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that one au where eren and mikasa are kpop idols and they cross paths at the airport and decide to walk together because they don’t get to see each other often so this is always rewarding for them (◕‿◕✿).

permission to post. eremika commission art by @lolakasa ღ !


05.01.17 🖊 // A flat lay of stationery that I constantly use! I am obsessed on how colorful this turned out 😍

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Items in Photo

  • Pilot Juice Pens 0.5
  • Tombow Dual Brush Pens
  • Muji Gel Pens 0.5
  • Mildliners
  • Rilakkuma Deco Rush


100 Days of Productivity
(7/100) • July 15, 2017

Today I finally got back to my studying routine. I had my second stats exam yesterday so I didn’t post anything because I was just so drained; I needed to rest a little. Today I mostly worked on stats homework. The highlight was getting my package of Pilot Juice pens!! I tested one out and oh. my. god. They write so smoothly- it’s like butter. I’m so excited to add them to my pen collection! Also I’ve noticed that sometimes when I try to post something, tumblr just won’t post/save it?? It’s annoying because then I have to rewrite the post again. Anyway, it’s been a good day overall :)

The best breakfast juice I’ve had in ages! I know I keep saying that lol… it seems like I’m on an amazing juice/smoothie winning streak lately. 😍


. 2 cups watermelon

. 1 cup frozen raspberries

. 2-3 Tbsp bottled lime juice

. 3 Tbsp ground almonds

. Water

BTS in Bed (Based on Their Venus and Mars Signs) - Hyung Line

warning: longg 18+ post ahead

Maknae Line version here.

Jin - Capricorn Venus Cancer Mars

  • the cheesy romantic type
  • capricorn is a cold business like sign
  • while cancer is emotional and sensitive
  • so that creates a conflict within him
  • probably the most vanilla of all the boys as both his venus and mars are very traditional signs
  • but by no means is he boring
  • his sagittarius sun knows how to spice things up and keep it interesting
  • would love missionary with lots of eye contact and kissing and feeling
  • kissing in general is very arousing to him
  • body worship
  • food and sex are two of his favorite things so of course he’d combine them
  • food play
  • licking whipped cream, chocolate, and more off his partners body
  • mmm maybe you’ll be my next special on eat jin ;)”
  • (oops did i forget to mention jokes during sex bc yes jokes during sex)
  • let’s not sleep on those magical fingers
  • he knows how to use them
  • has a soft, feminine aesthetic 
  • ex. likes pink lingerie, fluffy white bed sheets, etc
  • his capricorn venus likes controlling and owning their partner
  • so he’d surprise u with pretty collars that say “property of jin”
  • nonchalant and open about his sex life
  • literally in the middle of dinner he’d go
  • “oh jagi the baby pink vibrator i ordered came in let’s try it tonight”
  • and u choke on ur food
  • calling his s/o princess/prince !!
  • so many soft pet names
  • knows how to pleasure his partner and does it well

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Yoongi - Aries Venus Cancer Mars

  • listen…not he’s always the kinky hard dom y'all think he is

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( week 33: 08/20 - 08/26 )

school starts tomorrow! i had to change my schedule SO many times because of conflicts, plus to make sure i had room for my internship. i decided to go with a theme that was a little more simplistic, & i decided to stick with the theme of clouds. florida has such beautiful weather in the mornings (as the afternoons are always rainy/cloudy), so i just HAD to take a picture of what i saw this morning. for all of those starting school tomorrow (or have already started) - may your school days be wonderful!

♫ ♫ -  ultralife: oh wonder


Lean fingers ran over a taunt face, feeding magic and feeling out what more healing magic her body needed. The black polish shone in the dark, further emphasizing the metallic hues of his rings, attracting attention as they danced, smoothing a ridge in her nose and vein, once dark now slightly more faded. Only a couple more weeks and Dot would finally be able to bear to watch her reflection in the mirror.

Magnus was sure she didn’t know he knew. She had no idea he’d noticed how she flinched every time she accidentally stumbled on anything that showed her reflection, even the polished oak of the end table she’d bumped into the previous night.

Her hands had trembled, fingers slowly risen to run their lengths over her face, a brief look of horror and pain spreading over her features before she’d slipped the mask back on and had continued on her way. Magnus was sure that if he’d been in the room, she wouldn’t have even let that much through.

Dorothea Rollins had loyalty in her bones and wore her pride like an armour. It was a pride innate in every warlock. Their lives depended on it, not just because only they could determine their own worth—their world made certain to tell them as often as it could, that it didn’t think they were worth that much—but because it was that and sheer stubbornness that got them through dark times, the pride that they showed the world to prevent it from seeing the chink in their armour and catching a whiff that they were just about to shatter into tiny little fragments. All that time with Valentine had wreaked havoc on her. And only her pride was keeping her standing at the moment.

He had no intention of stripping her of it.

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6 / 100 days of productivity

22 april, 2017

having a lazy day. got the latest issue of frankie magazine yesterday and i haven’t gotten around to reading it just yet. might do some practise test questions for bio later tonight but for now i’m going to take it easy.

p.s this is the best juice i’ve ever had.


What’s in my pencil case?

In the flap section i keep my basics:

  • Pilot precise V5 pen
  • Muji correction pen
  • Muji mechanical pencil
  • Muji retractable ballpoint pen
  • black pilot juice pen

In the back, I keep all of my colored pens and extras

  • Pilot juice .5 mm pens
  • Flash drive
  • Muji acrylic ruler
  • extra pencil in case someone needs to borrow one

06.05.17 || ah this is a bittersweet moment. My final exams of high school are coming up. A part of me is very happy because high school has been a big source of stress for me in many aspects, but another part of me is sad because I’m going to be leaving a lot of amazing teachers and friends. Life seems to be moving so fast lately, but I’m trying to enjoy everything as it comes. I’m really excited for university! A part of me stressed about course registrations and that I might not get the courses I need or that I’ll accidentally not take a course I need and have to retake things but I guess it’s a little early to be worried now. Good luck to everyone else writing exams!!! 🍀💕