‘Creation’ Images inspired by John Milton’s Paradise Lost. On exhibition this Sept 9th at Mesa Arts Center. Hope to see you there.

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About the photos coming up...

I have 39 photos in my queue and over 50% of them are of the Manetti Shrem Museum, which opens in November. I am taking a lot of photos now, because outside covered courtyard is bare and the are going to be adding some benches and perhaps other decorative flourishes that will disrupt the flowing shadow lines that so far allowed me to capture some op-art inspired images. You can see what the gorgeous structure will eventually look like here. I still have about another 25 to 50 shots to go through and possible process and share, plus I plan on going back again at different times of the day. Bottom line, you are going to see a lot of Manetti Shrem Museum photos on my Tumbler for a while. And BTW, thank you so much for the great feedback for several of the ones I already shared so far.

While through my Queue I also was taken aback by all the B&W photos. I guess I am a B&W photographer, at least for now.

I will say, maybe I am being a elfish minimalist, but I think the colorful flourishes shown in the proposed layout will detract from the devastatingly elegant drama created by lines, light and shadow in the courtyard.

Oh well. So I get a good three or four photos of the place before it is spoiled. That is a pretty good average overall.

Of course, any and all utilitarian and “artistic” additions may also wind up providing me new possibilities for some great captures. 

Who knows? 


Image 1: Botanical apartments in Phuket Thailand

Image 2: design for wheelchair access on stairs Alliance Francaise de Bangalore 121007  (flickr)

Image 3: Archana Kochhar, from 2013 collection 

Image 4: by Nakimuli

Image 5: From  Journey into the Earth collection by  Lauren Pineda   ((Imagine these as wearagble solar panels!))

Image 6: Cityscape art by Luc Schuiten

Solarpunk inspiration photoset 2 3 4 5 6

Beautify yourself from the inside. Be who you truly are and don’t be afraid to stand for what you believe in. You were born as who you are for a reason; live it fully and entirely.

Don’t lower your standards for anything or anyone.

“Underneath We Are Women” - Showcasing the diversity of women’s bodies and sharing their stories

The AIM; Photograph 100 women. The GOAL; educate thousands!

EDUCATION is key to giving women AND men a better understanding and appreciation for the diversity of the female body and the ways in which it grows, shapes and changes over time and with different life experiences. And what better way to educate than through honest and uplifting photographs of 100 women!

UNDERNEATH, WE ARE… young, fat, tall, WE ARE trans, skinny, disabled, WE ARE mothers, WE ARE short, scarred and old. We are the many labels that society has created for us.
But what if I told you that underneath, underneath it all, I AM… determined, tenacious, strong, capable, loud, resilient… would you see me differently?  
So sure, give us a label, put us in a category, but underneath it all, WE ARE women.

Underneath We Are Women is a project by Australian photographer Amy D. Herrmann

Make time for moments to just sit and allow yourself to feel. Reflect. Clear your mind. Look at your life for what it is, and fall in love with it entirely.