inspiration is something i am lacking at the moment

Breath (deanXreader)

words: 698
warnings: FLUFF, sleepy dean (you have been warned)
request: “Hi! I’ve been craving a bit of sleepy dean lately. I was wondering if you could write something with like sleepy Dean talking and sleepy dean cuddles with like his head nuzzled into the neck kind of thing? Thank you so much! ♡” -@heyasshat

summary: Dean and you have a major cuddle session and share cute lil moments (≧‿≦)

a/n: IT HAS BEEN FOREVER AND I AM TREMENDOUSLY SORRY. i have been lacking an extreme amount of inspiration these past few months and i finally told my parents about my insomnia and depression (in a way at least) so I have been extremely busy and my homework has been nonstop so I’m hoping with this thanksgiving break I’ll be able to get back into writing. I LOVE YOU ALL AND THANK YOU FOR STICKING AROUND Xx


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His breath was slow. In and out. In and out. It slightly tickled the hairs on you neck, his warm air fanning the soft flesh of it. The two of you were in his bed, his head nuzzled into your neck like a puppy and his arms wrapped protectively around your torso. You were content, the heat he was producing warmed you to the bone. The two of you had been like this for over an hour, his tv played reruns of Game of Thrones, long since forgotten. Sometime 30 minutes in he had fallen asleep next to you and about 33 minutes in he had wrapped himself around you.

He murmured softly into your ear, probably from the dream he was wrapped into. You smiled lazily. You couldn’t help but wonder how a man so strong and tortured could turn into such a sleepy puppy.

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