*I’m Luke in this scenario, wherein I’m happy and drunk, and I just want to celebrate with everyone and spread some love all around!

After being on this site for almost 8 years, I recently reached a follower milestone and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank a lot of people by doing my first follow forever! I’ve only became super active when I officially joined the Shadowhunters fandom a few months ago. With that in mind, most of the people I would like to thank are those that made my experience here worthwhile, and also those that gave me lots of inspiration and motivation through the beautiful content they share—fanfics, gifs, edits/graphics, etc. It was because of you that I finally rekindled my love for writing after neglecting it for years, and also the reason for me to learn how to make my own gifs and experiment with photoshop (which is so enjoyable and fun, so thanks for that!).

The list of people here are a mix of those who I admire from afar, those who I recently became friends and mutuals with, and those who are part of my lovely Shadowhunters family (#our loft in Brooklyn). Here’s a lil shoutout to all of you, for being such lovely and amazing people!

[ohh and to my other followers, I just want you to know that even if I don’t mention you all here and I don’t follow you back, I see you and I still appreciate all of you. You all mean the world to me! So, thank you so much for all the love, everyone xx]

***I feel like I missed a few people. So, if I miss anyone, I’m so sorry and please tell me so I could add you here!


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Aviate now @ Yahoo

by Adam Cahan, SVP Mobile and Emerging Products

Today, at CES, we announced the acquisition of Aviate, a company that shares our vision for simple and intelligent mobile experiences. The Aviate team has created a product that changes the way users interact with their Android devices by connecting them to information at the moment it’s useful.  We’re thrilled to share what they’ve built and extend it to our users.

We hope to make Aviate a central part of our Android-based experiences in 2014 (and beyond), and we are committed to continued innovation on the product.

What we saw… The average person has screens and screens of apps on their mobile phones, with only a handful of those being used daily. Yet we spend our time swiping from screen to screen, hunting, loading, seeking information; our homescreen (launcher) experiences are far from smart. Think about the repetitive nature of getting in your car every day and launching the same apps, or arriving home and yet the same screens are there. We know there’s a better user experience.

We envision homescreens becoming smarter, more personalized, aware of your context. Aviate helps us bring this vision to life. Aviate auto-categorizes apps on your Android phone and intelligently gathers them into “spaces.”  By using signals to understand your context - WIFI, GPS, Accelerometer, Time, etc - Aviate automatically surfaces information at the moment it’s useful. So whether you’re just waking up, driving, at work, or maybe out for the night, Aviate learns your habits and helps anticipate the information and apps you need - making your phone smarter.

At Yahoo, we want to make everyone’s daily habits more inspiring and entertaining through beautiful, personalized, and innovative products. Aviate fits perfectly with our team and vision. We are excited to welcome Mark, Paul, Will, and the team to Yahoo.

Aviate is still currently in private beta, but we’re opening it up to the first 25,000 people who use code “YAHOO” to celebrate the news.

We’re just getting started, lots more to share in the coming months, so stay tuned.