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So someone asked me recently where @j9andif and I got the inspiration for Within the Wires, and I mentioned that I had co-created a dance piece (Vulture-Wally) with choreographer Jillian Sweeney (also my wife) back in 2013 at St Marks Church in NYC. 

There was one section of that piece wherein Jillian (and dancers Tara Willis, Siobhan Burke, and Lydia Chrisman) created a patterned walking dance. Rather than lean into the rhythm of it with music, we decided to perform it to a poem. 

I thought I had lost that poem bc I couldn’t find the cassette we recorded it on, nor the original text. But I just remembered we had a visual recording of the thing! The video of that section is above.

I was really interested in old school relaxation cassettes at the time, so we went with that motif. And upon writing it & then putting it onto a cassette & playing it out loud, it seemed like one could create a series of relaxation cassettes that told an obtuse, ethereal, poetic story, one that required bodily focus, acute awareness of self to take in the whole story. That sounded hella fun to do, so Janina and I did it. 

And it has been hella fun.

D̶͖͎̝͎͕͎̩͟ͅÒ̧̡͏̠̭̰̯͓͡Ń̘̠̠̼̟͚̗̙̤̕͜͠'̵̶҉̦͓͇̱̣̼̟̣̦̪̞̖͔̬̼̹Ṱ̢̩̙͎̲͔͢͡ͅ ̴̴̸̷̢͍̠̜̖̰͙͉̜̞͙͎͍̭̰̱͉̠T̸҉̨̣͇̻̖͖̹͈̳̦̻͖Ó̷̧̡̺̬̘̣̳̟̱͚̙͇̭̳͚͉̙̹͢ͅU̸̸̧̮̣̳̬̦͓̞̫̹͎̺̬͔̜͍̻͜͞C̵͕͕̞͔̤̞̜̫̦͈̺̮̤͘̕H̛̦̜͔̥̬͕͚͈̟̞̦̟̥̤͕̮̙̕͜͠ͅ ̴̛͎̮̤̖̘̠̮̕M̛͈̮̬͕̞͟͟͡E҉̟̱͓̙̙͓̜̘̬̹̠̣̬͘͟ͅE҉̨͙̘̝̗̠̱̘̼̼̱̭͈̱ͅͅͅE҉̧̢̗͙͙̼͇͍̖͍͉̦̯̩̬̘̮̘͜E̘͕͇̝̞͈̱̳͈͓̙̗̘̪̟͝E͔̙̲͍͠͡

Razor’s edge
High wire act
Tiptoe down
Slip through the cracks
Chasing the gold ring
Never to win
Head spinning
Give in to sin.
Taste of the fire
Breathe it down deep
Voices and laughter
Where no one can see.
Dance to the earthquake
Groan in the wind
Come see her chaos
Let’s begin.
Fly it up higher
Spread it with ease
Up through the netting
Destroy her, the tease.
Drink of the poison
Found on her lips
Lick it off gladly
Then watch as she strips
Layer for layer
Her mask and her eyes
See how she’s frightened
By what lies inside.
Faster she’s careening
Out of control
The one woman circus,
A game she can’t win
It was rigged from the start
Waiting to blow
Watch how she struggles,
Enjoy the show.

© Courtney Turley 2016


So @wire-man already made a post that’s a compilation of all the shoot photos, buuuuut I wanted to make a post that was just these two BECAUSE I AM EVIL AND LOVE TRAGIC FEELS! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! XD But yeah I’m to blame entirely for these shots with @queen-valkyrie because I have a “dirty delicate shojo heart” to bring back my favorite quote from RTX. ( @lacee-girl was there, she remembers! XD)


Tolkien inspired wire wrap tree pendant, Trees of Valinor

The two trees of Valinor are fictional trees from J. R. R. Tolkien’s book The Silmarillion. They were made by the Valar in the time when there was no sun or moon, so it was dark all the time. One of the trees shone with a bright golden light and the other with a gentle silver light. They gave light to the entire land of Valinor. But then Melkor and Ungoliant came and destroyed the trees, so there was nothing left of the trees except one golden fruit and one silver blossom. The Valar made the sun and the moon from those and they set them high up in the sky, so that even Melkor couldn’t get to them.

Check more details about the pendants at my Etsy shop :)


closeup2 by Elaine via Flickr
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“Our brains are all wired wrong

But that’s how we’ve been all along

Wired wrong”

Steam Powered Giraffe - Wired Wrong (x)

I almost had forgotten my Rabbit cosplay that I did last summer! After a few encouraging words that I received from dear mellyoraa I decided to post a picture of it.

I have to say that my makeup wasn’t the best and I hate the vest that I made, but I had some lovely time at the con, so it didn’t really matter. And I even found a few people who knew SPG! (I live in Finland, in case you’re wondering ^^ )