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You sigh, glaring at the most recent message on your phone. This is the exact opposite of what you want, and yet fate has this pretty little way of popping in at the most inconvenient of times.

It’s not that you dislike them, of course not. You love the seven idiotic boys. However, so do most people who have any recognition of BTS. Meaning the spotlight will be taken from the dance to them, leaving you slightly irritated and having to force large crowds of teenagers away.

It’s only a few minutes before they arrive, and suddenly the entire population of the school is pouring through the doors, giving you nothing to do but follow. There are confused murmurs upon seeing the black van, some with excitement and others concern until everything drowns out into an ear splitting screech. You see Namjoon exit the vehicle with the bit of grace he has, eyes going wide at the crowd. He flounders slightly, appearing nervous as he greets the eager fans who are now pressing in closer to the van. 

The others pop out one by one, each person pleasantly surprised by the outcome. You start making your way towards the front of the crowd when they spot you, and it’s Jungkook who starts calling your name first. The others catch on quickly, and suddenly all eyes are on you. Some of them are glares, others are filled with curiousity, while the rest look calculating and envious. Now, you wouldn’t say your concieted, but you’ve always liked being in the spotlight. Whether it be from praise or pettiness, attention is something you lowkey thrive off of. So of course you’re smug, making your way through the crowd that suddenly parts for you, and into the huddle of rowdy boys.

It’s Jin who initiates the group hug, and the others only join in, laughing, and you can’t stay mad after that. 

“Our Y/N is finally growing up,” Jin says, finally pulling away from the hug to shed fake tears. “Going to dances, dressing killer, slaying the entire Korean population.” The others follow in his lead, with Taehyung and Jimin pretending to cry over you while the others murmur words of nostalgia.

You push the grown men from your shoulders with an eye roll. “Shut the hell up, all of you. I told you not to come.”

“Yeah, and we didn’t listen,” Hoseok chimes in, his signature grin on his face. “Besides, you were preening under the attention back there. Don’t think we didn’t see it.”

Namjoon nods solemnly, “I didn’t know your name was Narcissus.” 

You scoff, though a knowing smile spreads across your face. “Whatever. You guys planning on sticking around?”

“Of course!” Jimin gives you a look of disbelief. “Why wouldn’t we? We gotta make this night memorable for you.”

There’s a chorus of hums and agreements, and you suprisingly aren’t as annoyed as you should have been in that moment. Instead, you beckon for them to follow you, and the eight of you head back into the dance venue, the murmurs of calls and fans starting up again as everyone follows in your lead.

The rest of the night is enjoyable, though you’d never tell the boys that. You dance with all of them, showing off in the middle of the dance floor as your favorite pop songs are blared from the speakers. You got down, doing things you know your mom would either kill you or award you for. It’s great, as Yoongi and Hoseok are the first to join in on your foolishness, and soon everyone is gyrating and dropping in the middle of the floor, practically forgetting you’re in public.

For your slowdance, you’re passed off from member to member, each placing a kiss on your forehead and telling you how proud they are. It gets harder to hold back your tears, yet you manage. Some of your classmates come to talk to you, most of them being people you either dislike or have never noticed before, and it’s hilarious how people change the second they discover what connections you have. Eventually, the boys are up there suggesting their own songs, and the night ends with Cypher pt. 3 booming in your skull. 

It’s safe to say that your absolutely smashed, even if you can’t remember whether you drank anything or not. Possible, but not your biggest concern. The boys take you back to their dorm, and the last thing you remember before falling asleep is a vague snapchat and laughter. A very memorable night indeed.

Fic Rec: Ripples and Currents of Memory - Pre Game Theory, Augus, Fae Tales

Have you ever wanted to read a really awesome interstitial about how Augus went from completely unstable villain in the Shadows and Light universe, to someone who was very nearly sane again by the time Gwyn began visiting him in his cell in Game Theory?

DarkMK has written an awesome fic called Ripples and Currents of Memory that explores Augus’ six months in the cell before Gwyn came, and you should all go read it. :D

Ripples and Currents of Memory by DarkMK

(Teen and up / no warnings / 2600~).


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