ghadi-starlight asked:

Hi how are you doing 2day ?! I was wondering if you please could do a vixx-love equation inspired outfit ?! By the way I really really REALLY love your blog all the outfits are so great 💞

Hiii! I’m fine thank you ^^ my exams finished so I have holiday now!

I did this outfit, check it out HERE. Hope you like it!

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What have designers been obsessing about lately? Armand Limnander gives his interpretation of fall collections from Bottega Veneta, Givenchy and Prada.

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from a young age we’re taught
that distance is the currency
of loneliness,
but a thousand miles from home
brings with it the realisation
that one is never truly alone.
one can be lost in
unfamiliar rooms and
unfamiliar crowds
and yet, in the centre of it all
a core of familiarity,
of comfort and relief,
can be found
hiding behind international landmarks,
fluttering in the air around
long-distance flights,
resting on the shoulders
of those you’ve never seen,
those you’ve never heard.
you may be apart
in this urban wilderness -
camping under foreign stars,
constructing campfires
out of what we decide to be true,
buildings like dark trees
setting the strange scene -
but you are never alone.
—  the distance-loneliness equation, (s.c.e)