the last 9 years!

INSTAGRAM 22.05.2015 nuestaron UPDATE

much love and thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! thank you for always believing in me, inspiring me, and supporting me. although i’m not perfect, i promise to work harder to become a better person and entertainer. love you all! 생일축하해주셔서 너무 감사드려요 여러분! 항상 저를 믿어주시고, 응원해주셔서 너무 감사해요. 아직까지 많이 부족하지만, 앞으로도 더 좋은 사람, 그리고 더 좋은 아티스트 될수있도록 열심히하겠습니다! 사랑합니다!#nuest #aron #thankyou


I love you Taylor!! I’m a swiftie for 5 years already and I’m literally obsessed with your music. You inspired me to be a better person and I thank you for that. I always wanted to go to your concert and if lucky, to meet you. But due to financial issues. I was not able to attend your past 2 concerts here in Manila. You taught me to be kind and humble to everyone I encounter in life. I’m super happy for the swifties here on tumblr who get to meet you. I hope someday I’ll be one of your fans who you want to meet on tour. I love you so much Taylor. Hope to see you soon. taylorswift

Hey Taylor! It’s me Ebony! I made this post with some of my best friends! We all love you very much! We put together a little something for you and I hope you like it! Meagan, Grace, Dani, Jess, Zoe, Maggie and I have some short messages for you and we hope you’ll see them. We love you!

Hey Tay! Ebony here! I just wanted to tell you how much I love you and thank you. Thank you for making me extremely happy for the past 7 years. You mean the WORLD to me. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I’ll see you Decemebr 11th in Melbourne! LOVE YOU!! -Ebony (Me)

Taylor! Hey babe! I just want to tell you, that I am eternally grateful for everything you’ve done for me. Your support and love has gotten me through so much, and everyday you inspire me to be a better person. Thank you so much for the package. I love you so so much, see you in December (I’m going Dec 5th Brisbane concert) - Meagan.




Taylor, you said that you were obsessed with how happy I look and I just want you to know that I am obsessed with how happy you look too! - Love you so much Taylor. See you December 7th and 8th! -Zoe


Hey Taylor, thank you so much for absolutely everything especially these past few months with Valentines Day and everything. I honestly don’t know how I could ever thank you. I love you more than words could ever say. Forever and Always, Dani xx P.S see you December 5th babe.


Hey Tay! I’m Maggie and I’m 15. I love you so much and I hope you know that. Supporting you ALL THE WAY. P.s I can’t wait to see you on the 28th of November in Sydney!


Hey Taylor it’s Jess here I just wanna say I love you more then words can explain, and I’m so grateful to have you here for me every day and I’m always gonna be here for you. Can’t wait to see you on December 7th in Adelaide on tour ! sending you a huge hug ! (Jess wanted to say more but it couldn’t all fit)


anonymous asked:

How do you get the inspiration for the Nuzlocke character's personalities?

I had a procedure, actually.  I have ceased to follow it, because it got restrictive and I pulled better ideas out of the aether, but I used to have one.  What I used to do was every time I caught a Pokémon I would use a random number generator to roll a D&D-style alignment for them (Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic + Good/Neutral/Evil) and that combined with their nature was their personality.  Like, Ruby is Bold and Lawful Evil, which hopefully makes sense, and Spruce is Rash and Chaotic Good.  Melissa was Jolly and I had no idea what to do with her until I rolled Lawful Neutral for her and thought “well, okay, obviously she needs to be in fanatical service to a terrifying amoral entity.”  It made sense at the time.  Luna was Impish and Chaotic Evil and come on that writes itself.  Now though I mostly just do whatever works in the context of the story, because there’s enough already there that it’s a better source of inspiration than a random number generator.  Usually I pester Jim the Editor about it and we talk about it and eventually I come up with something that’s at right angles to whatever either of us originally had in mind.


So I haven’t posted in a while, as I’ve been crazy busy at work and therefore missed a few gym sessions as well. Which sucks, but I’ve kept my diet strict and when I have had a chance to go to the gym, I trained like a gorilla that’s been blue balled.
Today I hit back and bis, then finished with a hardcore abs workout with my home boy eatright-liftheavy. We smashed through back and I felt so much better for doing it, you know, the “I can take on the world” type of feeling you get after destroying your workout.
So let me explain these pictures, on the left was after a month of so of working out. It was taken on December 10th and I was impressed back then at the definition…. Now the picture on the right was today, I was astounded at the progress I’ve made! I often question is the dieting and early morning gym sessions worth it and then I see results like these and I guess it speaks for itself.
I hope that anyone who reads this or sees these pictures becomes inspired as they inspired me to train harder and set a higher standard of personal goals not just in the gym but in my life as well. Have a great weekend everyone.

My mother taught me that
mind readers only exist in the
circus and that life is too short
to let someone slip away because
you’re too afraid to say,
“I want you. I need you. You
make me a better person.”
And that sometimes heart-to-heart
conversations will make you
realize that there are still
good people in this world, no
matter how much you don’t want
to believe it. She taught me that
love doesn’t have to be
reciprocated and that if you
don’t swear at last twice a day
you’re probably not human. She
showed me that knowing what
you deserve and loving what you
deserve were two entirely different
things. You can deserve the world
but love the way a single continent
feels upon your lips.

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This course cuts through the soft-focus fantasies around working for yourself, like getting sand in your laptop or day-drinking with wealthy clients, and instead, teaches you how to master the pragmatic details of running a one-person business.

Download it here:

Maedhros and Fingon.

Cell-shaded personal project. This piece was inspired by the following part in the Silmarillion:

But Fingon climbed to the foot of the precipice where his kinsman hung, and then could go no further; and he wept when he saw the cruel device of Morgoth. Maedhros therefore, being in anguish without hope, begged Fingon to shoot him with his bow; and Fingon strung an arrow, and bent his bow. And seeing no better hope he cried to Manwe, saying: ‘O King to whom all birds are dear, speed now this feathered shaft, and recall some pity for the Noldor in their need!’

I really want to draw one more Silmarillion illustration, but I have SO many ideas inspired by at least 20 scenes, that I cannot decide on a single one. So, I am asking for your help, gals and guys, if you are interested.

Please suggest some scenes from the Silmarillion that you would like me to possibly illustrate. I will illustrate —in a cell-shaded style— one of your requested scenes in the next month or so.

I ask only one thing:

  • The scene should be of elves up to the end of the Second Age (please no Third or Fourth age scenes, cause I don’t like that time, sadly). The scene can contain humans/dwarves/orcs, as long as an Elf (male or female) is in it as well, preferably as the main focus.

Thanks so much! I am looking greatly forward to your suggestions.


What is a Soulmate?

Well, it’s like a best friend, but more. It’s the one person in the world who knows you better than anyone else.

It’s someone who makes you a better person. Actually, they don’t make you a better person, you do that yourself because they inspire you.

A soulmate is someone who you carry with you forever.

It’s the one person who knew you and accepted you and believed in you before anyone else did or when no one else would 

And no matter what happens, you’ll always love them. Nothing can ever change that.

Inspired by (x)

taylorswift you make me so so so happy and im incredibly proud of you like what you’ve achieved in your career and life itself. you inspire people everyday and personally you’ve inspired me to become a more positive person and to love myself more and accept myself for who i really am. i don’t think i can ever thank you enough but really, THANK YOU.
i couldn’t have asked for a better role model, i love you.

ps : my birthday is in less than two months (june 20) and it would mean so MUCH LIKE IT WOULD HONESTLY MAKE ME SO EXTREMELY HAPPY if you’d notice me by then. I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU


Hi Taylor my name is Kateryna and you mean the world to me,You always been a inspiration to me and to other people you have helped me in so many ways I been bullied in the past and you’re music has helped me so much, right now things are really tough in my life but you always know how to cheer me up, I went to the red tour last year on July 20 and it was the best even though it rained and thunderstormed like crazy! I used to live in Ukraine and things are very different i used to live in a home without parents all i had was my orphan friends. When I first came to America you’re music has always made me a better person I danced and sang, I never stopped. Taylor I love you so much, you are funny, gorgeous, talented, amazing, unique, flawless, and so much more. You are my role model and inspiration. You are beyond amazing. You are so beautiful You are so caring and you love everyone, you just learned to just shake off the hate and be fearless. Music is a way of expressing your emotions. I love your music every piece of it. Along the way, you had your ups and downs. You tried very hard and succeeded. That’s why I Love you. You get hate, but you dont let it get to you. You never changed for anyone. You are yourself. You have won many awards you truly deserve them. When I watch videos of fans receiving gifts from you or meeting you and they begin to cry, I cry too. If that was me, I wouldn’t know what to do ill probly pass out! Just the thought of meeting you makes me almost cry. You are so so generous, it blows my mind! I been a fan since you’re first album, and I watched you grow up into a great role modeI I’m always going to be here for you every album you make, every video, and every tour! I’m so thankful to have you in my life. Love you so much Taylor! thank you for everything forever and always ~Kateryna taylorswift

Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom. The major value in life is not what you get. The major value in life is what you become. Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become.
—  Jim Rohn

Happy birthday Astrid Kirchherr! (5/20/1938)

A truly beautiful person inside and out, who continues to create and inspire even in her 70s. 

“(George) was a little boy (when The Beatles were in Hamburg). They were all so young and I was so different. I was a few years older, I had my own flat, my own car, my own career. They hadn’t met anyone like me before. I was quite nice to look at, so they thought wow, yeah, and jumped at the chance when I invited them back to my flat. In some ways I was more like a mother figure. When George was being deported for being underage and not having a work permit, I looked after him, drove him to the airport. When the others spent a night in jail, for setting fire to some place, I took them bread and cared for them. They were my friends.”

STEAL THIS IDEA: Random Adventure Hooks

  • A man with a secret and his terminally ill nephew “accidentally” interrupt a sniper’s attempt to assassinate a person of influence. When the entities behind the attempted assassination learn of the failure, they suspect something more in what happened. The man and nephew have taken to the mountains to escape pursuers, will the party have better luck in finding them before others do? And why are these two so important anyway?
  • A summoner had it all. With the devil under her command, and the artifact securely in her possession, the poltergeists that struggled against her efforts could be kept at bay. But when a group of random “heroes” destroyed the site that (unknown to her) powered the artifact, things just fell apart. Do the heroes even know what they’ve done? What they’ve set loose? And how can she regain the control she so desperately covets?
  • She could have expected to be bitten by the werewolf. But she never thought the beast would hunt down and kill the cleric that was her only chance of reversing the horrible effects. Now she’s alone in a dark forest, and the only option she’s aware of is a legendary sorcerer, a Timewalker, in a nearby town. The problem is, the town is in ruins, infested with the undead, and the sorcerer is a vampire that went into hiding over a century ago. Time’s running out, but at least she hears voices nearby. Maybe they can help… and do they really need to know the truth of why she so desperately needs the vampire’s help?
  • Heroes are made, not born. And one of our heroes has a secret. There was always a risk of the truth coming back around. A truth involving a love spell, seduction, a prison capable of holding both the psychic and the arcane… and the tiny matter of a gamble on an unsuspecting soul. But the truth couldn’t come at a worse time. There’s no rest for the wicked, and no haven for the “hero” who can’t face their own mistakes.
  • What happens when the daughter of a devil and the son of a celestial find love in the heart of a thriving city? Neither knew the truth of what the other was, both having been magically hidden from the outsider parent. What can a group of heroes do when the truth is discovered? And what happens when their otherworldly families decide to claim their progeny, corrupt/redeem the other lover, and bring their war to the streets of the City of the Kings (which just so happens to have long been protected by disguised fey clans).          

I just made these up. Any similarity with existing stories is completely by accident. As such, they are free for the taking and can be used by you or anyone you know in your own games or even novels. I lay no claim to these ideas, and hereby give them over royalty-free, openly and happily to the community I love.

If you do end up using any of these ideas (or being inspired by them), then I’d love to hear which one(s) and how you used them!

Check out Tabletop Gaming Resources for more art, tips and tools for your game!

UPDATE: I just thought to add something. If you like this style of writing, if these sorts of plots interest you, then you will probably enjoy my approach to DMing. These are ideas that I came up with in about 10 minutes. My games are evolved forms of stories like these that I’ve evolved over many years. So, you know, if interested then I recommend keeping an eye out for other things I’ve shared.

Stelena’s last scene was a testament to the beauty of their love story. Elena’s speech to Stefan was so genuine and real because all of it was true. Stefan came into her life when she was lost and broken and dead inside and being with Stefan changed all that. The instant they bumped into each other, her life changed. How does it get any better than that? That meeting someone can change everything. But that is what Stelena is. That kind of love can change your whole life. Everything turned around in that moment, the sun came out and the world shifted. She was brought back to life, just as he was. He saved her life in every way imaginable. Healed her. Inspired her to find joy and to feel alive again. You should love the person that makes you glad you’re alive. He wasn’t the center of her life, the only thing that mattered, or her identity. He inspired her. Allowed her to be herself, wholly, completely. To grow in her friendships, her family, to become a better person. I really think Stefan brought out the best in her, grew her courage, her bravery, her compassion. She always had it, but he inspired it further. Because they were a team in their kindness and goodness. She flourished with Stefan. 

Their last location together is so telling. It reflects again how valuable Elena views her choice, and how deeply she values Stefan being the one person who always fought for it. How important that memory is for her, even now. So many things about it show why she loves Stefan. How he would bring her places, taking her away, so that she could accept her situation, be honest with herself, face it, and ultimately find closure and acceptance with it. That he understood the importance of her last moments of being human. That this is the place he said he wanted to be with her forever. And mostly, that he understood her better than anyone. She didn’t need to say anything. He knew. But she needed to say it, and he knew that.

You knew me better than anyone. You always have. This is so important. Its not her brother, or her friends, no, its Stefan. Because their souls connected even that first day. He understood her in a way no one else did. Do you ever mean it? 1x01 - Stefan is the only one who noticed her facade. And she finally was able to let it down with him. A soulmate is someone who knows you better than anyone else. Who knows the depth of your soul and who you are, the good and the bad, sometimes better than you know yourself. Nothing compares to that, because Damon and her will never have that intimacy, that truth, that connection. He’ll never know her the way Stefan does, just as Caroline will never truly know Stefan. Its impossible. Stelena are so connected, so intertwined, its an unspoken connection. It can’t be learned. It just is. 

And even now, Elena still loves Stefan so much. I never stopped loving you. Its not like I don’t love Stefan anymore. I will always love you. Loving Stefan is a part of her. It will always be there, deep within. That love is endless. It will stay with her forever. And Stefan didn’t need to say it back. You could see it in his smile, his eyes, his heart. She already knows he loves her. I will always love you, Elena. 

Not to mention the fact that they have the best way about them, the way they joke with each other and give each other those knowing, loving, understanding looks. How they find joy and laughter even in the grimmest of times. Because now you’re a puny human again. The way she easily reaches out for his hands, and he helps her down. I know it won’t be high school. They know each other so well, and they truly are best friends but more. They will be soul mates forever. They have everything that makes up a soul mate, but its not just on paper. You just see it, you know it, feel it. Thats the beauty of Stelena. They just are.


Just two days ago, I passed my personal followers goal. One which I thought was impossible to achieve when I first started but I did it~ /throws confetti/ hehe and what better way to celebrate then to make a follow forever. I started taehyungbye one and half years ago with just a basic b&w picture edited using picmonkey (x) and woah have i evolved. And it’s thanks to the blogs I’m following :) Thank you for not only making my dash more awesome but also inspiring me in my gif and edit making.



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and also not forgetting my dear followers~ Thank you for still following TAEHYUNGBYE and putting up with my weird feels outbursts. I take forever to answer my asks so thank you for putting up with that too. I know I promised a giveaway the second time round but ahha…. I’m a poor college student who doesn’t even have enough money to buy new clothes ;;;;; So maybe next time ^^