inspiration quotes

i tell myself this every morning and I’m going to do it! YOU CAN TOO! We can do it - you are strong and so capable

“I am enough. I have to be enough. I can’t afford to feel worthless anymore. It’s causing too much pain. It takes too much time. In the time it takes for thoughts to strike, i will rebuild myself from scratch, this time with a stronger foundation.”

-change comes from the inside out

لا أختلف عن الزهر سوى أنني أتورد دون سقيا

I LOVE THIS OKAY? And honestly I truly believe that you can do ANYTHING if you are willing to try and put your whole heart into something!

“Stay functional little brain. I need you to have my back. No more turbulence between me and you, you hear? We are on the same page now. We write the same book. Please don’t give up on me again”

-whispers to the mirror

“Never have i felt so unsure of myself. But I’ve never felt so sure of what I’m meant to do. I will succeed despite my bones buzzing with my insecurities.”

-never have i felt so weak yet so strong

“Never fail to believe in yourself. Whisper it to the mirror at night. Scream in victory when you get a job done. Congratulate yourself for being stronger than its inner demons.”

-exchange your insecurities with inner love

“Falling back in love with something you used to invest your time in feels like a puzzle piece falling perfectly in place to complete the picture”

-never forget what made you happy in the first place