Uranus in the 3rd house - Madness and Magic 

“Every now and then a man’s mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions.”  
 Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.         

The third house Uranus brain is the image of synapses tangled in neon lights that spiral into outer space. Thoughts are wrapped around a channel that catches any idea circulating and fuse tremendous intuition with rationality and imagination. The third house Uranus person does not think outside the box. In fact, the concept of ‘the box’, or a definition of thought altogether is inconceivable. Uranus is electrifying, unpredictable, and genius. The third house astrologically relates to immediate perception, communication, and learning. Maybe the mind is difficult to control and rebels against itself. It may reign in on such profound knowledge that the intellect is forced to catch up. Ideas crackle into consciousness like a lightning bolt over the sea. And these ideas are postcards from the future, innovations that serve humanity and bring forth a new shining light. The individual’s vision of the world is upside down, colourful, kooky, and a little bonkers.

The third house is the astrological home of early education. Because Uranus is wild and unruly, maybe the individual experienced disturbance during his earliest schooling days. He could have been rebellious, defiant, erratically present, or lonely. Teachers may have been challenged and inspired by the individual, but he was too easily unfocused or uncooperative. Maybe he was hard to control or perceived as unusual, he could have shown signs of learning disorder. However, the brilliance of Uranus shatters the laws of logic as we know them. The individual may find it difficult to shape his mind into the confines of mainstream education. While he expresses as distracted, his attention is tuned into a higher dimension of consciousness. It’s like he is too clever to be graded or focused into curriculum. He is alert, awakened, and acutely intelligent. When he is not mentally challenged that brilliant mind cannot inflame and spindle its creative genius. The individual may learn better in solitude, without regulation or limitation. There tends to be unusual and exceptional mental talents that cannot be trained or expressed on command. Maybe he has an eerie ability to remember profound dates in history. Or he can perform an ultra difficult maths equation in a moment. Curiosity is the compass that leads the individual to climb every bookshelf, swim through every chemistry set, and read every wikipedia page. He wants to understand as much about the universe as possible. There could be a tremendous flair for astrology or metaphysical disciplines. He just has to find his genius, and there is a rapturous amazement at the brilliant intelligence of everyday life. The formula in nature, the design of the sky.

Siblings and neighbours are indicated by the third house. Maybe the individual has a strange relationship with siblings, they could be unusual, distant, or remain absent for long periods. The mind with Uranus in the third relates to science and invention. Albert Einstein was born with Uranus in the third house. He described his thinking as being similar to the intuition and fantasy involved in poetry, “It’s the same for a man of science.” he explained  “It is a sudden illumination, almost a rapture. Later, to be sure, intelligence analyzes and experiments confirm or invalidate the intuition. But initially there is a great forward leap of the imagination.” It’s like the mind with Uranus in the third can really dance across constellations and play with thoughts from new horizons. The individual may express obscurely in conversation, maybe even confusing, scattered, or vague. It is important for him to share his opinions and have the opportunity to exchange ideas with others. Although he may fear being outcasted for his thoughts, the third house is a close Gemini community that relishes in bouncing brainwaves back and forth. Because Uranus instigates abrupt change and reversal, the individual may frequently redesign his opinions, beliefs, and conceptions. It is likely these changes will be influenced by the recent experiences in his immediate environment. The information Uranus in the third comes to know releases like a sudden shockwave that blows the particles of intuition, equation, inspiration, ingenuity, and creativity throughout the whole body. Uranus in the third have really thought it all - forward, backward, sideways, into the past, future, and infinite star stuff, riding lightning bolts into galaxies of idea electricity.


This^ - genius people -fancy office -awesome ideas (LIKE HAMILTON) +ramen + tears = me

And here you see a little math equation to describe the joke I like to call: “Life” :D


“I paint my own reality. The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration.”

“There have been two great accidents in my life. One was the trolley, and the other was Diego. Diego was by far the worst.”

“My painting carries with it the message of pain.”

“I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best.”

“Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?”

“I love you more than my own skin.”


A woman with a strong sense of self, inspite of suffering due to an accident in her youth. Frida never let this become a barier in her opportunities in living a joyful and fulfilling life. Like any other woman she dealt with heart break, fell in love… unlike most women she was never able to bear children, dressed as a man and embraced the person she became in the cruel twists of fate that wound up shaping her personality and life.

I think I ended up scanning literally every page of notes I took in lecture that day. That’s never happened before.

Diffy Q 2 will u marry me

OOookay, okay ,okay, I gotta get this off my chest.

I’ve recently gotten into a new anime, and MY GOSH is it wonderful.

Name: Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

I saw that it was a shoujo anime, and I thought to myself, “Eh, why not?”
This show was not what I was expecting and it’s fantastic.

The first episode was a perfect hook as during the first 30 seconds we’re greeted by:

Look at this! This is artwork that just screams “Storybook Fantasy Your Parents Read to You When You Were, Like, 8″. Now, the art isn’t drop dead gorgeous all the time, but if it needs to create atmosphere, it freaking does.
And don’t even get me started on the music. I instantly thought of Old School Disney, and since the title means “Snow White with the Red Hair”, that’s a good thing. And just like the artwork, the music will set the tone for the scene wonderfully. Freaking Whimsy.

Now, enter in our main protagonist:

Enjoying a pleasant stroll through the forest. What’s the first thing she does?

Aaaand I’m sold.
Shirayuki is a women born with unusually bright, red hair. Living in the kingdom of Tanbarun, she works as the town herbalist, concocting remedies and selling medicines. Then, the Prince hears about her and decides he wants her to be his concubine. And whatever the Prince wants, he gets.

What’s our fair maiden to do?

Well, she sets aside any meds the townspeople would need, packs up shop, and books it for the kingdom border. Even better, she cuts her hair and leaves it behind for the greedy Prince to find, sending out the message,”Screw You!” loud and clear.

Already, the tropes and stereotypes I expected are tossed out the window!
Shirayuki is an amazing example of a strong female character.

She’s very smart and isn’t the damsel in distress you’d expect her to be. She’s determined, independent, and possesses a strong will that stems from her desire to write her own story, determine her own destiny, and to walk her own path. With this will, she faces obstacles head on without backing down.

She’s also strong because she’s kind. She’s considerate of others, and won’t hesitate to help anyone in need. She’s forgiving, and yet she isn’t a doormat, nor is she naive. As long as an enemy has a good chance of changing, she’ll give them that chance. As someone who charges towards the future, she doesn’t bind herself to the past with things like grudges.

She also has flaws that keep her from being too perfect. Shirayuki has a tendency to internalize her problems and would prefer to deal with them herself, rather than asking for help or advice from others. And more than once, she’ll overwork herself to the point of collapse when work is given higher priority than self-care. So others get worried about her pretty easily.

But moving right a long.
At the border of the kingdom, we meet our Secondary Protagonist.

So we’ve got the sparkles, we’ve got the slow motion, we’ve got the two making eye contact…
And then a poignant THUD when this guys trips and hits the ground.
It still makes me laugh every time.

Thus, Shirayuki meets Zen. Again, I expected the usual, “Hey you distracted me, it’s your fault I fell!” , “No it’s not you arrogant jerk!”, kind of first impressions that send us into the Hate/Love relationship we all know and…eh, love.

And again, I’m surprised.

The two hit it off very well and become fast friends. Shirayuki becomes comfortable enough to tell Zen her story, and she takes Zen’s optimistic view and advice to heart.

Multiple things happen and we find out that he’s actually Zen Wisteria, the Second Prince of Clarines, the next kingdom over. He helps tie up loose ends, and Shirayuki joins him on the trip back to Clarines.

Zen’s character is, you guessed it, different from what I expected.
Zen is playful, optimistic, a tad cocky, and energetic. He hates being cooped up in the castle, and will either leave the first chance he gets, or will straight up sneak out. And yet, Zen has a very mature side as well that deepens his character. Even though he sneaks away from time to time, he does take his role of being a Prince very seriously. He’s a figure of authority that partially runs a kingdom, thus he’s diligent in his work, regardless of the boredom of paperwork. He even uses his trips away from the castle as an opportunity to know the kingdom, to see how the people of Clarines are doing, what could be better, and what could be fixed. He genuinely cares about the subjects he rules over, and he’s very popular for it. This level of responsibility in a character is so fresh to me, and I love it! (And he can be very Princely when he wants to be, and he does so in a way that actually isn’t annoying or cliche!)

Zen’s flaws are, to me, pretty relatable. He constantly has to battle between what he wants to do, and what he needs to do in regards to his personal life coming into contact with politics. He’s mature, but not 100%, so sometimes he barely keeps it together, mainly due to his pride. He also needs guidance and advice on what to do, because he’s still young.

And then there’s the dynamic between Shirayuki and Zen. I. Love. It.

The two are friends and continue to be long before romance enters the equation. They inspire each other and support each other, and it’s amazing to watch! Shirayuki begins studying at the castle to become a Royal Pharmacist, and she’s constantly amazed at Zen’s mindset and integrity. She watches him and is inspired to work as hard as she can to become someone who can equally stand at his side. Zen watches Shirayuki and is inspired to stay true to the kingdom and to become the best that he can be. (And to be good enough for her, because he falls for her pretty hard.) Each manages to comfort and support the other when they’re unsure, or feeling low.

Oh, I also forgot to mention: The animation can get very fluid when it needs to be, which is fun to watch!

Now, I could go on and on about this show, but I’m gonna wrap things up because this got too long.

TL;DR Version:

The art and music are beautiful,
The characters are fantastic,
There are tropes, but hardly any stereotypes that limit the characters,
And this anime was a breath of fresh air for me.

We’re only 11 episodes in, but new episodes air every Monday.
The show follows the manga pretty well, and I recommend reading it!

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